The Weak Case Against the January 6 Committee

Republicans killed their parents and demanding mercy for being orphaned.

Clinton Lawyer Acquitted in RussiaGate Case

What does it all mean? It depends on who you ask.

Another Republican Helps Spread Putin’s Ukraine Conspiracy Theories

Ted Cruz is the latest Republican Senator to repeat discredited Kremlin-backed conspiracy theories about Ukrainian interference in the 2016 election.

The GOP Is Now The Party Of Putin

Much like the President they obsequiously defend, Republicans have become useful idiots in Russia’s war on Western liberal democracy.

While Republicans Push Debunked Ukraine Conspiracy Theory, Putin Takes A Victory Lap

As Republicans and their conservative cohorts spread a discredited conspiracy theory about the 2016 election, Vladimir Putin smiles at yet another victory.

John Kelly Says He Warned Trump Of Impeachment If He Hired “Yes” Men

John Kelly, President Trump’s former Chief of Staff, is speaking out nearly a year after leaving office

Mueller’s Report: We Don’t Know Much

Predictably, news that the investigation has ended has people on both sides cheering. It’s unwarranted.

Sarah Palin Endorses Donald Trump

Sarah Palin is back, and she’s endorsing Donald Trump for the Republican nomination for President.

Republican Campaigns Meet In Effort To “Fix” Debates, But They Won’t Do What’s Necessary

Representatives from most of the Republican Presidential campaigns met to discuss reforms to the debate process, but none of their ideas will actually improve the quality of debates.

House Benghazi Committee Takes Repeated Swings At Hillary Clinton, Mostly Ends Up Hitting Itself

After an eleven hour day on Capitol Hill, it was Hillary Clinton 1 House Benghazi Committee 0.

Conservative Pundits Finally Seeing Sarah Palin For What She Is

Conservatives finally seem to be waking up to the truth about Sarah Palin.

Mitt Romney 2016? Maybe More Likely Than We’ve Been Thinking

While it still seems unlikely that he’ll run, Mitt Romney does seem to be leaving the door open to a third run at the White House.

Republicans Dismiss Impeachment As A Democratic Ploy, But May Still Face A Dilemma

Republicans are dismissing talk of impeachment as a Democratic fundraising ploy, but it may be they are protesting just a bit too much.

Unfortunately For Hillary Clinton, Benghazi Is Not Going Away

If Hillary Clinton runs for President, questions surrounding the Benghazi attack will continue to dog her.

Just How Bad Was Security At Nelson Mandela’s Memorial Service?

Apparently, the security at Tuesday’s memorial for Nelson Mandela was so lax as to be nearly non-existent.

It Appears That Senate Republicans Have Already Lost The Obamacare Chess Match

Nobody has moved a piece yet, but the outcome of the Obamacare battle in the Senate seems foreordained.

Rick Santorum Will Not be the 2016 Republican Nominee

It may be Rick Santorum’s “turn” but he’s too harsh and extreme to win the nomination.

Republican Fight Brewing Over Threatened Government Shutdown

Republicans on Capitol Hill are openly disagreeing with a proposed strategy to threaten a government shutdown if Obamacare isn’t repealed.

Is Marco Rubio Trying To Kill Immigration Reform? No, Not Really

Marco Rubio is threatening to withdraw support for the immigration plan he helped draft, but I would suggest not reading too much into that threat.

Douglas Shulman’s 157 Visits To The White House: Less Than Meets The Eye

Apparently, some people don’t want to let the facts get in the way of a good conspiracy theory.

Rand Paul’s Fatally Flawed Immigration Reform Plan

Senator Rand Paul has stepped into the immigration debate, but his plan is less than desirable.

Republicans Will Cave On Tax Hikes For High Income Earners

Whether it comes now or in January, President Obama is going to win the tax debate.

Bill Clinton Makes The Case For Barack Obama

Last night, Bill Clinton hit one out of the park for the President Of The United States.

Nobody On Team Romney Taking Credit, or Blame, For The Eastwood Fiasco

Not surprisingly, Romney campaigns staffers don’t seem to want to take responsibility for Clint Eastwood’s performance last night.

Government Advertising to Boost Food Stamp Enrollment

Byron York reacts to a CNNMoney story titled “Government wants more people on food stamps” by snarking, “And Democrats reacted angrily when Gingrich called Obama ‘food stamp president.'”

A Picture Says 1000 Words: Survivor Edition

One wonders why any Republican politician would want to be associated with this image.

Newt Gingrich Wins South Carolina, Republican Race In (Temporary) Chaos

Last night, South Carolina was Gingrich Country.

Why Ron Paul’s Campaign Has No Future Beyond Iowa And New Hampshire

Ron Paul is doing well right now solely because of the unique characteristics of Iowa and New Hampshire.

How To Read Polls

Herman Cain Flunks The Commander In Chief Test

Last night, Herman Cain established that he simply isn’t prepared to be Commander in Chief.

Time For A Gingrich Boomlet?

Is Newt Gingrich on the verge of a rise in the polls?

Report: Sexual Harassment Allegations Against Herman Cain

A story from Herman Cain’s past is on the front page of Politico tonight.

Think Before Running For President

Byron York argues that the lesson of Rick Perry’s candidacy is “Think before you run.”

The End Of The Road For Rick Perry?

Rick Perry’s campaign isn’t dead by any means, but he needs to turn things around soon.

No Evidence GOP Voters Are Dissatisfied With 2012 Field

Despite what the media keeps saying, there’s no real evidence that GOP voters are dissatisfied with the 2012 field.

Michele Bachmann And The “Submission” Question: Byron York Was Right

On reflection, the nature of Marcus Bachmann’s influence over his wife is indeed a legitimate question in a political campaign.

Republicans Clash In Most Energetic, Combative Debate So Far

Last night’s debate was definitely more combative than previous renditions.

Debt Ceiling Kabuki Theater Update

It hasn’t been a very productive weekend in Washington, D.C.

Paul Ryan Wine Accuser Susan Feinberg Clams Up

Byron York had some not unreasonable questions for Susan Feinberg, the woman who confronted Paul Ryan over $350 wine he consumed at a Capitol Hill restaurant. She won’t answer.

Democracy will Win

Regardless of one’s preferences in terms of endgame in Wisconsin, democracy will win out.