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Free Porn For Members Of Congress

Capitol Buidling Dayime2

If you get elected to Congress, you get free porn: Congressional offices have a porn problem, but it’s not exactly what you think. Since 1983, Larry Flynt has sent the monthly magazine he founded, Hustler, to each and every member of Congress. The dirty mag comes in a plain manila envelope, fairly undetectable to the poor […]

Kathleen Sebelius For Senate?

Kathleen Sebelius testifies before a House Education and the Workforce Committee hearing on Capitol Hill in Washington

Just days after resigning as Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services, Kathleen Seblieus is apparently been courted to run for Senate in November: WASHINGTON — In her darkest hour last fall, Kathleen Sebelius suffered one of the deepest cuts from an old family friend who accused her of “gross incompetence” over the […]

How Congress Got Booze During Prohibition


The fact that alcohol consumption was illegal in the United States for a decade in the 20th Century didn’t stop Members of Congress from getting their libations: While members of Congress may have championed Prohibition laws on the House floor, many of them happily broke the rules in any of the 3,000 speakeasies scattered throughout […]

Absurd, Pointless Lawsuit Against Filibuster Dismissed By Federal Appeals Court


An unsurprising result in a lawsuit that never should have been filed

Vance McAllister Should Ignore The Calls Of His Fellow Republicans To Resign


Unlike David Vitter, he didn’t break the law.

Virginia Republican: Disabled Children Are God’s Punishment For Abortion

Robert Marshall

Friday I noted the comments of Virginia Delegate, and Congressional candidate, Bob Marshall that he opposed an incest exception to abortion bans because sometimes incest is voluntary. It turns out that isn’t the only thing that Marshall had to say on the subject of abortion: Christian conservative and Republican congressional candidate Bob Marshall claims that […]

113th Congress Set To Be Least Productive In History, But Is That A Bad Thing?

113th Congress Chart One

The current Congress is on pace to pass fewer laws and bills than any since the end of World War II. That’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Coburn, McCaskill Introduce “Let Me Google That For You” Bill

Let Me Google That For You

Senators Tom Coburn and Claire McCaskill have taken inspiration from a popular snarky web search tool for their newest piece of bipartisan legislation: Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK) and Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO) introduced a new bill this week called the Let Me Google That For You Act of 2014 (seriously). The bill is meant to cut down […]

Virginia GOP Candidate: No Incest Exception For Abortion, Because Sometimes Incest Is Voluntary

Virginia Flag Map

Perhaps the only good thing you can say about Virginia Delegate Robert Marshall is that, while he may be nuts, at least he’s consistently nuts.

House Committee Ignores Fifth Amendment, Holds Lois Lerner In Contempt

Lois Lerner

Despite the fact that she asserted her right against self-incrimination, a House Committee has voted to hold Lois Lerner in contempt for refusing to testify.

House Conservatives Plotting Against Boehner Again?


Once again, the Tea Party wing of the GOP is talking about taking out John Boehner.

There Is No “Middle” In Congress Anymore

Capitol Dome

At least on Capitol Hill, the political middle is dead and buried.

Angus King Hints He May Caucus With GOP In 2015


Angus King, Maine’s Independent Senator, caucused with the Democrats when he entered the Senate in 2013 and has largely voted with the Democratic majority on the Senate’s important votes. Now he’s hinting he might switch sides if the GOP gains control of the Senate this year: Sen. Angus King (I-Maine), who caucuses with the Democrats, […]

Louisiana Congressman’s Family Values Include Kissing Young Female Staffers


Louisiana Congressman Vance McAllister found himself in a bit of trouble yesterday: Freshman GOP Rep. Vance McAllister of Louisiana — who ran for office as a principled conservative Christian — has been caught on video in a romantic encounter with a woman believed to be on his congressional staff just before Christmas. The Ouachita Citizen, […]

Mary Landrieu Leads Opponents In Louisiana Senate Race, But Below 50%


One of the states seen as  a potential Republican pick up in the Senate this year, where Mary Landrieu finds herself having to win re-election in a state where Mitt Romney won by seventeen points in 2012. Landrieu’s principal opponent in the race is Republican Congressman Bill Cassidy, but since this is Louisiana she’ll be […]

Retiring Congressman: Members Of Congress Are Underpaid

United States Capitol Building, Washington, D.C. Aerial

Time to have some sympathy for those poor penny-pinching Congressmen and Senators? Hardly.

