Detroit Files Largest Municipal Bankruptcy In History

In a move that was perhaps inevitable, the City of Detroit has filed for Bankruptcy Court protection.

FISA Court Does Job Congress Assigned It

Don’t blame “secret courts” for the government’s expanded spying on American citizens and allies.

Detroit’s Pre-Bankruptcy Negotiating Game May Not Be Working.

Detroit faces some immense problems. Papering over them with short term deals with creditors isn’t going to solve them.

Ed Koch Dead at 88

Ed Koch, former mayor of New York City and one of America’s most colorful politicians, has died at 88.

Corvette Stingray Redesign

For its 60th anniversary, Chevrolet has redesigned the Corvette for 2014. It looks surprisingly like a Corvette.

Does The New Stolen Valor Act Pass Constitutional Muster?

Congress is trying to re-write a law that the Supreme Court found unconstitutional in June. Have they succeeded?

Numbers Of Potential Future Lawyers Hits 13 Year Low

The Law School Bubble has imploded.

Hostess CEO: We’re Already Hearing From People Who Might Buy Our Brands

Reports of the Twinkie’s death have been exaggerated.

The Free Market Killed Hostess, And That’s A Good Thing

The death of Hostess Brands is a lesson in what is supposed to happen to failed companies in a free market.

A Foreign Policy Of Self-Interested Non-Interventionism

With Mitt Romney and Barack Obama basically saying the same things about foreign policy, it’s time to take a look at an alternative.

Facebook’s Awesome IPO

Andrew Ross Sorkin says Facebook’s IPO was a debacle. Mark Cuban says this misunderstands the purpose of an IPO.

Second Quarter Growth Revised Slightly Upward, Still Below 2%

Economic growth is the key to fixing many of our problems. Unfortunately, we’re not likely to see the kind of growth we need any time soon.

General Motors Headed For Disaster Again?

Think the auto bailout was a success? Think again.

Jon Corzine, Other MF Global Executives, Unlikely To Face Criminal Charges

Jon Corzine appears to be about to get a ‘Get Out Of Jail Free” card.

Peter Orszag: The Only Way To Save The Postal Service Is To Privatize it

The President’s former Budget Director joins the ranks of those calling for Postal privatization.

Socialist Canadians Wealthier Than Capitalist Americans?

“The average Canadian has quietly become richer than the average American,” claims a pro-Canada organization.

Sarah Palin Being Frozen Out Of Republican Convention?

Is the Romney camp snubbing Sarah Palin?

The Heart of the Bain Story?

Isn’t the bottom line here that Romney and his campaign just screwed up?

GDP Revisions And Jobs Numbers Add Up To Grim Economic News

The economic statistics aren’t pointing in a very optimistic direction.

Obama’s Bain Attacks Aren’t Working

The Obama campaign’s focus on Mitt Romney’s years at Bain Capital don’t seem to be working.

New Obama Ad Attacks Romney’s Bain ‘Job Creator’ Record

A tough new Obama campaign ad highlights people who lost their jobs after a Bain Capital takeover–at a time Mitt Romney was not at Bain Capital.

Mitt Romney’s Silly Attempt to Take Credit For Saving The Auto Industry

Mitt Romney is being rightfully ridiculed for trying to take credit for saving General Motors and Chrysler.

Newt Gingrich’s ‘Think Tank’ Bankrupt

Newt Gingrich is morally and intellectually bankrupt, so perhaps it’s no surprise that his health care think tank is now fiscally bankrupt.

ObamaCare At The Supreme Court, Day Three (Part One): Is The Entire PPACA Doomed?

This morning, the Justices pondered the fate of the PPACA if they strike down the individual mandate.

Auto Bailout Politics

Romney eked out a win in the Michigan primary. He’s going to have a harder time there in November.

Another Step In The Right Direction On Marriage Equality

Another Federal Court rules in favor of marriage equality, and the biggest news is how unsurprising the outcome of the case is.

More Maker/Taker Musings

The NYT has an interesting piece on the ongoing limted v. big governemnt debate.

Clint Eastwood Chrysler Super Bowl Ad Becomes Political Football

Was Clint Eastwood’s Chrysler ad a political message, or just a well done commercial?

State of the Union Post Mortem

The speech did exactly what it was supposed to do: kick off Obama’s re-election campaign while disguised as a call for unity.

OTB Caption Contest Winners

The Spread Your Wings Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

Mitt Romney, Bain Capital, And The Politics Of Creative Destruction

Mitt Romney is taking heat for his role at Bain Capital. He shouldn’t.

Gary Johnson Leaves GOP, Declares For Libertarian Party Nomination

Gary Johnson’s quest is quixotic, but interesting nonetheless.

Does The Post Office Have A Future?

The Postal Service announced another round of service cutbacks today that are likely to just make the rapidity of its decline increase