A Futures Market In Election Results?

Could traders soon be betting on the outcome of the Presidential elections? Should they be?

USA World’s Most Charitable Nation

The United States tops the world in giving money, volunteering time, and helping strangers.

What Lies Ahead For The Economy?

Where is the economy headed? The signals are mixed at best.

Despite Congressional Reprieve, The Old Incandescent Light Bulb Is Still Dead

Welcome technological change, or crony capitalism?

China’s Ghost Cities

It’s Not Debtor’s Prison, It’s Contempt Of Court

Do American courts throw people in jail for failing to pay their debts? No, they don’t.

A 25 Year Recession?

Citizens United And The Foolish Attack On Corporate Personhood

A new set of proposed Constitutional Amendments reveals that many people still don’t understand what Citizens United was about.

Ads Pulled From Muslim-American Reality Show After Conservative Groups Complain

Conservative groups are upset because a new reality show depicts Muslim-Americans as, well, normal Americans.

Krugman’s Fear Mongering

Paul Krugman’s latest column, “Depression and Democracy,” is simply bizarre.

Death To Pennies

Does The Post Office Have A Future?

The Postal Service announced another round of service cutbacks today that are likely to just make the rapidity of its decline increase

Unemployment Rate Drops To 8.6% But Job Growth Remains Weak

Some good news in the November jobs report, but not very much of it.

Hank Paulson, The Bush Treasury Department, And Crony Capitalism

Guess who got advance warning of government actions on the eve of the 2008 financial crisis?

The Other Jobs Crisis

You’d think that in today’s world employers wouldn’t have trouble finding qualified employees. You’d be wrong.

Looking at the Causes of the Financial Crisis

Can we credibly blame the CRA, Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac, and the like for the mortgage crisis?

IQ and Income Inequality

Life, it turns out, isn’t fair.

Things Aren’t As Bad As You Think

Despite our rather obvious problems, we’re in great shape compared to the rest of the developed world and, especially, to even our fairly recent ancestors.

Eurozone Too Big To Save?

“The debt crisis is burrowing ever deeper, like a worm, and is now reaching Germany.”

Pizza And Politics

What If the ObamaCare Mandate Goes Away?

Will we wind up with a backdoor mandate? Or a single payer system?

America’s Hereditary Celebrity Class

Chelsea Clinton’s hiring as an NBC personality is another hit for the meritocracy myth.

Jack Abramoff: Members Of Congress Engaged In Insider Trading

Congressmen apparently regularly make investment moves based on the information they learn. Of course, for them it isn’t illegal.

Republican Candidates To Europe: Drop Dead

Last night, most of the leading Republican candidates for President acted as if Europe was on another planet.

Cash For Clunkers Was A Boondoggle From The Start

It was clear from the start that “Cash For Clunkers” was a bad idea.

A “Christmas Tree Tax”? No, Just Good Old Crony Capitalism

Apparently, the Federal Government believes it necessary to remind you that you can buy Christmas Trees.

Why More Americans Don’t Major in Math and Science

A dwindling proportion of students are majoring in STEM fields. They’re likely making the wise choice.

Cash for Clunkers: Not Much

The popular program was even less successful than we initially thought.