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More Evidence Of The Political Risk To The GOP In A Shutdown

With just hours to go, the Republicans on Capitol Hill seem prepared to take a big political risk.

Poll: GOP Bears Biggest Political Risk In Shutdown

The GOP seems perfectly fine with risking a shutdown, even though polling shows they’d pay the biggest price for it.

OTB Caption Contest

Time for the Monday OTB Caption ContestTM

Lane Kiffin Fired – Who Will Hire Him Next?

The Miley Cyrus of college football will be back too soon.

Will The GOP Back Away From Using The Budget To Attack The PPACA?

Republicans don’t seem willing to let go of the Obamacare issue just yet. But, how long will that actually last?

Government Stupidity Continues with Shutdown Looming

The federal government won’t have money to pay its workers come Tuesday but it’ll spend like a drunken sailor on Monday.

Newsweek’s Golden Age

Eleanor Clift reflects on her “final issue after 50 years at Newsweek.”

Yep, Time To Prepare For The Shutdown

It’s now clear that, absent an unlikely miracle, there will be a government shutdown.

House To Insist On One Year Delay Of Obamacare, Making Shutdown All But Inevitable

The House will reportedly vote on a new Continuing Resolution with conditions that would seem to make a shutdown inevitable.

New Jersey Trial Judge Rules State Must Recognize Same-Sex Marriage

An historic same-sex marriage ruling out of New Jersey.

Ted Cruz and the Fight for the Soul of the Republican Party

With key conservatives pushing for sanity, the grown-ups have a chance to take back the GOP.

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Ted Cruz Working To Undermine Boehner’s Plan On Budget, Debt Ceiling

Ted Cruz is going after the Speaker of the House.

U.S. President, Iranian President Speak For First Time Since 1979

President Obama spoke with Iranian President Rouhani today, the first such contact between the nations in 34 years.

Essential Government Personnel, Professional Military Education Edition

One inmate’s view of the asylum.

Ted Cruz Tops Poll Of 2016 GOP Contenders

If nothing else, Ted Cruz’s quixotic mission has succeeded in cementing him in the minds of Republican voters.

Cruz Needs to Work on his Analogies (and His Analysis)

Nazi comparisons are only helpful when discussing actual Nazis.

Army Cracks Down on Tattoos

My latest for Defense One, “The Army’s Misguided Crackdown on Tattoos,” has posted.

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Time for the Thursday OTB Caption ContestTM

Green Eggs and Cruz

Media Coverage Of Ted Cruz v. Media Coverage Of Wendy Davis

Can differences in media coverage of two unrelated filibusters be explained solely by media bias?

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The Pineapple Under The Sea Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

Ted Cruz Begins Filibuster That Isn’t Really A Filibuster

Ted Cruz is holding the Senate floor “until I can no longer speak,” but he still won’t be able to stop the Senate from going forward.

The Stupidity of Government Non-Shutdown Shutdowns

It remains to be seen whether Congressional Republicans will force a government shutdown. What’s already clear is how counterproductive it would be.

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