So What Did Silver Opponent Jay Cost Have to Say?

More griping about poor analysis.

Romney And Ryan Not Providing Details About Their Tax Plan

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are refusing to provide significant details about their tax plan. That’s a mistake.

Romney Campaign Reportedly Planning ‘Aggressive’ Campaign Against Obama

The Romney Campaign is reportedly planning a more aggressive campaign against the President for the fall.

Romney Gains In Two Swing States, But Medicare Problems Loom For The GOP

The Romney/Ryan ticket has gained grown in Wisconsin and Florida, and is steady in Ohio, but they’ve got a Medicare problem.

It Was Supposed To Be About The Economy, Stupid

Has the Romney campaign foolishly abandoned its best argument against the President?

Do Vice-Presidential Picks Really Matter That Much?

There’s little evidence that Vice-Presidential picks have as big an impact on elections as pundits seem to think.

In Picking Paul Ryan, Has Romney Actually Helped Obama?

Mitt Romney has effectively rebooted his campaign by picking Paul Ryan, but he’s also handed the President a powerful weapon.

Team Obama Begins To Unveil Its Plan Of Attack On Romney/Ryan

The Obama campaign has begun to respond to the addition of Paul Ryan to the Republican ticket.

Paul Ryan: A Smart Pick, Or Just A Risky One?

Most of the early reaction on the right consider’s the selection of Paul Ryan a smart move on Mitt Romney’s part, but you could also say it’s just risky.

Paul Ryan as VP Choice: First Thoughts

He’s no Sarah Palin but Paul Ryan doesn’t make immediate sense as Romney’s running mate.

For Some Reason, Conservatives Are Eager For Paul Ryan To Get A Powerless Job

The recent call by many on the right for Mitt Romney to select Paul Ryan as his running mate is puzzling.

The “Crisis Election” Canard

Once again people are saying that 2012 is an election year akin to 1860 or 1932. Once again, they are wrong.

Friedman Finds His 3rd Party Candidate: Obama

Thomas Friedman continues his quixotic quest for a third party. His candidate: a fantasy Barack Obama.

A Conservative For Tax Increases

A crack in the orthodoxy?

Erick Erickson’s Odd (and Telling) Confession

A revealing quote and some musing on Newt’s consistency.

Could Gingrich Win The GOP Nomination?

Could Newt Gingrich really become the Republican nominee? Stranger things have happened.

Time For A Gingrich Boomlet?

Is Newt Gingrich on the verge of a rise in the polls?

Romney’s Plan Of Attack On Perry

The Romney campaign may be finally starting to pay attention to Rick Perry.

Wall Street Journal: The House GOP’s Balanced Budget Amendment Is A Bad Idea

One of the GOP’s staunchest media allies isn’t too impressed with their Balanced Budget Amendment.

So Much For “Repeal And Replace”

Whatever happened to the GOP’s promise to “repeal and replace” the Affordable Care Act?

Romney & Bachmann Rise, Pawlenty & Cain Fizzle In Mostly Lackluster Debate

The debate format was the biggest loser last night, but there were a few memorable moments in New Hampshire.

It is all about Taxes

The main issue, above all else, is taxes.

One of the Many Problems of the Health Care Debate

We need to stop talking as if the Medicare debate is a question of the Ryan Plan v. the Status Quo.

Two Ridiculous Defenses of the Ryan Medicare Plan

Arguments for the Ryan Plan that characterize it as being “against bureaucracy” are apparently oblivious to the fact that private health insurance is full of bureaucracy.

Mitch McConnell: No Deal On Debt Ceiling Without Medicare Cuts

As Congress left town for the long weekend, the Senate Minority Leader threw a grenade into the budget negotiations.

Democrat Wins Special Election In NY-26

It’s just one Congressional District out of 435, but that won’t stop everyone from trying to turn the results in NY-26 into a national referendum on Medicare reform.

Will One Election Decide The Fate Of The Ryan Plan?

Voters in New York State may help move the budget debate on Capitol Hill.

Quote of the Day, Ryan Plan Politics Edition

The bungled politics of the Ryan plan.

Ron Paul’s Election Problem: The Issues he Supports

No, Ron Paul is not a viable candidate for president.

More Musings on the Health Care Debate

An attempt at explaining where I am coming from on in the health care discussion.

Republicans Ready To Punt On Ryan Plan’s Medicare Changes?

Republicans seem to have realized that the Ryan Plan’s Medicare reforms aren’t going anywhere.

The Problem with the Ryan Plan

The bottom line is that the problem with the Ryan Plan is the Ryan Plan.

Public Turning Against Ryan Plan

The GOP seems to be losing the public relations battle over deficit reduction.