Israel Hits Refugee Camp, Targeting Hamas Leaders

Muddled reporting of a messy situation.

How Old Is Too Old To Trick or Treat?

We can all agree that Trump and Biden are over the line. But where is it?

world languages thank you world languages thank you

Stop Trying to Make French Happen

Paris is fighting a losing battle over the prominence of their language.

Halloween Forum

Biden Is Old and Feeble, Says Old, Feeble Man

Trump is making verbal gaffes while making fun of Biden’s verbal gaffes.

Observations on Pence

Fading into the background is the appropriate end to his dance with MAGA.

Israelis Divided on Ground Offensive

A poll on Israeli support.

Matthew Perry, 1969-2023

The actor best known for his role in “Friends” is gone at 54.

Mike Pence Drops Out of Non-Race

The fourth place candidate for second place in the Republican primaries has taken his ball and gone home to Mother.

Anti-Gay Extremism in Nigeria

Where religious zealotry can lead. (So, yes, a digression into American politics).

Israeli Ground Offensive Underway

What comes next is anyone’s guess.

Who The Hell is Dean Phillips?

It’s quite the week for politicians with generic names nobody has ever heard of.

Mike Johnson is Very Religious

His critics are focused on the wrong problem.

Saturday’s Forum

‘From the River to the Sea’

When the obvious is controversial.

Friday Tabs

And this doesn’t even clear them all!

A Photo for Friday

Middle Earth?

4.9% GDP Growth in Third Quarter

Contrary to some public opinion, the economy is in decent shape.

Romney and the Decline of the GOP

The party’s 2012 nominee is an indicator of how fall it has fallen.

Thursday’s Forum

[Speaker of the House Mike Johnson] [Speaker of the House Mike Johnson]

Speaker Johnson

We finally have a winner. And we’re all losers.

The Toddler Caucus


US-Iran Tensions Escalate

The war in Israel is in danger of expanding.

[Speaker of the House Mike Johnson] [Speaker of the House Mike Johnson]

Mike Johnson (Who?) for Speaker?

Could the fourth time be the charm?

Wednesday’s Forum

I Guess the Whip Can’t Count

Emmer drops out.

The Fine Line Between Supporter and Co-Belligerent

America’s involvement in the Israeli and Ukrainian war efforts is more than advertised.

Tuesday’s Forum

The Faux Haley Boomlet

The press really needs to stop trying to make fetch happen.

Squaring the Circle on the Israel-Gaza War

Outsiders seem to want the impossible.

Ezra Klein on Israel and Hamas

The best statement on the complexity of the Israel-Hamas conflict that I have heard/read.

On Parties

Because I think it is really important.

An Observation about American Democracy

The ongoing Republican debacle and what it says about representative democracy in the US.

Saturday’s Forum

Jordan Strikes Out

Three increasingly-embarrassing defeats is all you get, apparently.

Former Trump Attorney Chesebro Pleads Guilty & Is Cooperating

Yesterday the Kraken. Today the Cheese. Whose flipping tomorrow?

Mitt Romey with pained look on face as he has dinner with President-Elect Trump. Mitt Romey with pained look on face as he has dinner with President-Elect Trump.

Mitt Romney Confirms What We’ve Suspected For Years!

The rare case where a clickbait headline is actually appropriate.

A Foreign Policy Election?

A competent leader versus a lunatic would seem an easy choice. Alas.

House GOP Drowning [UPDATED]

In a bathtub?

A Photo for Friday

“Study Hall”

Swing State Voters Prefer Trump

Bidenomics is dragging Biden’s approval.