COVID Normalcy and the American Gerontocracy

Speaker Pelosi has it. Is President Biden next?

Permanent Daylight Saving Time?

We may be on the verge half a century after our last experiment.

No Congressmen in Biden Cabinet?

Competing priorities.

American Gerontocracy II

Trump’s Unhinged Behavior On Full Display At Meeting With Pelosi

As the vultures continue to circle above the White House, the President continues to lash out.

At Trump’s Urging, Netanyahu Bars Two Members Of Congress From Entering Israel

After urging from President Trump, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has barred two Muslim-American Congressmen from visiting Israel. It is a foolish and outrageous decision.

It’s Mueller Time

Starting at 8:30 a.m. this morning, the eyes and ears of Washington and much of the nation will be focus on one thing, the testimony of former Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Congress Again Defers Raising Its Pay

The politics is understandable but the result is damaging to the country.

House To Vote To Hold Attorney General In Contempt

The House of Representatives will vote to hold the Attorney General in contempt next week but it may not mean anything.


Some say yes, others no.

Democrats Prepare A New Proposal To End Shutdown

As the shutdown enters its thirty-fourth day and the Senate gets ready to vote on proposals that have no chance of succeeding, Democrats are preparing a new proposal.

Nancy Pelosi Re-Elected Leader Of House Democrats

Nancy Pelosi won a key vote yesterday on the road to returning as Speaker of the House again in January.

Nancy Pelosi Facing Opposition In Bid To Return As Speaker Of The House

With their House majority secure, Democrats must now select their leadership team for the next two years. It’s not going smoothly.

Do Democrats Have A Pelosi Problem?

Recent reports have indicated that doubts are growing about the wisdom of keeping California Democrat Nancy Pelosi at the top of House Leadership.

28-Year-Old Socialist Upsets Veteran Democratic Congressman

Joe Crowley, widely considered in line to replace Nancy Pelosi as party leader in the House, has been defeated.

2018 Is Looking Good For Democrats, But What About Nancy Pelosi?

Things are looking good for Democrats in 2018, but there’s some speculation that Nancy Pelosi’s position at the head of the party in the House could be in danger.

No, Conor Lamb Didn’t Run As A Conservative

Republicans are claiming that Conor Lamb won Tuesday’s Special Election in Pennsylvania because he campaigned as a conservative. These people are either deluded or lying.

Congress Drifts Closer To A Government Shutdown

With less than two days to go, the prospects for Congress finding a way to prevent a government shutdown aren’t looking good.

Two More Women Accuse Al Franken Of Sexually Inappropriate Conduct

Senator Al Franken faces new charges of sexually inappropriate conduct on the same day that House Democrats are beginning to pressure one of their members to resign.

Nancy Pelosi Beats Back Challenge For Leadership Of House Democrats

To the surprise of nobody who paid attention, Nancy Pelosi won re-election as leader of the House Democrats.

Can Congress Stop The Iran Nuclear Deal?

In the end, the odds that Congress can actually stop the new deal regarding Iran’s nuclear program are pretty low.

Congressman Steny Hoyer Thinks Congress Needs A Pay Raise

House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer suggests that his fellow Congressmen and Senators are underpaid at $174,000 per year.

Congress Punts DHS Funding Bill For Seven Days

Another lesson in incompetence in governing from House Republicans.

GOP Likely To Take The Senate, Retain The House, Maintain The Status Quo In The States

The GOP has a good chance of taking the Senate in 2014, but it will be by a narrow margin.

Boehner To Bring Clean Debt Ceiling Bill To Vote In House

Big news out of the House of Representatives

Congress Trying To Undercut Obama’s Iran Deal?

Some Members of Congress are talking about pushing a bill imposing new sanction on Iran despite the deal reached in Geneva yesterday.

Time To Start Thinking About Another Government Shutdown ‘Crisis’?

Are we headed for another Federal Government shutdown, or will Congress actually do its job this time?

Numbers In House Continue To Trend Against Authorizing Syrian Military Strikes

Things aren’t looking good for President Obama in the House of Representatives.

How Liberal is President Obama?

Looking at the data? Not very.

Mitch McConnell: No Deal On Debt Ceiling Without Medicare Cuts

As Congress left town for the long weekend, the Senate Minority Leader threw a grenade into the budget negotiations.

Are Social Conservatives The Budget Deal Losers?

Did the GOP toss social conservatives under the bus when it gave away the Planned Parenthood rider?

The Leftward Drift Of The Democratic Party

Oddly, the Democratic Party seems to be responding to the 2010 midterms by moving further left.

Jane Harman Leaving Congress for Wilson Center Presidency

Rep. Jane Harman is leaving Congress to become president of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars.

State Of The Union Seating: Phony Theatrics For Pointless Theater

Bipartisan seating at the State Of The Union is a pointless act of political theater. Then again, so is the State Of The Union Address itself.

Obama Defends Tax Cut Deal As Democrats Signal Opposition

Amid signs that Democrats in Congress might rebel against the tax cut deal he struck with Republicans, President Obama took to the airwaves today to defend it at the same time that his base is rebelling against it.

Bush Tax Cuts On The Table In December, Public Backs Democratic Position

Congress will vote on extending the Bush Tax Cuts in December, and new polling shows that the public agrees with Democrats that the cuts should be limited to the “middle class.”

Congressional Black Caucus Withholding Support From Pelosi

Lack of support from a key constituency may pose a threat to Nancy Pellosi’s effort to stay on as leader of Democrats in the House of Representatives.

Whether They Like It Or Not, Democrats Seem Stuck With Nancy Pelosi

There are grumblings from within the Democratic caucus in the House that Nancy Pelosi may not be the best choice for Minority Leader. Unfortunately for Democrats, though, they don’t seem to have a viable alternative at the moment.