TikTok and the Israel-Hamas War

The popular app is influencing the opinions of its young user base.

The Experts Were Wrong on COVID

Hubris has set back the cause of science.

Biden Continuing Trump Foreign Policy?

Normalcy is not a bad thing.

Flag Ukraine Silhouette Ruins Soldier War Flag Ukraine Silhouette Ruins Soldier War

Doves Split Over Ukraine

Foreign policy makes strange bedfellows.

Biden: America Will Defend Taiwan

The President continues his recent penchant for saying the quiet part out loud.

Disinformation Governance Board Killed by Disinformation Campaign

The combination of a horrendous rollout and a social media onslaught was disastrous.

Madeleine Albright, 1937-2022

A trailblazing diplomat has died at 84.

Putin’s War Gets Closer to NATO

Strikes near the Polish border show the real possibility of escalation.

Biden ‘Leading from Behind’ on Ukraine

The American President is once again leading the free world.

Blackberries Going Dark

If you’re still carrying one of these, it’ll be a brick in three days.

10 Years On

Kimberly Webb Joyner, my first wife and the mother of my children, has been gone a decade.

Joe Manchin’s Houseboat

The flagship of the centrist Navy is both a throwback and a sign of what’s wrong with the Senate.

The Smoothest Transition in Decades

We’re witnessing something not seen since 1989.

Fox News Purging ‘Real Journalists’

Losing viewers to fringe networks, the Fair and Balanced team is joining them.

The SolarWinds Attack

Our enemies are getting more brazen and sophisticated in their cyber warfare.

Brent Scowcroft, 1925-2020

The National Security Advisor to Presidents Ford and GHW Bush has died.

Is Email That Bad?

A new company has reinvented the communication tool that people love to hate.

Wargaming During a Pandemic

My latest at War on the Rocks.

Why Did Russia Start Oil Price War?

There are two theories, neither of them good.

Trump Cutting NSC Back for Wrong Reasons

A smaller staff is arguably a good idea. But not this way.

ThinkProgress Shuttered

One of the giants of the progressive blogosphere is going away.

Jon Huntsman Resigns As Ambassador To Russia Ahead Of Possible Return To Politics

Jon Huntsman has resigned as Ambassador to Russia ahead of an anticipated bid to return as Utah’s Governor, a position he held 11 years ago.

Russia Used Social Media Trolls To Interfere In E.U. Elections

Evidence appears to clearly established that Russia used many of the same social media efforts it used in the United States in 2016 to interfere in the recent European Parliament elections.

Time for Theresa May to Go?

Many are calling for the UK Prime Minister’s ouster. But the problem is Brexit itself, not any one leader.

British Charge Russian Intelligence Officers In Connection With Novichok Attacks

British authorities have charged two members of Russian military intelligence in connection with a poisoning attack on British attack.

Newspaper Sues Former Reporter to Get His Twitter Account Back

Andy Bitter has taken a new job but his former employer thinks it owns his social media account.

That U.S.-E.U. Trade War Truce Is Less Than Meets The Eye

President Trump and the President of the European Commission announced an agreement late yesterday on trade issues, but it’s long on promises and short on results.

Another Question for Trump Supporters

European alliance and Russian goals edition.

DNI: Russia is Attempting to Influence US Midterms, Divide Transatlantic Alliance

Dan Coates, the Director of National Intelligence, has issued a strong warning that has received little attention.

George W. Bush’s Rehabilitation

61 percent of Americans have a favorable impression of a man who left office a failed president.

Former President George H. W. Bush in Intensive Care

A day after burying his wife of 73 years, the 41st President was hospitalized for an infection that had spread to his blood.

Russia Retaliates For British Retaliation, Kicking 23 British Diplomats Out

Not unexpectedly, Russia has retaliated for Great Britain’s retaliation for Russia’s apparent assassination attempt on British history.

UK Retaliates for Russian Nerve Agent Attack

Theresa May has expelled 23 Russian diplomats and convened the North Atlantic Council.

Russians Behind Nerve Agent Attack on British Soil. Now What?

The British prime minister and outgoing US Secretary of State declared a red line crossed. There’s no reason to think this White House will follow through.

Donald Trump’s Dereliction Of Presidential Duty Is Self-Evident

Donald Trump’s dereliction of duty in response to clear evidence of Russian interference in the 2016 election is a staggering and flagrant dereliction of the duties he agreed to take on when he took the Oath Of Office more than a year ago.

Down the Memory Hole

My apologies to Bob Dreyfuss and Rolling Stone.

Zbigniew Brzezinski Dead at 89

A legendary statesman has passed.

Mattis Right on NATO

My latest is out at RealClearDefense.

Jon Huntsman For Secretary Of State?

Another name may be on the short list for Secretary of State.

Is Nuance Still Possible in American Politics?

Damon Linker writes, “Millions of people disagree with your political views. That doesn’t make them moral monsters.”

Scowcroft Endorses Clinton

A revered Republican foreign policy guru has endorsed the Democratic nominee for president.

Backlash Against Boss Who Raised Minimum Salary

Gravity announced a minimum annual salary of $70,000. Almost everyone is unhappy.

Can Lindsey Graham Win?

The NYT paints the longshot senator as a happy warrior trying to win the White House by doing it his way.

Putin Using Fear Of ISIS To Enhance Russian Influence In Central Asia

A well-founded fear of ISIS seems to be drawing many of the former Soviet Republics in Central Asia closer to Moscow.

Arnaud de Borchgrave Dead at 88

The intrepid foreign correspondent and editor Arnaud de Borchgrave has died, aged 88, of cancer.

Hagel’s Dismissal A Reflection Of Contradictory Policy

The abrupt departure of Chuck Hagel says much more about Administration policy than it does about Chuck Hagel.

3D Printed Organs Coming Soon

The burgeoning science of additive manufacturing is on the verge of being able to print functioning human organs.

Fixing Military Sexual Assault the Right Way

Retired Marine lawyer Butch Bracknell and I tackle the subject for The Hill.

Marine’s Sexual Assault Conviction Overturned Over Command Influence

The President’s well-intentioned campaign against military sex crimes has backfired.