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James Joyner is a Security Studies professor at Marine Corps University's Command and Staff College and a nonresident senior fellow at the Scowcroft Center for Strategy and Security at the Atlantic Council. He's a former Army officer and Desert Storm vet. Views expressed here are his own. Follow James on Twitter @DrJJoyner.

Russia Invades Ukraine, Hookers Raise Prices

Talk about your second- and third-order effects.

Obama: Sony Attack ‘Vandalism’ Not War

President Obama believes the North Korean attack on Sony was “an act of cyber vandalism” rather than “an act of war.”

Hate Speech and Academic Freedom

Should a professor who says she “hates Republicans” keep her job?

Jeb Bush Running for President

The former Florida Governor announced that he’s taking the first step towards running for president in 2016.

Torture Report’s Long Shadow

What now?

Bill Cosby vs. Ben Roethlisberger

Chris Rock wants us to remember that Bill Cosby isn’t the only celebrity accused of rape.

Navy Strips Bill Cosby of Honorary Rank

The Navy has stripped Navy veteran Bill Cosby of an honorary promotion in the wake of unproven sexual misconduct accusations.

Blue Trumps Black and White

A former RNC chair says a black man’s life isn’t worth a ham sandwich.

How Obama Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Imperial Presidency

A critic of the imperial presidency becomes an imperial president.

How a Bill Becomes an Executive Order

The SNL cold open updates a Schoolhouse Rock classic

America’s 500th Drone Strike

The shocking has become routine. We’re no safer because of it.

China’s Coming Collapse?

A knowledgeable observer has a dim forecast.

DOJ Finds President Lacks Authority to Take Action He Took Next Day

The Office of Legal Counsel told the president Wednesday he couldn’t do what he did on Thursday.

CIA Director Proposes Radical Reorganization

The CIA has always separated its core spying and analysis functions; that may soon change.

Democrats Claim Obama Broke Their Party, Call on Him to Fix It

Some of his party’s leaders want the president to save them.

Polygraph Critic Charged with Training People to Thwart Polygraphs

A 69-year-old former polygraph examiner for the Oklahoma City police department has been indicted for coaching people to thwart the machines.

Stealing Isn’t a Crime When Police Do It

Civil asset forfeiture gives “highway robbery” a whole new meaning.

President Obama Urges FCC to Make Internet a Utility

Obama proposes four ‘net neutrality’ rules.

Americans Astoundingly Ignorant

Americans have wildly distorted understandings of the society around them.

Harrassment, Racism, and Reductio Creep

Even innocent interactions with women in public can amount to harassment. Where should we draw the line?

The Meritocracy Myth

Why do most people think success if mostly due to merit?

Should Obama Have Acted on Immigration Before the Midterms?

Dana Milbank (“Obama’s big immigration mistake”) thinks so.

Should Lawmaking Be Left to Congress?

Should the Legislature take back legislating from the Executive?

America Still Not a Center-Right Nation

Tuesday’s Republican wave didn’t change the fundamentals.

iPhones and the US-China Trade Gap

Another example of the silliness of the “trade deficit” concept.

What to Make of the 2014 Wave Election

What happened Tuesday? And what does it tell us about 2016?

Military No Longer Republican Bastion

Always as many military personnel identify as Independents as with the GOP.

Should SEALs Just STFU?

The Navy Special Warfare community is angry at SEALs exploiting their part in the bin Laden raid.

Africa Ebola Map

This “handy Ebola guide” is a must for anyone considering traveling to Africa:

Apple CEO ‘Proud’ He’s Gay

Apple CEO Tim Cook has officially revealed an open secret declaring, “I’m proud to be gay, “

US, UK Declare Victory in Helmand and Go Home

We’ve handed off operations in Helmand Province to the Afghanistan army.

Kevin Drum Has Cancer

Are Book Publishers Useless?

Have digital books rendered the publishing houses obsolete?

The Case Against Repatriating Museum Artifacts

Who should own antiquity?

America’s Disgruntled Civil Servants

America’s federal workforce is increasingly disenchanted.

People Walking Out on Obama Campaign Speeches?

Yahoo has given a click-bait headline to a Reuters report, “Obama makes rare campaign trail appearance, people leave early.”

Obama and Ebola: Perception and Reality

The president is frustrated.

Are Billionaires Replacing Political Parties?

Rich guys are backing organizations that are taking over traditional party functions. Is that a problem?

Joe Biden’s Son Kicked Out of Navy Reserve For Cocaine Use

Poor Joe Biden can’t stay out of the news. This time, it’s not one of his gaffes but one by his youngest son.

Extreme Fitness Obsession

Heather Havrilesky asks, “Why Are Americans So Fascinated With Extreme Fitness?

Sinking MSNBC to Shuffle Lineup Yet Again

MSNBC’s attempt to be the liberal Fox News isn’t working.

Are The Culture Wars Over?

Bill Scher examines “How Republicans Lost the Culture War.”