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The Anger Management Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

Why Government IT Sucks

Why the federal government is so bad at information technology and getting worse by the day.

The Obama Administration’s War On Leaks Chills The Press And Hurts The Public Interest

So much for the most transparent Administration in history.

Proposed Media Shield Law Leads To Debate Over Who Is A “Journalist”

Who should qualify as a “journalist” for purposes of a “Shield Law?”

Conservatives For Putin?

Some conservatives don’t seem too troubled by Vladimir Putin’s repression.

Senator Obama Warned About PATRIOT Act Abuses That Happened Under President Obama

President Obama is doing precisely what Senator Obama warned us about.

Firm That Cleared Snowden Under Grand Jury Investigation

The government contractor that conducted Edward Snowden’s background investigation faces criminal indictment.

Google Searches For “Pressure Cooker” And “Backpacks” Lead To FBI Visit

A husband and wife do unrelated, and perfectly innocent, Google searches, and get a visit from the FBI.

Federal Court Rules That NY Times Reporter Must Testify In Leak Investigation

Once again, a Federal Court rules that the First Amendment rules does not protect a reporter from being compelled to reveal sources or the results of an investigation.

OTB Caption Contest Winners

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Gun Control Has Faded From The Newscycle And The Political Conversation

Low voter priorities and the natural tendency of the media to move on to the next big story meant that gun control was not going to be a top political issue for long.

OTB Caption Contest Winners

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Dempsey: Snowden Harmed Relations with Allies

The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff says revealing that the United States is spying on its allies has undermined their trust.

U.S. Faces More Blowback Over Revelations Of Spying On Allies

The blowback from yesterday’s revelations about U.S. surveillance on European allies continues.

New NSA Leaks Reveal Spying On European Union, European Allies

The latest NSA leaks are likely to prove to be diplomatically embarrassing.

Edward Snowden Is Not The Story, And You Don’t Have To Like Him

Focusing on Edward Snowden is largely a waste of time.

David Gregory Asks If Glenn Greenwald Should Be Prosecuted

Does David Gregory consider Glenn Greenwald to be a reporter deserving of protection, or “just a blogger” who may be a potential criminal?

Edward Snowden Leaves Hong Kong For Russia And Parts Unknown

Despite an extradition request from the United States, Edward Snowden left Hong Kong overnight on a flight to Moscow and parts unknown.

Report: Edward Snowden Charged With Espionage And Other Charges

Not surprisingly, Edward Snowden has been formally charged in connection with the leak of classified NSA documents.

Edward Snowden Did Not Commit Treason

Edward Snowden has likely violated many laws, but, absent additional facts, treason is not one of them.

Obama’s Job Approval Numbers Take A Hit In Wake Of NSA Revelations

President Obama’s poll numbers seem to be suffering under the weight of nearly two months of scandals and/ media attention.

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When Is A Leak Not Really A Leak? When It’s Beneficial To Those In Power, Apparently

Outrage over leaks like those that Edward Snowden makes doesn’t exist when its politicians doing the leaking.

Rep. Peter King (R., New York) Wants Journalists Prosecuted As Spies

One Congressman thinks it would be a good idea to treat journalists as criminals.

Edward Snowden, Leaker Of NSA Data Mining Stories, Steps Forward

Meet Edward Snowden, the 29 year old CIA/NSA contractor who has confessed to leaking the details of the NSA’s data mining projects.