Georgia Subpoenas Conservative Group Over Ballot Harvesting Allegations

Why would a group that claims it has evidence of ballot harvesting refuse to turn it over?

Capitol Rioter Convicted of Six Felonies

A former Virginia police officer has been found guilty, partly on the testimony of a former colleague.

More Details On 7 Hours “Missing” From 1/6 White House Phone Logs

They’re not missing and that points to a systemic issue

It’s Not Time To Eulogize The Old Order

Pundits like Thomas Friedman struggle with premature prognostication.

The Social Psychology of Email

The fear of missing out is strong.

Maryland Court Upholds Child Porn Conviction Who Sexted Her Own Video

Another nonsense ruling on an issue that doesn’t belong in court to begin with.

Trump Set To Place Tariffs On Another $540 Billion Of Chinese Goods

The Trump Administration is proposing another round of tariffs on even more Chinese goods.

Tire Chalking And The Fourth Amendment

A Federal Appeals Court recently found that chalking the tires of a car parked in a public place is a violation of the Fourth Amendment. It’s not at all clear that this decision is correct.

Cell Phone Alert Test Goes Basically As Planned

Yesterday’s test of the Presidential Alert system went about as planned.

Anthony Kennedy’s Right to Retire

A thoughtful liberal argues the Justice has “altered and destroyed his legacy” by allowing Donald Trump to appoint his successor.

Supreme Court Rules That Cell Phone Site Data Is Protected By The Fourth Amendment

In a case that pit the new rules of cyberspace against the old rules about when the Fourth Amendment protects privacy, the Supreme Court ruled today in a way that breathes new life into both privacy and the Fourth Amendment.

Noor Salman Was Acquitted in the Orlando Massacre; She Wasn’t Innocent

The FBI committed gross malfeasance in building a case against the widow of Omar Mateen. She nonetheless bears significant blame for 53 deaths.

At Least 14 Victims In School Shooting In South Florida

Another school shooting, this time in Florida.

False Missile Alert In Hawaii Causes Panic And Raises Questions And Concerns

Fortunately, yesterday’s missile alert in Hawaii was a false alarm. However, it is raising questions about the early warning system that’s in place and the state’s preparedness in case of an actual attack.

Supreme Court Accepts Fourth Amendment Case Involving Location Tracking Of Your Smartphone

Yesterday, the Supreme Court accepted a case that will determine whether the Fourth Amendment allows law enforcement to obtain location data without a search warrant.

Polls Are Imperfect Criteria For Determining Debate Eligibility, But They’re The Best We Have

Candidates who have been excluded from tomorrow’s Fox Business Network are complaining, but their complaints ignore the fact that polling is the best objective criteria we have to determine debate eligibility.

Current Polls Worse Than Meaningless

The current Republican primary polls are “measuring a unicorn electorate” yet effect the outcome of the race.

Previewing A Busy June For The Supreme Court

Starting tomorrow, we can expect to see the Supreme Court hand down decisions in some of its most high profile cases. Here’s a preview.

FCC May Ban Robocalls, Including Polling

The FCC appears set to “encourage” telephone companies to install robocall blocking technology. Pollsters are panicking.

Tennessee Sacrifices Property Rights On The Altar Of ‘Gun Rights’

Legislators in Tennessee have taken the “gun rights” argument further than it was ever intended to go.

Illinois Teens Charged As Child Pornographers In ‘Sexting’ Case

Another case of teenagers ‘sexting,’ another dumb overreaction by law enforcement.

New York City Pay Phones To Become WiFi Hotspots

Adapting a relic of the 20th Century to the 21st Century.

Secret Service Review Of Fence Jumping Incident Finds Multiple Failures

There’s not much good news in the initial review of September’s fence jumping incident at the White House.

iPhones and the US-China Trade Gap

Another example of the silliness of the “trade deficit” concept.

The Supreme Court’s Most Important Decision Wasn’t Hobby Lobby

Hobby Lobby Is an important decision, but it’s one that the Supreme Court handed down a week earlier that will have the widest impact.

Are Cell Phones Getting Worse?

Modern devices are more fragile, frustrating, and resource intensive than those of a decade ago.

Aereo Loses Big As Supreme Court Upholds Intellectual Property Protections

New technology doesn’t mean that the laws don’t apply.

Supreme Court Finds Broad Right To Privacy In Contents Of Smartphones

A unanimous Supreme Court rules that the Fourth Amendment bars police from searching your electronic device without a warrant.

Federal Appeals Court Rules Warrant Required To Track Cell Phone Location

Should the police be able to track you without a warrant? One Federal Appeals Court says no.

Supreme Court Justices Try To Balance Technology, Privacy, And The 4th Amendment

Today’s oral argument before the Supreme Court on the issue of police searches of cell phones and smartphones left much up in the air.

Supreme Court to Rule on Cellphone Searches

The Justice Department thinks police should be able to search the smart phones of anyone arrested for anything.

Cell Phone Use On Airplanes? Not The Government’s Business

A bunch of people talking on cellphones during a plane flight would annoy the heck out of me, but the government shouldn’t be involved in deciding if it should be allowed.

Conservative Group Calls For Boycott Of Radio Shack For Not Using “Christmas” In Ads

It’s the return of the most absurd meme of all time.

No, We Don’t Need To Allow People To Make Cellphone Calls On Airplanes

Imagine all these people talking on the cellphones during a long flight, or even a short one.

New Jersey Supreme Court: Warrant Required To Track Via Cell Phone GPS

New Jersey’s highest court gets it right.

91% Of American Adults Own A Cell Phone, Majority Of Them Own A Smartphone

Cellphones have achieved near complete market penetration, and the smartphone is leading the way.

Public Concerned With Government Overreach In Response To Terrorism

The American people aren’t panicking.

Sergey Brin Says Smartphones ‘Emasculating’

Google’s Sergey Brin says swiping a phone feels silly, so we should wear dorky goggles around all day.

2012 Pollster Rankings: Rasmussen And Gallup Among The Least Accurate

There are some expected and unexpected results in Nate Silver’s review of pollster accuracy in 2012.

Presidential Race ‘Tight’ in Meaningless National Polls [UPDATED]

A week out from the election, President Obama is a heavy favorite to win re-election. But the major press continues to pretend otherwise.

Rasmussen’s 2012 Polling Has Had A Republican Bias All Year

As in 2010, Scott Rasmussen’s polling in 2012 has shown a distinct bias in favor of Republicans.

What You Think You Know About The Polls Isn’t Necessarily True

Once again, it seems necessary to debunk some commonly believed myths about polling.

The Beginning Of The End Of Polling?

The response rates for opinion polling of all types has become incredibly low.