OTB Foreign Desk

Today’s Foreign Desk includes comments on Brazil’s floods, developments in Ivory Coast, and Silvio Berlusconi’s sex scandal.

Assessing The GOP 2012 Frontrunners: They All Stink

Once again, the frontrunners for the 2012 GOP nomination aren’t looking very good at all.

I’ll Have What Mankiw’s Having

Greg Mankiw has a plan for cutting the deficit.

American Voters Continue Their Perpetual Fiscal Immaturity

We won’t be able to solve our fiscal problems until the American people grow up. So far, there are no signs of that happening.

Where Are America’s Jobs?

What happened to the 15 million jobs that were supposed to be created in the past 10 years but weren’t?

Republicans Propose $2.5 Trillion Spending Cuts

The Republican Study Committee has come up with some significant budget cuts.

Taking Requests

Ok, oh scolders, what is it you want us to be blogging about in lieu of discussing a certain Hockey Mom?

Google Restructures Management

Google no longer needs adult supervision.

Sarah Palin Testing The Waters In Iowa? Republicans Getting Nervous?

Despite a bad week and a half, there are still signs that Sarah Palin is at least looking at a run for the White House in 2012. Which may be why some Republicans seem to be getting worried about her.

Midterm Grades: Barack Obama

Time for midterms.

Can We Please Stop Comparing Everyone We Disagree With To The Nazis?

Inevitably, the Nazis made an appearance during yesterday’s debate over health care reform in the House. It’s time for it to stop, or at least time for the rest of us to stop taking seriously anyone who resorts to such arguments.

Hungary’s Media Laws and Europe’s Growing Pains

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán was greeted with protests from some EU parliamentarians when he addressed them as its rotating president of the European Council.

Barack Obama: The Comeback Kid?

After a fairly bad 2010, Barack Obama is starting off 2011 in a very good position.

OTB Foreign Desk

Brief takes on foreign affairs

New Poll Numbers: Huckabee-Romney-Palin Top the GOP, Obama at 54%

The newest WaPo/ABC News poll numbers.

Michelle Obama “Linked” to Pedestrian Deaths

Pedestrian fatalities are up. Experts blame Michelle Obama.

China: Balancing Interests

Like it or not, human rights is only at the top of the agenda for countries that otherwise don’t much matter.

Caption Contest

Time for the Thursday OTB Caption ContestTM

Tweet of the Day

House Votes 245-189 To Repeal Affordable Care Act

In a move that surprises nobody, the House voted today to repeal last year’s health care reform law. Now it goes to the Senate where it will die.

Caption Contest Winners

The Looking For Mr. Goodbar Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

Dr. Dre Defends Right to Film Cops

Dr. Dre is arguing that police officers have no right to privacy.

Alabama Governor Declares Christian Brotherhood

Alabama Governor Robert Bentley managed to alienate non-Christians within moments of taking office.

Sarah Palin Unfavorables Reach Critical Mass

Sarah Palin’s unfavorability ratings continue to climb. And there’s very little room for her recovery.