OTB Caption Contest Winners

The Asshat Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

Terrorist Plot, Or Homeland Security Theater?

When the FBI essentially creates a terrorist in order to arrest him, have we really accomplished anything?

Chris Christie And Other Weighty Issues

Chris Christie’s weight has become a political concern, apparently.

When Can a President Order an American Killed?

My latest for The Atlantic, “The Thorniest Question: When Can a President Order an American Killed?” has been posted.

What Is The World Coming To?

Better or worse?

Christie Now Allegedly “Seriously Considering” Presidential Race

And, the week closes out with another round of rumors about New Jersey’s Governor.

The Ongoing Insanity of US Border Policy (Fencing off Citizens Edition)

Another entry in the ongoing follies of US border and immigration policy.

No Evidence GOP Voters Are Dissatisfied With 2012 Field

Despite what the media keeps saying, there’s no real evidence that GOP voters are dissatisfied with the 2012 field.

Graduate Students Unprepared for Graduation?

A consultant for would-be academics, says she wouldn’t have a job if professors would do theirs.

Chris Christie Too Fat To Be President?

Can someone who doesn’t look like a GQ model make it in politics anymore?

Rudy Giuliani Gauging Interest in Presidential Bid

There is literally no interest in a Giuliani presidential bid outside of Giuliani and those who might be employed by his campaign.

Arlington gun shop confirms Rep. @EricCantor bought 6 semi-automatic handguns, 3 rifles & 600 clips of ammo last month #CongressHostage Arlington gun shop confirms Rep. @EricCantor bought 6 semi-automatic handguns, 3 rifles & 600 clips of ammo last month #CongressHostage

Onion: Congress Hostage Tweets

Beginning with “BREAKING: Witnesses reporting screams and gunfire heard inside Capitol building,” a series of tweets with the #CongressHostage hashtag have been decidedly unfunny.

Is A Politician Who “Flip-Flops” Really A Bad Thing?

Mitt Romney is still being dogged by charges of changed positions. Now, he’s trying to spin that as a good thing.

Rezwan Ferdaus Terror Plot: Serious or Amateur?

Rezwan Ferdaus, an American Muslim, has been charged with a major terrorist plot against his country.

Florida Moves its Primary

Yet again, a state seeks to buck the primary calendar (and yet again it provides a chance to wonder why we have the nomination system we have).

Obama Administration Petitions Supreme Court To Review 11th Circuit Ruling On ObamaCare

The health care battle is formally joined in the Supreme Court.

MA Senate Field Narrows

OTB Caption Contest

Time for the Monday OTB Caption ContestTM

OTB Caption Contest Winners

The NairobiKandinsky Trio Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

Mitt Romney Back At The Top In New National Poll

Rick Perry’s slide in polls seems to be accelerating.

Sarah Palin Thinks Being President Might Be Too “Shackley”

Sarah Palin apparently thinks having an actual job would be too confining.

Princeton Bans Professors From Giving Journals Copyright

In a shot across the bow of the current publishing model, Princeton is requiring professors to retain rights to their published work so that it may be freely distributed.

Why Dollar Coin Failed

Why didn’t the government simply stop printing new dollar bills, making transition to coins non-optional?

Are Blacks Abandoning Obama?

Dick Morris has a penchant for counter-intuitive analysis. And for being wildly wrong.

Reagan Library Speech Fails To End Chris Christie Speculation

Last night’s speech at the Reagan Library did nothing to stop people from speculating about Chris Christie’s Presidential plans.

Supermarket Self-Checkouts Being Replaced With People

The conspiracy by grocery store owners to turn us all into unpaid cashiers may be ending.

Americans Not Buying What Either Political Party Is Selling

Neither political party is resonating with the public right now, and neither is acting in the manner the public would like.

Congress Investigating Planned Parenthood Abortion Compliance

House Energy and Commerce Committee “is investigating Planned Parenthood’s federal funding, requesting lots of docs.”

Mitt Romney: The Inevitable Nominee?

Despite all the negatives going against him, Mitt Romney may yet be the inevitable Republican nominee.

Jon Huntsman Excluded from Debates?

CNN may deny Jon Huntsman a spot in its October 18 debate.