What Happens When A President You Don’t Trust Has These Powers?

Even if you trust the current occupant of the White House to exercise the powers granted to the agencies operating in secret under him, do you trust all future Presidents?

Too Early for 2016 Talk?

We’re actually not speculating about who might be running any more than we used to.

The GOP And The Conspiratorial Mindset

The wacko fringe of the GOP is increasingly finding room in the mainstream of the party.

Did Special Forces Snipers Kill Americans After Katrina?

A former Navy SEAL charges that Blackwater snipers killed American citizens in New Orleans during Katrina’s aftermath.

Killing Terrorist Leaders Prolonging War on Terror?

Targeting terrorist leadership may be counterproductive.

Most Americans Oppose Drone Strikes on Americans in America

One in eight Americans support drone strikes against Americans on American soil.

The Unanswered Question About Drones

Rand Paul’s questions about the nation’s drone war were only the beginning.

Why Rand Paul’s Filibuster Mattered

Rand Paul’s filibuster is one that all American’s should thank him for that.

Rand Paul Filibustering Brennan Nomination

Mr. Paul Goes To Washington.

Obama White House Thinks It Can Kill Americans In America

The Obama White House is not ruling out targeted strikes against Americans inside American territory.

Guns to Protect us from Sharia

Silly things members of Congress say (plus musings on authoritarianism).

Obama’s Drone Fantasy

While I’m sure President Obama has fantasies of launching drones on Congress, it’s not over his drone policy.

Distinguished Warfare Medal for Armchair Warriors

American troops may now earn the fourth highest combat medal from the comfort of their desk chair.

Presidential Killing Powers Need Checks and Balances

“Killing Americans,” my latest for The National Interest, has posted.

President Obama’s Troubling Justification For Targeted Killings

The Obama Administration has given us a peek at its legal arguments for targeted killings and they are troubling to say the least.

Alabama Hostage Safe After FBI Kills Kidnapper with Help of Military Drone

A 5-year-old Alabama boy is safe after authorities killed his kidnapper.

Why We Won’t Be Leaving Afghanistan Any Time Soon

Basically, it’s inconsistent with the strategy.

Drone Crashes at Civilian Airports Multiplying

US military drones are crashing at civilian airports around the world.

America Not a Center-Right Nation Anymore

President Obama easily won re-election last night, carrying virtually all of the battleground states. Meanwhile, abortion, gay marriage, and recreational marijuana also won big.

Presidents Do Foreign Policy, Too?

In a posting for New Atlanticist titled “Status Quo Election,” I note the near total absence of foreign affairs from a presidential campaign that’s mercifully coming to an end.

The Never Ending War On Terror

If you thought the War On Terror might be over, think again.

The Cult Of Barack Obama’s Presidency

Like the men who came before him, Barack Obama has vastly increased the powers of his office. Someone should have asked him about that last night.

A Romney Critic’s Case Against Obama

Mitt Romney is a deeply flawed candidate, but that doesn’t mean the President is any better.

An Attack On Iran Would Be A Major, Mistaken, War

An attack on Iran’s nuclear program would be far more complicated than a one-off attack.

In Closing Speech, Obama Does What He Needed To Do

President Obama didn’t blow the doors off the Time Warner Cable Arena last night, but he didn’t need to.

National Security Culture Gap

The White House and the Pentagon are buildings, not unitary actors.

Why Congress Won’t Stop the Drone War

My latest for World Policy Review, “Oversight or Not, Drones Are Here to Stay,” has posted.

Jimmy Carter: U.S. Under Obama Is A “Widespread Violator Of Human Rights”

From one Nobel Peace Prize winner to another.

Pentagon Donates 2 Better-Than-Hubble Telescopes to NASA

NASA was in need of new telescopes and got a helping hand from their good pals at the DoD.

Stuxnet And America’s New Cyberwarriors

The first shots have been fired in cyberspace. How will it end?

Obama’s Kill List: Does Anyone Care?

You have Martin Luther King’s statue in your office, but you are sending these unmanned drones out, and bombs are dropping on innocent people.

Dissecting Mitt Romney’s Foreign Policy

Is there a Romney Doctrine?

Drone Creep and the Rumsfeld Question

My first piece for The New Republic, “Why the Obama Administration’s Drone War May Soon Reach a Tipping Point,” is up.

Mitt Romney’s Misleading Claims About The United States Navy

Mitt Romney is making claims about Naval readiness that are, at best, misleading.

Reporters as Truth Arbiters

How far should the press go in challenging assertions by politicians?

US Intelligence Drowning In Information

The US intelligence community has more information at its disposal than ever. Unfortunately, it can’t efficiently process it and make the necessary connections.

Republican Candidates Love The Imperial Presidency

Not surprisingly, most of the Republican candidates for President aren’t too keen on reducing the excessive growth in Executive Branch power.

Does It Really Matter That Iran Captured One Of Our Drones? Maybe Not

While unfortunate, the loss of an RQ-170 drone over Iran may not be the intelligence disaster some make it out to be.

The Truth About The Coming “Cuts” To Defense Spending

Don’t believe the fear mongering about the coming decreases in the growth of defense spending.