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Rep. David Jolly Becomes Latest Republican To Support Same-Sex Marriage

David Jolly

David Jolly, who won a Special Election in March to replace long time Congressman Bill Young in Florida’s 13th Congressional District, has become the latest Republican to come out in support of same-sex marriage: Rep. David Jolly (R-Fla.) announced his support for gay marriage Monday, saying that he believes it is “fully appropriate” for a state to recognize […]

Ted Cruz Ready To Force A Showdown Over Immigration?

Ted Cruz

The Texas Senator is threatening to block any bill dealing with the border crisis that doesn’t defund the relief President Obama granted to children of illegal immigrants last year.

Majority Of Republicans Support Obama’s Impeachment

Impeach Obama Signs

A lot of Republicans dislike the President enough to think that he should be removed from office, but will that make impeachment more likely to happen?

Only Congress Can Do What’s Needed To Deal With The Border Crisis

United States Capitol Building, Washington, D.C. Aerial

That ball is in your court, Congress.

John Boehner’s Lawsuit Against Obama Is All About Obamacare, And Will Probably Be Dismissed


John Boehner’s latest political move is designed mostly to appease the GOP base, but it’s likely a non-starter from a legal point of view.

The Border Crisis: Many Causes, No Simple Solutions


Trying to make sense of a very complicated issue.

113th Congress Set To Break New Ground When It Comes To Being Unproductive

Capitol Dome

The current Congress is on course to be the least productive in decades.

Scott Brown Not Looking Very Competitive In New Hampshire

Scott Brown Jeanne Shaheen

At least for now, it looks as though Scott Brown’s bid to be the first Senator to be elected to the Senate from two different states isn’t going to work out so well: U.S. Sen Jeanne Shaheen holds a comfortable lead against all of her Republican challengers, a new WMUR Granite State Poll released tonight shows. Her 12-point […]

Sarah Palin Says It’s Time To Impeach Obama


What could possibly go wrong?

Cochran Certified Winner Of Mississippi Runoff, But McDaniel Continues His Quixotic Campaign

Thad Cochran Chris McDaniel

Thad Cochran has been officially certified as the winner of the Mississippi GOP Primary Runoff Election, but it’s not over yet.

Presidential Overreach Should Be More Than Just Another Partisan Fight, But That’s What It Will Be


There are legitimate issues regarding Presidential overreach and separation of powers that President Obama’s actions while in office have raised. But none of that will be discussed in our hyperpartisan political culture.

Could Republicans Taking Control Of The Senate Be Good For Obama?

Obama State Of The Union 2013

Republican overreach could end up helping the President and his party.

Chris McDaniel Still Refuses To Accept Reality

Thad Cochran Chris McDaniel

Appearing yesterday on CNN, Mississippi State Senator Chris McDaniel repeated his vow to continue fighting the results of the runoff election that ended with a victory for Senator Thad Cochran: (CNN) – The tea party-backed challenger who narrowly lost a Republican primary runoff in Mississippi to longtime Sen. Thad Cochran says he plans to file a legal challenge contesting those results “any […]

It Just Keeps Getting Weirder In Mississippi

Thad Cochran Chris McDaniel

The votes have been counted, the result is clear, but the battle between Senator Thad Cochran and Chris McDaniel continues to get stranger by the day.

Could The Civil Rights Act Of 1964 Make It Through Congress Today?


The sad truth is that the bipartisanship that led to the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 no longer exists today.

Louisiana’s Kissing Congressman Is Running For Re-Election


Vance McCallister, the Louisiana Congressman who had been caught on video kissing a married staff member at his district office, has decided that he’s running for re-election after all: Rep. Vance McAllister (R-LA), the congressman who was caught in April on tape kissing a female staffer who was not his wife, said Monday that he will […]

Mitch McConnell: GOP Will Act To Limit Abortion If We Win The Senate


Mitch McConnell is making promises to pro-life groups that the GOP probably won’t keep, but it’s still a politically risky move.

Obama To Name Former Proctor & Gamble Chief To Head V.A.


Nearly a month after Eric Shinseki resigned amid the growing scandal at Veterans Administration hospitals, President Obama will name a replacement today: WASHINGTON — President Obama on Monday intends to nominate Robert A. McDonald, a former chief executive of Procter & Gamble, to be the next secretary of Veterans Affairs, a White House official said […]

President Obama’s Plan To Arm “Moderate” Syrian Rebels Is A Bad Idea

Obama Marine One

For some reason, President Obama wants to arm so-called “moderate” Syrian rebels.

Mississippi GOP Senate Primary Gets Even More Bizarre

Thad Cochran

Mississippi goes from bizarre to, well, even more bizarre.

Democrats Have A 2014 Voter Enthusiasm Problem


If current trends holds, Democratic candidates are going to have a problem turning out voters in November.

Oklahoma Republican Claims His Opponent Is Dead, Was Replaced By Body Double


Timothy Ray Murray lost the Republican primary for Oklahoma’s 3rd Congressional District by a huge margin on Tuesday, but he’s not giving up because, well, he believes his opponent has been dead for the past three years: WASHINGTON — Political opponents accuse each other of lying all the time, but one Oklahoma congressional candidate took his […]

GOP Senator Ron Johnson: I Won’t Oppose Marriage Equality If Voters Want It


Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson is starting to waiver on opposition to same-sex marriage: Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) said Tuesday he wouldn’t oppose gay marriage if voters decided that’s what they wanted. “I’m a pretty traditional guy,” Johnson said, in comments reported by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “I’m almost 60 years old. I think marriage is between a […]

Supreme Court Strikes Down Abortion Clinic Buffer Zones

Abortion Clinic Protest

Another solid victory for the First Amendment from the Roberts Court.

