Missed COVID Milestones

They’re still grim but less noticed.

Covid-19 and Life Expectancy Rates

A study of 29 countries shows the impact of the pandemic.

Biden: The Pandemic Is Over

The President is getting hammered from all sides for stating the obvious.

No, Congress Won’t Create an Abortion Right

At least not right away. But it’s quite possible by 2040.

Has Trump Finally Gone Too Far?

Republicans are aghast that he’s abandoned his principles.

More on DST

Some interesting maps on the implications of DST v. standard time.

Permanent Daylight Saving Time?

We may be on the verge half a century after our last experiment.

Meat Loaf, 1947-2022

The singer and actor, born Marvin Lee Aday, is gone at 74.

CDC Lessens Quarantine Recommendations Despite Omicron’s Spread

The flurry of news around the new variant is dizzying.

Gregory McMichael Was Not a Good Cop

A look at the employment records of one of the men involved in the Ahmaud Arbery shooting.

No, 52 Isn’t Too Young for a Stroke

Luke Perry’s death is a sad reminder.

New Hampshire Supreme Court Rejects Challenge To Prosecutions Of Topless Women

The New Hampshire Supreme Court rejected a challenge by three women to their prosecution for going topless on a public beach in the Granite State.

Waltraud Raule Joyner, 1943-2018

My mother has passed, aged 75 years.

California Bans New Soda Taxes

California’s legislature has moved to block localities from imposing taxes on soda and other sugary drinks.

Trump Fires VA Secretary, Replacing Him with Navy Admiral

Descriptions of Robby Jackson as “Trump’s personal physician” mischaracterize his qualifications for the job.

Navy Secretary Doubling Maternity Leave to 12 Weeks, Lowering Weight Standards

Ray Mabus is trying to make serving in the Navy and Marine Corps more attractive to women.

Bill Clinton’s Response To Reports About His Foundation Is About What You’d Expect

Former President Clinton doesn’t seem to get it. Or, does he?

F.D.A.’s Mandatory Menu Labeling Regulations Won’t Work, Could Hurt Consumers

The Food & Drug Administration’s new regulations requiring calorie and other information on menus in restaurants and elsewhere won’t work, could limit consumer choice, and may not be Constitutional.

Something Afoot In North Korea?

Once again, there’s speculation that something is up in the world’s most closed society.

Do Conservatives Think The Poor ‘Have It Easy?’

Coming across as uncaring doesn’t help advance your political arguments.

New York’s Highest Court Kills Mike Bloomberg’s Soda Ban

Mike Bloomberg’s absurd soda ban is, thankfully, dead.

Why We Don’t Get Enough Sleep

Too regularly engage in “bedtime procrastination,” creating a vicious cycle.

NYC School Labels 66-Pound Girl ‘Fat’

According to the New York City Public Schools, this girl is fat.

OTB Caption Contest Winners

The Major T.J. “King” Kong Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

What’s Wrong with this Picture?

We spend more per capita than any other country in the world and yet we are outperformed on a key metric, life expectancy, by a large number of countries

Calorie Counts On Menus Don’t Seem To Influence Food Choices

Another government mandate that doesn’t address a real problem.

Appellate Court Rules New York Large Sized Soda Ban Unconstitutional

Another legal setback for Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s crusade to regulate what New York City residents can eat and drink.

Peter King ‘Not Ruling Out’ Presidential Run; He Should

An overweight Republican from the northeast is thinking about running for president. No, not that one.

Americans Getting Fatter But Still Hate Fat People

Two thirds of us are overweight but we still think fat people are pigs.

Fat People Can’t Get PhDs: It’s Science

NYU’s Geoffrey Miller has done a groundbreaking study connecting obesity, and particularly the consumption of simple carbohydrates, with failure to complete doctoral dissertations.

Southerners Not Fat, Just Honest

Southerners lie about their weight–but not as much as those lyin’ Yankees.

Bloomberg Big Soda Ban Dumber Than We Thought

The Big Gulp ban won’t ban Big Gulps. But it’ll ban 2-liter Cokes with your pizza and pitchers at Chuck E. Cheese.

American Men Catching Up to Women in Weight Worries; Both Should Worry More

One gender gap, at least, is narrowing: American men are starting to worry about the size of their butts.

The Supreme Court’s New Limits On The Commerce Power

While it upheld the Affordable Care Act today, the Supreme Court also placed some clear limits on Congressional power. That’s a good thing.

Cambridge, Mass. Considering New York Style Soda Ban

Another local official wants to join the War On Big Soda.

Mike Bloomberg Wants To Control The Size Of Your Soft Drink

New York City’s Mayor wants to control the size of soft drinks.

Yogurt Makes Mice Sexy

Not only does yogurt make mice slimmer; it also makes them sexier.

42% of Americans Obese by 2030, Up From 35% Today

Americans are ridiculously fat and getting fatter by the nanosecond.

Simpsons Home Town: Springfield, Oregon

Shockingly, the “Springfield” in the long-running sittcom “The Simpsons” is Springfield, Oregon, near where creator Matt Groening grew up.

Weigh More, Pay More?

Peter Singer argues that heavy people ought to pay more to fly.

What Can’t The Government Mandate?

What are the limits on government power?

Florida Bill Would Ban Food Stamps For ‘Unhealthy’ Food

Once again, a government entity thinks the average person is too dumb to take care of themselves.