Trump Guts RNC

A purge of the professional staff for, well, reasons.

Governance Matters

Sober lessons from Israel.

Trump Vows to ‘Come After’ Foes

If you thought the first term was bad, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

The Biggest Trump Indictment

The one we’ve all been waiting for.

Disinformation and Free Speech

How far should the government be able to go?

DeSantis v. The DOE/SACSCOC

Another entry into the ongoing performative politics of Ron DeSantis.

Barr’s Too Little, Too Late Tour

In truth, not close to enough.

German Coup Plot Averted

Twenty five alleged plotters have been arrested

The ‘Crime of the Century’ Didn’t Happen

Three-and-a-half years and almost 6 million tax dollars have produced nothing.

Even the NY Post

The truth is pretty obvious.

Christian Nationalism and American Democracy

A Manichean struggle between good and evil.

Civil Servants Aren’t in the Administration

An irresponsible Trump-era practice continues.

Changing CDC Guidance, Communication, and Conspiracy

Science and insanity don’t mix.

Here’s a Cult

Brought to you by the son of Moon.

Trump Campaign-Russian Intelligence Link Definitively Established

RussiaGate is back in the news but the story is unlikely to move the needle.

Fact-Checking in a Fact-Free World

Debunking urban legends and Internet rumors is harder than it used to be.

Still the Party of Trump

The disgraced loser remains as popular as ever with his base.

The Smoothest Transition in Decades

We’re witnessing something not seen since 1989.

‘Stop the Steal’ Founder ‘in Hiding’

A one-time denizen of Blogger’s Row at CPAC has come a long way.

Census Misses Apportionment Deadline

President Trump’s illegal plan to exclude illegal aliens may have been thwarted.

The Flynn Pardon

Perhaps the most normal thing President Trump has done.

Coming to Grips with Reality

In a sane world, Joe Biden’s election win would not have come as a surprise. Alas . . . .

Could Trump Shock the World Again?

Fear of a reprise of 2016 is still with us.

The Most Important Election in American History

The stakes of losing will be catastrophic. Either way.

Truly Disturbing

Statements by an HHS official underscore the rot of this administration.

Justice Department Prosecuting Russian Interference

A pleasant surprise.

President Donald J. Trump disembarks Marine One Sunday Aug. 9, 2020, at the Elberon Park landing zone in Long Branch, N.J. (Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead) President Donald J. Trump disembarks Marine One Sunday Aug. 9, 2020, at the Elberon Park landing zone in Long Branch, N.J. (Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead)

Six Responses to Six Scenarios

Yet another call for military intervention in domestic politics.

Biden’s Veepstakes

A column is getting negative attention for all the wrong reasons

What Trump Leaves Behind

A lousy column indirectly makes an important point.

The Cold War Was A Sobering Influence For A Silly People

As scary as the Cold War was, it did reduce the silliness in American politics.

Another Blow to Accountability in Government

Trump fires another Inspector General.

Federal Bureaucrats Repeatedly ‘Warned’ About Pandemic Shortages

But they weren’t shouting it from the rooftops.

Trump Cutting NSC Back for Wrong Reasons

A smaller staff is arguably a good idea. But not this way.

DOJ Inspector General Rebuts Trump On Russia Investigation

After a two-year investigation, the Inspector General of the Department of Justice found no basis for the conspiracy theories being pushed by the Republicans regarding the Russia investigation.

Duncan Hunter To Plead Guilty To Embezzlement

Later today, California Congressman Duncan Hunter, Jr. will plead guilty to charges of embezzling up to $250,000 from his campaign’s bank account.

The Trouble With Trump’s Pardons For War Criminals

Donald Trump’s pardons of soldiers convicted of war crimes sends the wrong message to the military, to our allies, and to the world.

Donald Trump’s Supporters Are Living In #Cult45

The Republican Party is a cult with Donald Trump at the center and his ardent supporters are brainwashed cult members.

Justice Department Report Undermines GOP Conspiracy Theory On Russia Investigation

An internal Justice Department investigation fails to find any evidence of political bias in the Russia investigation.

Jeff Sessions Airs Obsequious Pro-Trump Ad

Jeff Sessions demonstrates just how obsequious he’s willing to be to get his Senate seat back.

Jeff Sessions Enters Alabama Senate Race With Obsequious Trump Praise

Jeff Sessions entered the race for the GOP nomination for Senate in Alabama by heaping obsequious and pathetic praise on a man who had spent two years insulting him publicly and privately

Jeff Sessions Running For His Old Senate Seat

Jeff Sessions is running to win back his old Senate seat, putting into play the possibility of a clash with President Trump.

Key Diplomat And Trump Supporter Confirms Existence Of Ukraine Quid Pro Quo

A key diplomat and close supporter of the President has essentially confirmed the existence of a quid pro quo between Ukrainian aid and negative information about the President’s political opponents.

Jeff Sessions For Senate Again?

Former Senator and Attorney General Jeff Sessions is reportedly considering running for his old Senate seat.

Leader Of ISIS Believed Killed In Raid In Syria

There’s apparently big news in the fight against ISIS.

Trump Basically Let Rudy Giuliani Hijack American Foreign Policy

New testimony from a former Trump adviser details how Rudy Giuliani was able to hijek American foreign policy.

The Impossibility of Discourse

The liberal notion that people are persuadable through airing of ideas is obsolete.

The Post-Trump GOP Will Not Go Back To ‘Normal’

Contrary to the hopes of some, getting rid of Trump isn’t going to purge the GOP of Trumpism.

Jake Tapper And Chris Wallace Demonstrate How To Cross-Examine A Trump Surrogate

Jake Tapper and Chris Wallace both put Administration surrogates through the ringer on their respective Sunday morning shows.