Maine Joins ‘National Popular Vote’ Compact

A longstanding project inches forward.

Nope Labels

Who could have seen this coming?

A Different Democracy, Indeed

A trip through comparative democratic reform.

Could Trump Really Be President Again?

It’s not nearly as far-fetched as most of us would like to believe.

Some Electoral College Thoughts

It really is rife with problems.

Fear of a Third Party

The Electoral College is holding a nation of millions back.

On Polling and Media Narratives

Some thoughts on polling and the news since 2016.

Minority Rule Isn’t a Myth

The will of the majority can prevail even in a skewed system.

Republicans Winning House Popular Vote?

A surprising factoid in a bad election for the party.

Non-Majority Presidents

Are plurality winners less legitimate than popular vote losers?

Abortion and the Filibuster

Assuming they had the votes, should Democrats carve out yet another exception?

January 6 Committee Divided on Which Non-Starter Recommendations to Make

They’re taking their eye off the ball.

A “Fairer” Map for the 2022 House?

A potentially more representative map that still underscores deep flaws in our system.

Minority Power in the Senate

Senator Romney and the latest edition of the senatorial pro-filibuster op/ed.

What’s Kyrsten Sinema’s Game?

The political calculus of Arizona’s senior Senator is unclear.

The Radicalization of Ross Douthat

An interesting podcast conversation.

Our Unrepresentative Government (Yet Again)

Yet another reminder about pathologies of US democracy.

Stop Blaming the Framers for Everything

America’s institutions are undemocratic but only some of them are a product of the Constitution.

Reforming the EC is not the Same as Overturning it

Wherein I respond to a ridiculous comparison.

More Nonsense About the Election

A shadowy flight into the realm of evidence that does not exist.

On Faux Analysis of Biden’s Win

Arguments and analyses that are, well, turkeys.

More on Alternative Electors

More on why it isn’t going to happen.

Some Context for Biden’s Win

Looking back on the last three decades of presidential elections. (Part 1: the popular vote).

Joe Biden the 46th President of the United States

All the major outlets are finally acknowledging the obvious.

Colorado Passes National Popular Vote Compact

We may be a little closer to ending the tyranny of the Electoral College.

Biden’s Lead is Historic

He has the largest lead of any challenger since modern polling began in 1936.

Majority Rule, Plurality Rule, and Minority Rule

Definitions are fun, right?

Is the American Government Legitimate?

A long-winded and esoteric discussion about an elusive idea.

Comparative Approval Ratings

Is Trump really an outlier?

politics outrage shouting politics outrage shouting

All’s Fair, Even if It’s Unfair?

A defense of the indefensible.

President Donald J. Trump delivers remarks prior to signing H.R. 1957- The Great American Outdoors Act Tuesday, August 4, 2020, in the East Room of the White House. (Official White House Photo by Tia Dufour) President Donald J. Trump delivers remarks prior to signing H.R. 1957- The Great American Outdoors Act Tuesday, August 4, 2020, in the East Room of the White House. (Official White House Photo by Tia Dufour)

Woodward Revelations Hurting Trump

A new poll shows meaningful shifts in public attitudes.

politics outrage shouting politics outrage shouting

Perspective on the Current Contentiousness

This is not even close to the worst it’s ever been.

Why Republicans like the Filibuster

It creates a veto gate that they are almost guaranteed to control when they need it.

Biden Leads By Electoral College-Proof Margins

The vagaries of our Presidential election mechanism gave us a surprising result in 2016. That’s unlikely this year.

On the Act of Voting

A discussion of what #NeverTrump means, on Sanders v. Trump, and some about the philosophy of voting.

As Doubts Grow About The Economy, Trump’s Job Approval Suffers

As doubts about the health of the economy start to mount, President Trump’s job approval is starting to suffer.

Appeals Court Rules States Cannot Punish ‘Faithless Electors’

The 10th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled last week that states cannot punish electors who fail to follow the will of the majority of voters n their state or state laws purporting to direct how they should vote.

Fox News Poll Shows Trump Losing To Top Democrats

A new poll shows Donald Trump losing to top Democrats in head-to-head races.

Are Our Critics and Commentators too White?

Should the pundit class look more like America?

Today in Terrible Electoral College Columns

No, abolishing the EC would not turn farmers into serfs.

Small Majority Of Americans Favor Abolishing The Electoral College

A new poll finds that a small majority of Americans support abolishing the Electoral College, but that’s not nearly enough to make any change in how we elect Presidents possible.

Congressman: Abolish Filibuster and Electoral College

Massachusetts Democrat Seth Moulton makes an argument familiar to OTB readers.

Is ‘Electability’ Measurable?

A WaPo data analyst gives it a shot.

Speaking of the Popular Vote…

Some examples from 2018 of the problems with single seat districts.

No ‘Blue Wave’ But Democrats Retake House

The 2018 midterms were mostly about Donald Trump. The results were idiosyncratic.

Rural v. Urban Representation and the Quality of Democracy

Minority rule and self-reinforcing cleavages are not a a healthy combination.