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Oregon Gets First Openly Bisexual Governor in American History


Oregon Secretary of State Kate Brown (D) will become the first openly bisexual governor in U.S. history when Gov. John Kitzhaber (D) resigns Wednesday

Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Americans Are Ready For Nationwide Same-Sex Marriage


Justice Ginsburg acknowledges the fact that, over the past nineteen years, same-sex marriage has gone from something that most Americans oppose to something that most Americans are willing to accept.

Harrassment, Racism, and Reductio Creep


Even innocent interactions with women in public can amount to harassment. Where should we draw the line?

“Personhood” Amendments Fail In Two States


Another setback for the radical fringe of the “pro-life” movement,

Apple CEO ‘Proud’ He’s Gay


Apple CEO Tim Cook has officially revealed an open secret declaring, “I’m proud to be gay, “

Obama’s Diminished Standing Among Women Is Hurting Democrats In The Midterms

Gender Gap Politics

To a large degree, the Democratic Party’s supposed advantage among women voters appears to not exist this year.

Extreme Fitness Obsession


Heather Havrilesky asks, “Why Are Americans So Fascinated With Extreme Fitness?

Are Some Crimes More Equal Than Others?


Does the seriousness of a crime vary depending on the gender of the parties involved?

NFL Punishing Victim in Ray Rice Case


The firing actually hurts Janay Rice much more than it does Ray.

Republicans Still Have A Problem With Female Voters

Gender Gap Politics

Two prominent Republican groups point out the blindingly obvious.

Hobby Lobby Is Not An Issue That Will Bring Voters To The Polls In November

Hobby Lobby

Once again, we are reminded that the fact that people feel strongly about an issue does not mean it’s one that will cause them to get out and vote.

Hobby Lobby Could Be Creating New Gender Gap Problems For Republicans

Gender Gap Politics

The Hobby Lobby decision could end up motivating women voters to turn out to vote against Republicans in the fall.

Republicans Still Don’t Know How To Communicate With Female Voters


It appears that the GOP still has a problem communicating with women.

Todd Akin Has No Regrets About His Comments About ‘Legitimate Rape’

Todd Akin

Just in time for the midterms, Todd Akin is back to remind voters of the GOP’s problems with female voters.

Rush Limbaugh Is Madder Than Hell And He’s Not Gonna Take It Anymore


Rush Limbaugh is still really, really angry about subsidized birth control. And lots of other stuff.

Which Founding Father Are You?

Signing Of The Declaration Of Independence

1776 was a really, really long time ago.

Supreme Court: Some Employers Can Refuse To Cover Contraceptives For Religious Reasons

Birth Control Mandate

Hobby Lobby wins, but it’s unclear just how far this opinion will go.

Mitch McConnell: GOP Will Act To Limit Abortion If We Win The Senate


Mitch McConnell is making promises to pro-life groups that the GOP probably won’t keep, but it’s still a politically risky move.

Ohio Republicans Continue Their Party’s Obsession With Birth Control


Strange goings on in Ohio.

Hurricanes With Female Names More Likely To Kill People

Hurricane Radar Image

A new study claims that hurricanes with female names tend to kill more people because people don’t take warnings about them seriously: People don’t take hurricanes as seriously if they have a feminine name and the consequences are deadly, finds a new groundbreaking study. Female-named storms have historically killed more because people neither consider them as […]

Brendan Eich Had To Go

Brandon Eich Mozilla

In an ideal world, we would be more tolerant of leaders who held controversial positions. We don’t live in that world.

Army’s Top Sexual Assault Prosecutor Charged With Groping Colleague At Sexual Assault Seminar

Military Sexual Assaults

As if the military’s sexual assault problem weren’t already bad enough, the Army is dealing with new allegations regarding the person in charge of prosecuting sexual assault cases: The Army is investigating its top sex-crimes prosecutor on allegations that he groped a female lawyer at a sexual-assault conference in 2011, Army officials disclosed Thursday. Lt. […]

Ugandan President Signs Anti-Gay Bill That U.S. Evangelicals Helped Write Into Law


The President of Uganda has signed into law a bill that places severe criminal penalties on homosexuals: LONDON — Brushing aside Western threats and outrage, President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda significantly strengthened Africa’s antigay movement on Monday, signing into law a bill imposing harsh sentences for homosexual acts, including life imprisonment in some cases, according […]

Do Women Make Better Military Helicopter Pilots?


One in ten Army helicopter pilot is a woman, yet men account for 97% of injuries in helicopter accidents.

When Will It Not Be News That Someone Is Gay?


Ellen Page is gay. So is Michael Sam. Shouldn’t we be aiming for the day when the response to news like this is “So what?”

