Gun Rights, Mental Health, And A Denial Of Due Process

New York State’s gun law takes rights away from nearly 35,000 people without any due process whatsoever.

Federal Judge Strikes Down D.C. Law Barring Carrying Handguns In Public

In a logical extension of the Supreme Court’s decision in D.C. v. Heller, a Federal Judge has struck down D.C.’s law barring people from carrying handguns in public.

Target To Customers: No Guns In Our Stores, Please

Target is the latest business to ask customers to leave the guns at home when they go shopping.

Explaining ‘Stand Your Ground’ Laws

There’s been far too much hysteria and hyperbole when it comes to ‘Stand Your Ground’ laws.

Supreme Court: Yes, It’s A Crime To Lie When You’re Buying A Gun

The Supreme Court, unsurprisingly, ruled that lying on a Federal form about a gun purchase is, in fact, a crime.

Is Compromise Possible In The Gun Debate?

The tragedy in Santa Barbara will. inevitably, revive the same old gun debate. But can it ever evolve beyond shouting?

No Justice Stevens, We Don’t Need To “Fix” The Second Amendment

The Second Amendment isn’t broken, and you don’t fix things that aren’t broken.

Iraq Vet with Post-Traumatic Stress Kills Three, Wounds Sixteen at Fort Hood

Yesterday afternoon’s shooting spree at Fort Hood appears to be a related to post-traumatic stress.

Ninth Circuit Strikes Down California Law On Carrying Guns In Public

Another Circuit Court finds that the Second Amendment protects a right to carry a weapon in public.

Federal Court Upholds Most Of New York State Gun Control Law

A Federal Judge in New York upholds, for the most part, that state’s new gun control law.

Joe Manchin: Further Gun Control Efforts Unlikely In 2014

The likelihood of any action on gun control in 2014 is extremely limited

One Year Later, Support For Gun Control Back To Pre-Newtown Levels

Gun control has faded as a political issue as the memory of Newtown has faded, and that was entirely predictable.

TSA Agent Killed in LAX Shooting, First in Agency’s History

I’m happy that these incidents are so rare. But I can’t explain why it’s so.

Starbucks CEO: No Guns In Our Stores, Please

Starbucks is kindly asking customers not to bring guns to their stores.

Pro-Gun Control Legislators Voted Out In Colorado Recall Elections

A gun rights victory at the ballot box in Colorado.

Gun Control Has Faded From The Newscycle And The Political Conversation

Low voter priorities and the natural tendency of the media to move on to the next big story meant that gun control was not going to be a top political issue for long.

West Virginia Teen Faces Jail Time For Wearing NRA T-Shirt To School

An absolutely ridiculous criminal case out of West Virginia.

Cap Gun Gets Maryland 5 Year-Old Suspended, Interrogated Without Parents Present

The insanity of “Zero Tolerance” policies.

State Department Goes After Maker Of 3D-Printed Gun

The State Department tries to scrub information about the 3D-printed gun from the Internet.

Gun Crime Down, But Americans Think It’s Up

The reality of gun violence in the United States is far different from the story the media is telling us.

Senators Who Voted Against Manchin/Toomey Take A Hit In the Polls, But Does It Matter?

Several Senators who voted against the Manchin/Toomey background checks bill have suffered in the polls, but it’s unclear if that matters in the long run.

Public Not Very Outraged By Defeat Of Background Checks Bill

The Senate’s rejection of the Manchin/Toomey background checks bill isn’t particularly outraging the general public, according to a new poll.

A No Vote On Manchin/Toomey Is Unlikely To Hurt Any Senator

The odds that any of the Senators who voted no on Manchin/Toomey will pay a political price for doing so is low.

Gabby Giffords on the Gun Lobby

Gabby Giffords writes an emotional diatribe filled with non sequiturs that does nothing to advance the debate.

Gun Control A Low Priority Issue Among American Voters

There’s a very simple reason why gun control is stalling in Congress despite its popularity in the polls.