Rolling Stone, Campus Rape, And A Collapse Of Journalistic Ethics

A review of Rolling Stone’s now discredited report of a sexual assault at the University of Virginia reveals a shocking failure of journalistic ethics.

Harrassment, Racism, and Reductio Creep

Even innocent interactions with women in public can amount to harassment. Where should we draw the line?

Parenting as a Gen Xer

We’ve got one foot in two very different technological worlds.

Will the GOP Ever Win Another Presidential Election?

It’s hard for a party to win four straight presidential elections. The Democrats may pull it off.

In Defense of Professional Military Education

My latest for RealClearDefense: “Senator Walsh’s Unrepresentative Black Mark on Professional Military Education”

Yes, College Is Worth It (If You Graduate)

While it’s been much derided in recent years, there’s a definite economic benefit to obtaining a college degree,

How America Stopped Thinking Strategically

Today’s foreign-policy disputes rarely consider the way America’s response to one crisis might affect another.

Social Mobility and Race in Higher Education

The Affirmative Action debate is too divisive and largely misses the point.

Scientific Research Is Unreliable, Unreliable Scientists Report

Most peer-reviewed research is crap.

Most Commonly Awarded Grade At Harvard Is An ‘A’

Is Harvard University the Lake Wobegon of the Ivy League or are Harvard students really that smart?

A Qualified Yes to a Constitutional Convention

Some thoughts on reform.

Pentagon’s Broken Payroll System

The military’s finance and accounting system has been dysfunctional for decades and is getting worse.

Fat People Can’t Get PhDs: It’s Science

NYU’s Geoffrey Miller has done a groundbreaking study connecting obesity, and particularly the consumption of simple carbohydrates, with failure to complete doctoral dissertations.

Iran, Hezbollah and Latin America?

The same story yet again.

What If We Treated Foreign Languages Like Sports?

If kids practiced French two hours a day . . .

Social Class and Higher Education

A rich child is 45 percent more likely to earn a four-year college degree than a poor one.

Is The Gun Debate Over?

Conor Friedersdorf contends “The U.S. Already Had a Conversation About Guns—and the Pro Side Won.”

Why Veterans Can’t Fit In On Campus

An Atlantic story on veterans returning to college is both poignant and miscast.

Applying for a PhD in Political Science

Dan Nexon often gets asked by prospective candidates how they might improve their chances at getting into a PhD program in political science.

Are For-Profit Colleges Worse than Public Colleges?

Private college degree mills have come under intense scrutiny. But many public institutions have similar statistics.

Most Useless College Majors

The major you choose in college will have an impact on your future.

The Junior Mints Are Too Damn High!

Movie theater snacks are expensive. This is not cause for a lawsuit.

Rick Santorum And Conservative Anti-Intellectualism

A man who has three degrees from three public universities considers the President of the United States a “snob.”

Don’t Know Much About The French I Took

Most people forget most of what they learn in school. Should we call the whole thing off?

About that Gingrich Marijuana Quote…

Usually if a quote is too good to be true, it is.

Newt Gingrich, “Academic”

Trying to construct Gingrich’s c.v.

Cantor’s Wharton Speech Derailed

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor abruptly canceled a long-scheduled speech to the Wharton Business School after school officials changed the guest list.

Graduate Students Unprepared for Graduation?

A consultant for would-be academics, says she wouldn’t have a job if professors would do theirs.

What’s Wrong With Political Reporting?

Political journalists aren’t like you and me. Well, you, anyway.

Education Colleges Academic Slums

Schools of education attract the weakest students and give out the highest grades on campus.

International Relations Graduate School Pros and Cons

So, you want a career in foreign policy field and are weighing your options….

Another Round of QE3?

Will the Fed announce another round of Quantitative Easing?

Film School Bubble

More people are chasing careers in film than there are careers in film. And not just in front of the camera.

Professor Bias and Student Perception

Do ideologically radical professors impose their biases on their students?

A Nations of Immigrants with a Dumb Immigration Policy

Canada is much friendlier than the United States with regard to immigration.

Is Ivy League Education Worth the Cost?

Do graduates of elite colleges earn more because of where they went to school? Or because of the traits that got them selected?

What Good Is A College Education?

Does that degree you get at the end of your four years of college really mean anything anymore, and is it worth the money you paid for it?

US News Goes Web Only, Except College Guides

US News & World Report is going to stop printing magazines, except for a handful of niche issues like the annual college and graduate school ranking guides.

Too Many Law Schools, Too Many Lawyers

Neither Law Schools nor law students are admitting the fact that the legal market has changed significantly.

Endless War Causing Trouble At The Top ?

Are new war strategies putting too much strain on commanders in the field ?

PhD its Own Reward