Todd Akin Says He’ll Stay In Race, While Republicans Continue To Abandon Him

Todd Akin says he’s staying in the race, but his party is abandoning him.

More on Voter ID

Another study shows that voter ID laws negatively affect a lot of Americans.

What Citizens United Changed: Not Much

While the Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United has been blamed for the massive increase in money in this year’s campaign, it really wasn’t the culprit.

Alan Simpson Calls Out His Fellow Republicans

Alan Simpson is imparting wisdom to his fellow Republicans. I doubt they will listen.

DC’s Taxi System Hikes Fees, Frustrations

The price of a DC cab ride went up big time recently and neither riders nor cabbies are happy.

Are Smartphones Changing What It Means To Be Human?

Janelle Nanos investigates her relationship with her iPhone.

Supreme Court Rules That GPS Tracking Is A Search, But That’s About All

The Supreme Court issued a somewhat muddled ruling on GPS tracking today.

Was Dominique Strauss-Kahn Set Up?

New head-scratching revelations in the Dominique Strauss-Kahn case.

Terrorist Plot, Or Homeland Security Theater?

When the FBI essentially creates a terrorist in order to arrest him, have we really accomplished anything?

Rezwan Ferdaus Terror Plot: Serious or Amateur?

Rezwan Ferdaus, an American Muslim, has been charged with a major terrorist plot against his country.

Supreme Court To Rule On Warrentless GPS Tracking

In its upcoming term, the Supreme Court will examine the question whether police can track people via GPS without first obtaining a warrant.

Federal Appeals Court Rejects 4th Amendment Challenge To TSA “Nude” Image Scanners

A Federal Appeals Court says the full body image scanners showing up in airports are Constitutional.

Obama’s GPS

Florida Today’s Jeff Parker offers this take on President Obama’s Afghanistan “drawdown,” which will culminate in getting American forces down to Bush era levels by the end of 2012.

The Coverage of Egypt and the Fundamental Deficiencies of News in the US

The coverage of Egypt shows an over-reliance on pundits and an under-reliance on actual experts.

Caption Contest Winners

The Get The Flock Outta Here Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

NYC Taxis Disappear at 4

Defying logic, New York City taxis are least available when they’re most needed: as people are getting off work.

Feds Tracking Your Credit Card Use Without Search Warrants

A document uncovered in a Freedom of Information Act request demonstrates the extent to which Federal law enforcement works outside the requirements of the Constitution.

McCain and North Korea

McCain brings up “regime change” in re: the DKRP and China apparently isn’t doing enough.

Idiotic Idea of the Day

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood wants to install devices in cars to disable cell phones.

Taxes, Individual Effort, and the Social Contract.

Do those who succeed in our economy benefit unequally from the benefits of government?

British National Health Service in Trouble?

Depending on which papers you read, the British NHS is undergoing minor restructuring, secretly planning major cuts in basic services, or doing nothing of concern.

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