Democratic Senator Kay Hagan Trails All Opponents In North Carolina

Welcome to North Carlina sign

One of the states key to Republican hopes of retaking the Senate in November is North Carolina, where Kay Hagan, who defeated Elizabeth Dole in one of the most closely watched races of 2008. As with states such as Arkansas, Louisiana, South Dakota, and West Virginia, the Tarheel State is one that Mitt Romney won […]

What’s More Important To the House GOP, The Constitution Or A Partisan Political Scandal?

Lois Lerner

Fifth Amendment? They don’t need no Fifth Amendment, apparently.

In Criticizing Paul Ryan, Sarah Palin And The Tea Party Confirm Their Own Irrelevance


As Sarah Palin and the Tea Party turn on Paul Ryan, they are making apparent their own lack of relevance in the political process.

Scott Brown Officially A Candidate For Senate In New Hampshire


Just a few weeks after establishing an exploratory committee, Scott Brown has made his candidacy for Jeanne Shaheen’s Senate seat official: MANCHESTER, N.H. —Former Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown is officially running for U.S. Senate in New Hampshire. The Rye resident recently set up an exploratory committee for a possible run. News 9 had confirmed he […]

Mark Sanford’s Political Redemption Is Complete

Mark Sanford

Apparently, there is an off ramp on the Appalachian Trail

Head Of House Intelligence Committee Leaving Congress For Talk Radio


When rumors began to spread last night that Michigan Congressman Mike Rogers, who heads the House Intelligence Committee, would be leaving Congress some wondered whether he had reconsidered his decision not to enter the race for Carl Levin’s Senate seat. As it turns out, he’s leaving to go into the talk radio business: Rep. Mike […]

Koch Brothers Not As Big A Deal As Democrats Would Hope

Koch Brothers

If the opening months of the 2014 campaign are any indication, Democrats intend to make the Koch Brothers a central focus of their campaign against the GOP this year. Indeed, the libertarian-oriented politically active brothers have been something of a bugaboo on the left since the 2010 midterms and have garnered more attention on MSNBC […]

Republicans Hold Edge In Battle For Senate Control


Thanks to favorable polling numbers and candidate selection, winning the Senate may very well be in the GOP’s grasp.

Happy Birthday Justice Ginsburg, We Need To Put You Out To Pasture


Another liberal legal scholar is calling on Justice Ginsburg to resign. She’s unlikely to listen to them.

Jeanne Shaheen Leads Scott Brown In Early New Hampshire Senate Polls

Scott Brown Jeanne Shaheen

On Friday, former Massaschusetts Senator Scott Brown effectively threw his hat in the ring for the GOP nomination to challenge Jeane Shaheen in New Hampshire when he announced the formation of an exploratory committee and the start of the ubiquitous listening tour that candidates who are running-for-office-but-not-officially-yet engage in. Today, the first real polls released […]

Scott Brown Appears Closer To Running For Senate In New Hampshire

Scott Brown on swearing in day

For the better part of a year now, former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown has been mentioned as a potential challenger to Democratic Senator Jeanne Shaheen in November. Shaheen, of course, is a Senator from New Hampshire instead of Massachusetts, but Brown has taken several steps that have led many observers to believe that he was […]

Does A GOP Win In FL-13 Mean Anything?

David Jolly

Does one Special Election in Florida tells us anything about nationwide trends? Probably not.

Progress: Congress Eliminates Public Funding For Political Conventions

GOP Convention

In a rare sign of fiscal sanity, both Republicans and Democrats in Congress have agreed to end one of the most unnecessary and uncalled for line items in the Federal Budget: Congress on Tuesday agreed to cancel its giveaway of taxpayer money to its own political conventions every four years, as the Senate cleared a […]

John McCain: America’s Least Popular Senator

John McCain

According to a new Public Policy Polling survey, John McCain is the least popular currently serving Senator: Sen. John McCain is the least popular senator in the country of those surveyed by Public Policy Polling, with low marks from members of his own party, independents and Democrats.six Just 30 percent of Arizona voters approve of […]

Debbie Dingell Wants To Continue Dingell Family’s Royalist Legacy

John and Debbie Dingell

Debbie Dingell, the wife of retiring Congressman John Dingell, apparently wants to follow in his footsteps: Democrat Debbie Dingell plans to run for the seat being vacated by her husband, Rep. John D. Dingell (D-Mich.), two senior Democratic strategists on Capitol Hill familiar with her plans told Post Politics. She will begin her campaign as the […]

Congressman John Dingell To (Finally) Retire

John Dingell

John Dingell, who has served in Congress longer than any other person in American history, announced this morning that he w0uld not be standing for re-election in 2014: Rep. John Dingell is leaving the Congress he’s served for longer than anyone else in United States history. At a luncheon Monday in his beloved Downriver, the […]