Republicans In Congress Move To Block Marijuana Decriminalization In D.C.

Marijuana Plant

House Republicans go to war against marijuana in the District of Columbia

Former Senator Howard Baker Dies At 88

Howard Baker

One of Washington’s giants has passed away.

Supreme Court Restricts President’s Recess Appointment Power


The Supreme Court rules that Recess Appointments can only be made when there’s actually a Congressional recess.

GOP Senator Susan Collins Endorses Marriage Equality

Gay Marriage Wedding Cake Two Women

Susan Collins, Maine’s Republican Senator, has become the fourth Republican Senator to endorse same-sex marriage: PORTLAND, Maine — Republican Sen. Susan Collins on Wednesday announced her support for gay marriage for the first time after getting an endorsement from the nation’s largest LGBT advocacy organization in her bid for re-election. “A number of states, including my […]

The Tea Party Needs To Stop Whining About Losing In Mississippi

Thad Cochran

Chris McDaniel and his Tea Party supporters are being very sore losers.

Speaker Boehner To File Lawsuit Against Obama Over Executive Actions


A clash over Separation Of Power and the Imperial Presidency, coming soon to a Federal District Court in Washington, D.C.

Oklahoma Congressman James Lankford Easily Defeats Tea Party Backed Challenger

James Lankford, Jordan Lankford, Hannah Lankford, Cindy Lankford

With Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn retiring at the end of this year, this year’s battle for the GOP nomination to fill the remainder of his term served as yet another proxy battle in the war between the GOP establishment and the Tea Party that has taken shape inside the GOP over the past year. On […]

Thad Cochran Wins In Mississippi

Thad Cochran

After appearing to be at the end of his political career, Thad Cochran has pulled off a surprising victory over his Tea Party backed challenger.

Congressional Leaders Star In The Most Awkward Video Ever

United States Capitol Building, Washington, D.C. Aerial

Members of the top leadership in both sides of Congress got together today for a Congressional Gold Medal Ceremony, and proceeded to star in the most awkward video in history: [T]hat tension may never has been as awkward (or hilarious) as it was Tuesday, when an event commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights […]

South Dakota Republican Party Endorses Impeachment Of President Obama

Obama Delivers State Of The Union Address To Joint Session Of Congress

The South Dakota Republican Party has officially endorsed the impeachment of President Obama.

GOP Congressman Cory Gardner: Make Birth Control Available Over The Counter


A Republican Congressman from Colorado who is running for the Senate has a very good idea.

Kevin McCarthy, Steve Scalise Win Leadership Elections, But The Battle Resumes In November

Capitol Building Dusk

The House leadership elections turned out about as expected, but we may be doing this all over again in five months.

Who will be the new House Whip?


GOP Whip Kevin McCarthy of California won the vote to replace Eric Cantor as the new GOP House Majority Leader. The question is who replaces McCarthy.

All Politics Is National?


Congressional elections have become “nationalized” to a far greater extent than they have ever been.

Report: IRS Destroyed Hard Drives With Lerner Emails

Destroyed Hard Drives

Yet more adventures in bad records retention policy at the IRS.

Lois Lerner’s ‘Lost’ Emails And The IRS’s Credibility Problem

Lois Lerner At Hearing

The IRS’s claim that it lost some unknown number of Lois Lerner’s emails doesn’t really add up.

Eric Cantor’s Loss Means A Lot Less Than You Think It Does


There aren’t nearly as many “meta” lessons in Eric Cantor’s loss as pundits have been claiming.

Idaho’s Raul Labrador Launches Seemingly Quixotic Bid For House Majority Leader

Elephants Fighting

With Jeb Hensarling and Pete Sessions both bowing out of a race against House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy to succeed Eric Cantor as House Majority leader, the outcome of the race seems to be quite predictable. Nonetheless, McCarthy will face opposition next Thursday in the form of second term Idaho Congressman Raul Labrador: Idaho Rep. […]

Kevin McCarthy Confident Of Victory In Majority Leader Race

Kevin McCarthy

Less than a day after Eric Cantor announced he was stepping down as Majority Leader after his primary defeat, California Republican, and House Majority Whip, Kevin McCarthy seems to be well on the way to winning the election to replace him: At a Wednesday night dinner with big-dollar donors, Kevin McCarthy all but declared victory […]

Eric Cantor To Step Down As Majority Leader


Get ready for a big GOP Leadership fight in the House.

Lindsey Graham Coasts To Easy Victory


While everyone was trying to process the political earthquake in Central Virginia, another long time Washington politician who had an even bigger Tea Party target on his back was winning easily: No, thanks, S.C. Republicans said Tuesday, deciding they will stick with Lindsey Graham despite loud criticisms from a vocal minority. That message echoed in […]

Odds Point To A GOP Senate Takeover

Election 2014

Signs continue to suggest that a GOP Senate takeover is likely.

Guantanamo Bay Is Not Going To Close


Mostly because of politics, the hopes of some and fears of others will never be realized.

Virginia GOP Picks Ed Gillespie To Run Against Mark Warner

Ed Gillespie Mark Warner

The establishment wins one in Virginia, but that’s unlikely to help the GOP in November

Dianne Feinstein: No Evidence That Bergdahl Was In Imminent Danger

Afghanistan Captured Soldier

While the Administration’s explanations for why it did not comply with the 30 day notice requirement for release of Gutantanamo Bay prisoners when making the deal that resulted in the release of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, the one that they seem to be relying upon the most is the argument that the decision was made to […]

Michelle Obama For Senate: Serious Speculation, Or Just Classic Political Trolling?

Michelle Obama

A Reuters political blogger has set tongues wagging about the possibility another First Lady might run for the U.S. Senate.

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