More Signs of Anti-Muslim Sentiment

A number of disturbing incidents point towards increased anti-Islam hostility in the United States.

Against the Electoral College I: Disparity Amongst Citizens

The first in a multi-part series on the Electoral College.

House Fails To Repeal New 1099 Reporting Requirements

Everyone seems to agree that the new 1099 reporting requirements contained in the health care reform bill are a bad idea, but nobody wants to take the time to repeal them.

In Defense Of The Electoral College

The Electoral College is the worst way to elect a President, except for all the others.

Congressmen, or Six Year Olds ?

The United States Congress is starting to resemble a grade-school playground.

Death of the Telephone Call

The phone call is a dying legacy of a bygone day, supplanted by less intrusive forms of communication.

Congressman Dan Lungren Speeding During Interview

California Rep. Dan Lungren was pulled over for speeding during a live radio interview.

USA Wealthiest Major Country

The US standard of living is not only growing but its lead over Europe and Japan is growing.

Obama: Time For Rangel to End Career With Dignity

While Congressional Democrats are being careful not to dance on Charlie Rangel’s grave, President Obama is showing no such compunction.

Al Gore Won’t Be Charged in Sexual Assault Case

Portland authorities have decided, for a second time, that there isn’t enough evidence to charge Al Gore with sexual assault in a 2006 case.

So Much For “Recovery Summer”

The latest GDP numbers are nothing but bad news for Democrats.

ADL Condemns “Ground Zero” Mosque Bigotry, Sides With The Bigots

The Anti-Defamation League has taken an unfortunate stand on a issue involving religious tolerance and bigotry.

Why Charlie Rangel Will Likely Survive

Despite facing a thirteen-count ethics complaint, Charlie Rangel probably isn’t going anywhere.

Debating In A Civil Society

Screaming at one another and treating political opponents as enemies doesn’t seem to be getting us anywhere. But is there a realistic alternative?

Immigration And Crime: Facts Are Stubborn Things

The link between immigration and crime rates that many immigration opponents point to simply does not exist

Site Work in Progress

Some long-awaited cleanup is underway, so please excuse any wonkiness as the work gets done.

Reid and Angle Neck-and-Neck in NV Polls

Angle is smartly focusing her commercials on the economy, and it is helping her numbers.

Crist Still Leads in Florida Polls

Crist’s gamble continues to appear to have been a good one.

Obama: African-Americans ‘Mongrel People’ (Other Americans Too!)

President Obama went on TV and said something true. What was he thinking?

Army: More Dangerous To Ourselves Than The Enemy

A review by the Army of its alarming spike in suicides blames it on the new strain of risk-seeking recruits who join during wartime and commanders who neglect to rein them in.

Reflects Creditably on the House

The requirement that “members act at all times in a way that reflects creditably on the House” has a parallel in the UCMJ’s “conduct unbecoming” clause.

Caption Contest Winners

The Loan Wars Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

Passports Security Still a Problem

U.S. passports still aren’t perfect.

Charles Rangel Hit With 13 Charges Of Ethics Violations

It was another bad day for Charlie Rangel, but something tells me he’s going to be just fine.

Lindsey Graham Takes Aim At “Anchor Babies”

Immigration “moderate” Lindsey Graham is suddenly sounding not so moderate.

Immigration Enforcement up under Obama

The Obama administration is refusing to enforce border security, right?

ObamaCare Becoming More Popular ? Don’t Be So Sure

A new poll claims that the health care reform law is now supported by a majority of Americans. Don’t believe it.

Change in Sentencing: Crack v. Powder Cocaine

Congress has (after many years of debate) narrowed the gap between sentencing for crack cocaine and powder cocaine.

Why Obama Brought Less Change Than Hoped

Why I wasn’t fooled by Barack Obama’s campaign promises to curb presidential power.

Is Discrimination Against Christians Legal?

Can a public university expel a student for a religiously-motivated aversion to homosexuality?

Death and the Arizona Border

Yes, a lot of people are dying on the Arizona border, but the cause is not the drug war. Rather, it is simple fact that crossing the desert on foot is a dangerous proposition. (And this is not a new phenomenon).

Obama Supports Warrantless Searches

The Obama administration wants the FBI to be able to look at your Internet records without the inconvenience of respecting your 4th Amendment rights.

BP Spill Damage Exaggerated?

Now that the flood of oil flowing into the Gulf of Mexico from BP’s Deepwater Horizon rig has been staunched, some are arguing that the prophesied environmental catastrophe was greatly overblown.

Wonkery vs. Reality

The concentration of policy wonks in the Washington-New York-Boston corridor produces skewed analysis.

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