Peter Scolari, 1955-2021

The veteran character actor has died of cancer at 66.

René Auberjonois, Benson and Star Trek Actor, Dead At 79

René Auberjonois, a long time character actor best known for his roles on Benson and Star Trek: Deep Space NIne, has died at 79.

Marvel Comics Creator Stan Lee Dies At 95

Rest in Peace and Excelsior, Stan Lee!

Verizon Has Three Levels of ‘Unlimited’ Plans, Each with Limits

Words mean things. Unless they don’t.

Late Night OTB – End of My Journey

Not an Easter song, exactly, but certainly evocative of some of the holiday’s major themes.

Late Night OTB – Paul Thorn

More whimsical than most of my selections but we could use that right about now.

Norway Begins Getting Rid Of FM Radio

Norway is switching from FM Radio to digital broadcasting. A similar transition in the United States seems unlikely for the time being.

Follow Up on My Mercantilism Post

Responding to comments on this morning’s post.

A Record Breaking Opening Weekend For Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Perhaps not surprisingly, the newest film in the Star Wars saga is breaking all kinds of records.

OTB Caption Contest Winners

The Think Pink Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

Sony Is Finally Killing Off Betamax. Wait, Betamax Was Still Alive?

You thought Betamax died three decades ago didn’t you?

Sesame Street Moves To HBO

So does this mean Big Bird will show up on Game Of Thrones?

Columbia House Files Bankruptcy, Many Surprised To Learn It Still Existed

A company you probably thought had died off years ago filed for bankruptcy protection yesterday.

Obama Faults Sony For Pulling ‘The Interview’ From Theaters, Vows Response To North Korea

President Obama criticized Sony for backing down, and said that the U.S. would respond to North Korea’s cyber attack “at a place and time we choose,”

‘Tom and Jerry’ Cartoons Get ‘Racial Prejudice’ Warning

The classic “Tom and Jerry” cartoons of the 1940s and 1950s come with a “racial prejudice” warning from Amazon.

Aereo Loses Big As Supreme Court Upholds Intellectual Property Protections

New technology doesn’t mean that the laws don’t apply.

Amazon’s next step towards total retail (and search) domination

Some thoughts on Amazon’s new smartphone: Fire

Netflix’s Online Business Model: A Mistake, Or The Future Of Entertainment?

Does encouraging binge watching make sense for Netflix?

President Gerald Ford Testifies on Squeaky Fromme Assassination Attempt

The Sacramento Bee has released this remarkable video of President Gerald Ford testifying about the assassination attempt by Lynnette “Squeaky” Fromme.

Netflix Removes 1794 Movies From Library

The soft underbelly of the post-ownership society.

Hookup Culture and the End of Sex

Apparently, today’s youth no longer know how to have good sex on account of they’re having too much sex.

Die Hard’s Enduring Appeal

An excellent essay by Adam Sternbergh “On the Enduring Appeal of ‘Die Hard.'”

2008’s Obama Derangement Syndrome Looks Ridiculous In Hindsight

Let’s take a trip back in time to see what some conservatives thought 2012 would look like if Barack Obama were elected President.

Is The New Red Dawn The Dumbest Movie Ever?

The new Red Dawn promises to be even sillier than the first.

The Anglo-Saxon Outrage Of The Day

Two words spoken by a Romney aide have led to a ridiculous firestorm on the right, while the rest of their comments are being ignored.

Federal Judge: Websites Must Comply With Americans With Disabilities Act

A recent decision out of Massachusetts threatens to make business quite difficult for online service providers.

Today’s Outrage Of The Day: “Decapitated” George W. Bush In `Game Of Thrones’

A year old, seconds-long, scene from a show on HBO has apparently become the latest cause for outrage.

What Can’t The Government Mandate?

What are the limits on government power?

What’s Really Behind The Netflix/Qwikster Split?

The decision to split Netflix into two companies makes no sense. Unless you look behind the scenes.

Netflix Gets Out of DVD Business, Spins of Qwikster

In a truly bizarre move, Netflix is spinning off the DVD-by-mail business that built them into an international brand and going stream-only. Those wishing to keep getting movies will have to sign on to something called Qwikster.

George Lucas To Continue Killing Star Wars In Blu-Ray Release

George Lucas is once again “enhancing” his epic films for the upcoming Blu-Ray release.

Are We Overprotecting Our Kids?

How did we survive without all the molly-codding kids today get?

The PC Turns 30, Is It Over The Hill?

The IBM PC was introduced 30 years ago. Has its time passed?

Capitalism, Creative Destruction, And The End Of Borders Books

Borders Books is closing, because the free market works.

Netflix Raising Prices 60 Percent

Netflix will charge $7.99 for streaming video; it’s now a $2 add-on.

Producer Admits Atlas Shrugged: Part I Basically A Failure

The free market in action.

YouTube as TV Alternative

Video entertainment is moving in two seemingly opposite directions simultaneously.

WKRP and Stupid Copyright Laws

The iconic WKRP in Cincinnati is not being syndicated or available on DVD in its original format because it’s classic rock soundtrack is hamstrung by copyright laws and music licensing fees.

Dr. Dre Defends Right to Film Cops

Dr. Dre is arguing that police officers have no right to privacy.

What is the point of Tablet Computers?

The cost/benefit ratio of tablet computers seems to be a bit…. lacking.

TRON: Legacy — Flynn Abides

TRON: Legacy is an almost perfect sequel.

Treason And The Wikileaks Case

There’s been much talk recently about treason charges in the Wikileaks case, an most of it has been entirely wrong.