Facebook Sex Selection: It’s Complicated

Facebook New Gender Options

“It’s complicated” has long been an option to describe one’s romantic status on Facebook. Now, it applies to one’s sex as well.

Poll: GOP Out Of Touch With Women


A new CNN/ORC poll confirms something that election results going back to at least 2008 already seemed to confirm, namely that the GOP has a problem with women: A majority of Americans, and women in particular, do not believe the Republican Party understands the problems and concerns of women today. That’s the headline from a […]

Women Make 77 Cents For Every Dollar Men Earn? Only If You Rely On Misleading Data


A commonly cited statistic in support of the “equal pay” argument does not stand up to scrutiny.

Utah Will Not Recognize Same-Sex Marriages Performed Before Stay Issued

Utah Same Sex Marriages

About 1,000 same-sex couples married in Utah before the Supreme Court stay find themselves in an odd legal limbo.

Texas Law Keeping Brain Dead Woman “Alive” Because She’s Pregnant

Medicine Law

A brain dead woman in Texas is being kept alive while a fetus that is still not viable grows inside of her.

Supreme Court Grants Stay, Halting Same Sex Marriages In Utah

Supreme Court Justices 2

For the time being at least, same-sex marriage is once again banned in Utah.

Israel Appoints First Female Battalion Commander [UPDATED]


The IDF has finally put a woman in command of a battalion. They’re decades behind American forces.

Marines Delay Female Fitness Standards


The Marine Corps’ plan to make women take the same fitness test as men has hit a wee snag.

Justice Sotomayor Temporarily Blocks PPACA Birth Control Mandate

Birth Control Mandate

Developments overnight in a small but controversial issue raised by the PPACA.

Appeals Court Refuses To Stay Judge’s Order In Utah Same-Sex Marriage Case


Same-sex marriage remains the law of the land in one of the most conservative states in the nation, at least unless the Supreme Court says otherwise.

Science: Men Act Differently Around Women


Scientists have discovered that heterosexual men alter their behavior around women.

Michelle Howard Navy’s First Female 4-Star Admiral


Michelle Howard has become the highest ranking woman in the history of the US Navy–and the US military, period.

Federal Judge Strikes Down Utah’s Ban On Same-Sex Marriage


A victory for same-sex marriage in an unlikely place.

New Mexico Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage, Caps Off Big Year For Marriage Equality And Liberty


A 17th state legalizes gay marriage. There’s no turning back.

Obama Sends Message with Sochi Delegation


The U.S. delegation to Russia’s Sochi Olympics will feature no high profile politicians and several openly gay athletes.

Republicans Teaching Candidates How To Talk To Women


Much like the guy who’s afraid to talk to girls in High School, Republicans don’t seem to know how to talk to women. But their problems are actually bigger than that.

Mary Cheney, Liz Cheney, And When Family And Politics Collide

Liz and Mary Cheney

When worlds collide.

Army Looking for a Few Average-Looking Women

A diverse force in Steel Dragon

A leaked internal email has the Army in hot water with feminists.

Four Women Complete Marine Infantry Training; Marines Deem Pullups Too Dangerous for Women


The juxtaposition of two stories in the Marine Times strikes me as odd.

Hawaii About To Legalize Same-Sex Marriage: What A Difference 20 Years Makes

Hawaii Same-Sex Marriage

The state where the same-sex marriage battle began is just days away from legalizing same-sex marriage.

Chris Christie: If Gay Couples Are Happy Being Married, I’m Happy


Chris Christie had some interesting comments on the recent legalization of same-sex marriage in his state: New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) said Wednesday that he is happy for gay couples getting married in the state. “I’m happy for them, if they’re happy,” Christie said in a Union City, N.J. press conference, noting his opinion was […]

Illinois Set To Become 15th State To Legalize Same-Sex Marriage


While other parts of the nation were conducting elections yesterday, Illinois was taking the final steps toward legalizing same-sex marriage: The Illinois House of Representatives voted Tuesday to allow same-sex couples to wed, ending months of delay over the issue in the Capitol and clearing the way for Illinois to become the 15th state, along […]

Senate Set To Pass ENDA, House Set To Ignore It


Legislation to ban discrimination in employment against gays and lesbians is set to make major gains in the Senate.

Pentagon Accused Of Moving Slow On Same-Sex Spouses Based Overseas

Derrick Peacock, Pablo Monroy

For some same-sex couples with a military spouse, living together on base is proving difficult to implement quickly.

Federal Judge Declares Some Texas Abortion Restrictions Unconstitutional


A partial setback for the pro-life crowd out of Texas.

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