Poll: John Cornyn Holds Crushing Lead Over Tea Party Opponents

Elephants Fighting

The Texas Primaries are just over a week away now and, if the latest poll from the University of Texas and the Texas Tribune is any indication, Senator Minority Whip John Cornyn should have no trouble disposing of his Tea Party backed opponents: U.S. Sen. John Cornyn, facing a field of seven other Republican primary […]

Kentucky Conservatives Standing Behind McConnell Despite Debt Ceiling Vote

Mitch McConnell

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell was among the dozen Republicans to vote for cloture this week on the bill to raise the debt ceiling, a vote which Tea Party and other groups backing his primary opponent Matt Bevin have been roundly condemning since it was cast in the hopes that it would be ammunition against […]

The Tea Party’s Position On The Debt Ceiling Is Fiscally And Politically Irresponsible

Debt Ceiling

Refusing to raise the debt ceiling does nothing at all to control spending.

Ted Cruz Is Under Fire, And He Doesn’t Care

Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz keeps putting his own party in difficult situations, mostly because he has only his own ambition at heart.

Another Poll Shows Mitch McConnell In Trouble In Kentucky


A new poll from a Republican pollster shows yet again that Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell faces what seems to be a close race against Kentucky Secretary of State Allison Lundergan Grimes: Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) leads his Democratic challenger, Kentucky Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes (D), by a single percentage point, […]

Gay Republican Runs Ad Featuring Partner


Carl DeMaio, a Republican running for Congress in California, is running an ad that many Republicans probably don’t approve of: In what could be a political first, a gay Republican congressional candidate released a campaign ad featuring shots with his partner. Carl DeMaio, who is running for the GOP nomination in California’s 52nd Congressional District […]

Congress Set To Do Basically Nothing For Rest Of 2014

Capitol Dome

Don’t expect much out of Congress for the rest of 2014, or for the two years after that either.

Obama Administration Announces Yet Another Obamacare Delay


Another day, another delay

Kansas Senator Doesn’t Live In Kansas?

Kansas Flag

Pat Roberts may be facing a Richard Lugar problem in Kansas.

AIPAC Breaks With GOP On Sanctions Against Iran


The largest pro-Israel lobbying group in the United States has broken with the GOP on the issue of using Congressional pressure to force President Obama to increase sanctions against Iran at the same time the U.S. is trying to negotiate a resolution to the issue of Iran’s nuclear program: America’s main pro-Israel lobby came out […]

John Boehner: Immigration Reform Unlikely Because Republicans Don’t Trust The President


John Boehner explains quite succinctly why nothing big is getting done in Congress.

Henry Waxman and What’s Wrong with Congress


Ordinarily, when a man retires from a job after four decades at the age of 75, the reason is self-evident.

The House GOP’s Immigration Principles: A Good Start, But Can They Get Past The Tea Party?


The House GOP leadership’s principles are a good start, but it’s unclear if they can make it past the anti “amnesty” crowd that seems to dominate the GOP.

Libertarian Sarvis To Run For Senate In Virginia

Virginia Flag Map

Robert Sarvis, who just last year made headlines by running a stronger than expected race for Virginia Governor as a Libertarian, plans to get into the race for the United States Senate: Robert Sarvis, the libertarian candidate who won 6.5 percent of the vote in Virginia’s gubernatorial election last year, is back for Round 2. […]

Bob Barr Ready To Impeach Another President

Bob Barr

Bob Barr, who was one of the Members of Congress who led the charge to impeach President Clinton in 1997, is running for Congress in Georgia again and he appears to be ready to consider impeaching another President: Bob Barr was endorsed by noted conspiracy theorist Alex Jones in an interview last week in which Barr pledges […]

President Obama Delivers Low-Key, Low-Ambition State Of The Union

2014 State of the Union

The President’s sixth State Of The Union Address was fairly low-key.

New York Congressman Threatens Reporter


New York Republican Congressman Michael Grimm didn’t appreciate some of the questions that a local news reporter asked after last night’s State of the Union Address: Staten Island Rep. Michael Grimm physically threatened NY1 political reporter Michael Scotto at the conclusion of an interview in the Capitol Rotunda following Tuesday night’s State of the Union […]

Congressman Arrested In Cocaine Bust To Resign


Florida Republican Congressman Trey Radel, who was arrested several months ago in a buy-and-bust by the Washington, D.C. Police, is resigning from office: Rep. Trey Radel (R-Fla.) will resign from Congress on Monday, according to multiple sources. Radel, 37, was caught buying cocaine in November from an undercover federal agent in Washington and spent nearly […]

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