Transphobic Cruelty

When prejudice overrides simple humanity.

Turkey’s Elections

Don’t get your hopes up.

Are eBooks Books and eLibraries Libraries?

A pending lawsuit seeks to settle those questions.

Of Motes and Beams

The left and right are attacking basic rights. But not equally.

An Observation About “Classically Liberal” Punditry

“Classical liberals” really need to rediscover self examination

Monday Morning Tabs and Takes

Leftovers from last week and over the weekend.

Zealots and Pluralists

A moderate Republican almost diagnoses the problem.

The Horrors of Trying to be Kind

The WSJ doesn’t like Stanford’s attempt to make its website more inclusive.

Crisis of Confidence

Why have Americans lost trust in their institutions?

Biden: MAGA Republicans Threaten Republic

The President delivered a rousing stump speech from Independence Hall.

Social Justice the New Religion?

The intersection of politics, morality, and meaning.

Dueling Takes on the End of Roe

So, what now?

Unity My Ass

Are you going to believe this index or your own lyin’ eyes?

Louis C.K. Wins Grammy While Canceled

Is the creepy comic’s comeback complete?

[I'm shocked, shocked I tell you!] [I'm shocked, shocked I tell you!]

The Onion is Right Again: Black History Month & CRT-Bans Edition

I’m shocked, shocked, to find that this is happening here.

green surgical masks on green background green surgical masks on green background

On Narratives and Covid Restrictions

Are we really being blocked from getting back to normal? And if so, what is the real barrier?

Public Schools vs The Public

The pandemic seems to have broken the social contract.

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Election Results Validate Everyone’s Priors

Too woke! Not woke enough!

Battle for the Suburbs

There is a lot of anger out there.

COVID, Age, and Risk Assessment

A vaccinated 75-year-old is as likely to die as an unvaccinated 53-year-old.

COVID Overwhelming ICU Beds

It’s happening again. This time, it was easily preventable.

One Child, One Vote

J.D. Vance’s cynical suggestion.

Hippie VW microbus Hippie VW microbus

Culture Wars are a Long Game

Conservatives have lost it one generation at a time.

Culture Wars the Liberals’ Fault?

Some people claim there’s a woman to blame.

SBC Picks a New Leader

And linkages to broader US politics.

Cancel Cancel Culture

The state of American debate is not strong.

The NYT’s Dual Endorsement

The paper of record endorsed both Warren and Klobuchar

Conservatism without Originalism

A defense of a modest philosophy of judicial interpretation.

All Politics Is National

Tip O’Neill was famous for once having advised his fellow Democrats that “all politics is local.” That’s not true anymore, and that’s unfortunate.

A Compromise On Transgender Rights?

A writer at National Review is proposing a compromise on the issue of transgender rights. Needless to say, many conservatives aren’t very happy about it.

Losing Our Religion

Americans as a whole are becoming less religious and some people are panicking about it.

Supreme Court To Hear Appeal Of Baker Who Refused To Bake Cake For Same-Sex Wedding

The Supreme Court has accepted the appeal of a Colorado baker in a case that will determine if claims of religious liberty and free expression outweigh the application of generally applicable laws against discrimination.

Trump Administration Rescinds Obama Era Guidelines On Transgender Students

Not surprisingly, the Trump Administration has revoked guidelines to public schools that required accommodation of transgender students.

Democracy, Demagogues, and Populist Pandering

The rise of Trump and Sanders has resurrected a debate as old as Western civilization.

Nonexistent Culture Wars And The Nonexistent ‘War On Christmas’

The people who believe there is a ‘War On Christmas” tend to be the same ones who hold to the largely false idea that their religious beliefs are under assault due to a “culture war.”

Oregon Judge Refusing To Perform Same-Sex Marriage Ceremonies

A trial court Judge in Oregon is the latest public official to refuse to do his job.

Scott Walker Set To Enter Presidential Race On July 13th

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker will be entering the race for President later this month, but it’s unclear if his recent turn to the hard right will help him or hurt him.

Are The Culture Wars Over?

Bill Scher examines “How Republicans Lost the Culture War.”

Chelsea Clinton Pregnancy Reveals Everything Bad About Political Media

Chelsea Clinton is pregnant, and once again America’s political pundits are making fools of themselves.

The Cultural Conservative Love Affair With Vladimir Putin Is Quite Odd

Vladimir Putin seems to be getting a lot of love from cultural conservatives in the United States.

What’s At Stake In The Birth Control Mandate Cases

Politics aside, the challenges to the PPACA’s birth control mandate raise important legal issues.

The Iraq War And The Damaged Legacy Of The GOP

The Iraq War did significant damage to the legacy of the Republican Party.

Robert Bork Dead at 85

Robert Bork, the controversial jurist whose failed Supreme Court bid ushered in a new climate in American politics, has died at 85.

Bobby Jindal: Sell Birth Control Over The Counter

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal has a good idea.

Romney, Other Top Republicans, Mostly Silent On Same-Sex Marriage

Mitt Romney and other top Republicans are not taking part in the latest round of the culture war debate over same-sex marriage, for good reason.

Battleground Virginia: Advantage Obama?

Obama has an advantage in what is likely to be one of the most important states in November’s election, but the race is far from over.