The Battle For The Senate

The battle is on for control of the Senate, but whoever wins is likely to have a very slim majority.

Bob Kerrey, DINO?

Our political scene has changed drastically since Bob Kerrey was last in the Senate.

Obama Crusin’ For A November Bruisin’?

Things aren’t all sunshine and roses for the Obama 2012 campaign.

The Impeachment Crisis Of 2015?

Could things possibly get worse on Capitol Hill? Grover Norquist seems to relish the possibility.

Obama Administration Rejects Keystone XL Pipeline

The Obama Administration has halted, for the moment, a pipeline project that has become a political football.

A Glance Into The Crystal Ball For 2012

So, what’s next?

Herman Cain Rising: New Frontrunner, Or Flash In The Pan?

Is Herman Cain for real, or is this rise int he polls just another boomlet destined to fade away?

Three Arguments Contra the Electoral College

A book could be written on this subject, but let me suggest the following as a good place to start

Looking to the Design of the Electoral College

Of the institutions designed by the Framers, the electoral college is the one that deserves the least amount of defense if one’s defense is predicated on assumptions of the genius of said framers.

Pennsylvania’s Electoral College Reform Plan Is A Good Idea

Allocating Electoral Votes by Congressional District is an idea whose time has come.

Pennsylvania Ponders Bold Democrat-Screwing Electoral Plan

Republicans have a plan to wrest half of the Keystone State’s electors from Obama.

Most Educated American Cities

College towns and lily white enclaves top the list of best educated cities.

Obama at Majority Disapproval; Re-election Likely

51.5 percent of Americans disapprove of President Obama’s job performance. It’s still his race to lose.

Rick Perry Holds Commanding Lead In GOP Race, But Obama Still Competitive In General Election

Is the GOP race really down to just two men at this point?

The Triumph Of Clarence Thomas

A new look at Clarence Thomas’s 20 years on the Supreme Court, from a critic, is surprisingly positive.

Afghanistan and Iraq War Casualties by Hometown

While it’s true that the South and the Heartland disproportionately contribute to our all-volunteer force, the notion that our forces are mostly Nebraska farmboys is false.

Appeals Court Strikes Down Michigan Law Barring Use Of Race In College Admissions

A Federal Appeals Court struck down an Amendment to the Michigan Constitution today as unconstitutional.

WaPo’s Richard Cohen: Antebellum Republicans Should’ve Compromised On Slavery, Or Something

In a column about American Exceptionalism, a newspaper columnist makes a bizarre historical analogy.

Well Done, Dearborn

By engaging in a blatantly unconstitutional prosecution of Pastor Terry Jones, Dearborn has actually boosted his nonsensical cause.

Moderate Democrats Turning Against PPCACA’s Individual Mandate

Four Senators who just happen to be up for re-election next year are silently looking for alternatives to the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate.

Idaho Resurrects Discredited Idea Of Nullification In Health Care Reform Battle

Republicans in Idaho are talking about resurrecting the foolish and discredited idea of nullification as a weapon in the fight against ObamaCare.

When Compromise Is Immoral

150 years ago, President-Elect Abraham Lincoln was presented with a chance to avert Civil War. He passed it up, and we should be glad that he did.

Democrats Filibuster Reform Package: On The Whole, A Good Idea

The filibuster reform package that Senate Democrats unveiled yesterday has much to recommend to it. Unfortunately, it’s probably doomed.

More Talk of 14th Amendment Reform

The author of AZ’s SB1070 has a new idea.

History 101: Tariffs, Secession and the General Politico-Economics of Slavery

Those who argue that tariff increases, and not slavery, were the key reason for secession have some basic problems with the historical sequence.

Lame Duck Congresses And The Constitution

While not inherently unconstitutional, lame duck Congresses have the potential for violating the spirit of the Constitution and create the potential for mischief on the part of Representatives who have been thrown out of office.

Republicans Courting Manchin Party Switch

Republicans are making some big promises to try to lure West Virginia Senator-elect Joe Manchin to cross the aisle.

State Level Tsunami

As impressive as Republican gains in this week’s elections were at the national level, they were even more so in state legislative races. Which means Republicans are in position to consolidate and expand upon their recent gains.

Silly Third Party Musings

Thomas Friedman engages in some early speculation about a serious third party presidential run. As usual, such speculation ignores the basic structures of American politics.

New Study Projects Big Gains For GOP From Redistricting

A new projection of Congressional reapportionment shows a dramatic shift to traditionally Republican states in the South and Southwest.

2010 vs. 1994 Revisted, Part The Second

Another political analyst is out with a 2010 prediction that should make Democrats very nervous.

House Fails To Repeal New 1099 Reporting Requirements

Everyone seems to agree that the new 1099 reporting requirements contained in the health care reform bill are a bad idea, but nobody wants to take the time to repeal them.

In Defense Of The Electoral College

The Electoral College is the worst way to elect a President, except for all the others.

Massachussets Approves Electoral College Bypass

Massachusetts will become the latest state to join the National Popular Vote movement, a compact wherein states throw their Electoral College votes to the nationwide winner once enough states agree to ensure that outcome.

This Is Why It’s Good That It’s Hard To Amend The Constitution

A new poll shows that Americans have some odd ideas about the Constitution, and how to change it.