On Constitutionality and Impeaching a Former President

The problem is theoretical at best and cannot stop the Senate from acting.

The Key Number: Two Hours

The pivot point in the impeachment charges: two hours of silence.

The GOP Isn’t Dead. It’s Resting.

The GOP, alas, is not going anywhere.

Saturday’s Forum

Assessing the Party Fringes

AOC v. MTG: one of these things is not like the other.

McConnell Backtracks

Maybe his title should be “Minority Follower.”

The Smoothest Transition in Decades

We’re witnessing something not seen since 1989.

Thursday’s Forum

Judicial Supremacy Strikes Again

The bane of the Trump presidency is already thwarting President Biden.

Trying an Impeached Former President

The legal debates are unsettled but we can all agree that Rand Paul is a moron.

Better Masks? More Masks?

It’s time to up our protection game.

Wednesday’s Forum

All Lies Are Not Created Equal

President Biden told a little fib.

Supreme Court Rules Trump Emoluments Cases Moot

A legally correct but maddening ruling.

Speaking of Reform

Let me point you to a reform proposal.

When You Base Your Position on a Lie, Yes, You are a Liar

And no, there aren’t always “two sides to every story.”

The Centrality of Nominations

American political parties are controlled by the primaries.

Return of the Technocrats? Or Sinking in the Swamp?

Policy wonks are seeing a refreshing return to the normal order. Some believe that’s a bad thing.

The Return of Dumb Political Stories

Who watches the watch, man?

Biden’s Culture War Aggression?!

The hidden wokeness of our new Critical Theory-loving President.

Saturday’s Forum

Peak Both-Siderism

David Brooks is the leader in the clubhouse.

Lloyd Austin Confirmed as SECDEF

History has been made in more than one way.

Henry Aaron, 1934-2021

Hammerin’ Hank is gone.

National Guard Sleeping in a Garage!

What we have here is failure to communicate.

Biden Wants ‘Aliens’ to be ‘Noncitizens’

A change to the language is being proposed as part of a sweeping immigration overhaul.

Congress Pushing to ‘Ratify’ ERA by Fiat

Amending the Constitutional through unconstitutional means is a very bad idea.

Biden’s Executive Order Frenzy

The 46th President has been busy signing proclamations signaling a new direction.

Friday Forum

Dignity And Efficiency On Inauguration Day

Yesterday showed that Biden understands the “dignified” part of politics.

Patriotism Re-ennobled

President Biden masterfully used the pageantry of the day to shatter the self-asserted Trumpian monopoly on patriotism.

Biden’s Christianity, Lincoln, and the Truth of Who We Are

Biden’s America is a place and idea in which the trappings of empire or glory are ephemera in comparison with perennial human relationships—families; friendships; communities; schools; neighbors; partners.

American Grief And Denial

On the Way Out: 143 Pardons

143 at the 11th hour.

1776 Report ‘Plagiarized’?

Large chunks of a hackish report were lifted from previous works of Commission members.

Fox News Purging ‘Real Journalists’

Losing viewers to fringe networks, the Fair and Balanced team is joining them.

1776 Report Should be 86’d

A parting shot from the Trump administration.

The Biden-Harris Administration

A curious bit of branding.

Biden’s Amnesty Bill

Every illegal immigrant would have a path to citizenship.