Friday’s Forum

The High Cost Of Authoritarianism

We spend so much time fighting over who should be in power that we don’t get anything important done.

This is what a loser looks like. This is what a loser looks like.

Republican Leaders Refuse to Lead

They know Trump lost the election yet are aiding his outrageous assault on democracy.

Thursday’s Forum

Elites Signal, the Rank and File React

Trumps words, Michigan GOP Canvassers’ actions.

Emily Murphy’s Plight

Why is making the obvious call so hard for the GSA Administrator?

Wednesday’s Forum

Trump Fires Krebs

DHS cybersecurity expert who deemed election secure fired by tweet.

Former Right-Wing Media Star Turns Against Right-Wing Media

So, it turns out that Fox News wasn’t really all that fair or balanced.


The GOP is behaving exceedingly irresponsibly. Senator Graham and Representative Collins are prime examples.

Donald Trump v. Stacey Abrams

Gracious concessions are the norm except when they’re not.

Republicans Stuck Between Trump and a Hard Place

Explaining the continuing cowardice of GOP Senators.

Tuesday’s Forum

No Congressmen in Biden Cabinet?

Competing priorities.

Monday’s Forum

Gridlock is not a Feature, it is a Bug

Gridlock doesn’t mean government stops. It just shifts who is governing.

USA Passes 250,000 Dead from COVID-19

Yet another grim milestone.

Trump Accidentally Concedes

Because he’s an idiot.

Million MAGA March Sparks Violence

The inevitable happened, as extremist organizations descended on DC.

Sunday’s Forum

Team Trump Struggles in Court

It is one failure after another.

Good News on the EC Front

GOP leaders in key states signal no EC shenanigans.

Comparative Congratulations

Most leaders ring up Joe.

Michael J. Fox Has Perspective

The actor reflects on nearly three decades with Parkinson’s.

Al Qaeda Deputy Killed in Iran

The man behind the 1998 embassy attacks is dead.

Joe Biden’s Cabinet

The transition is on pace despite President Trump’s best efforts.

Saturday’s Forum


All the states have been called.

Matt Yglesias Leaving Vox for Substack

A trend continues.

Less Than Meets the Eye

The utter smallness of Trump’s legal challenges to the election.

IMHO boggle honest truth IMHO boggle honest truth

The Election Proved I Was Right All Along

The Pundit’s Fallacy meets opportunism.

Why the Polls Were Wrong

A myriad of possible explanations.

A Photo for Friday

Recount Blues

The numbers behind recounts.

DeWine Latest Republican to Break with Trump

The list is small but growing.

Trump ‘Election Defense Fund’ Grift

He’s raising the money for himself.

Thursday’s Forum

American Gerontocracy II

Sullivan Re-elected to Senate

The slow Alaska count came out as expected.

More GA GOP Irresponsibility

More sowing of doubt about electoral integrity without evidence.

OAS Mission Report on US Election

Guess what they found?


A One Act Play

There Is No Fraud

The President’s claims have no merit.

Coming to Grips with Reality

In a sane world, Joe Biden’s election win would not have come as a surprise. Alas . . . .

Veterans Day Forum

70 Percent of Republicans Believe Election Unfair

The President’s message is getting through.

Pompeo Promises ‘Smooth Transition’

” . . . to a second Trump Administration.” Get it?

Pentagon Policy Chief Ousted

The purge of non-loyalists continues.

Not as Bad as We Feared

Revisiting predictions about what would happen if what has happened happened.