[Pamela Moses at sentencing] [Pamela Moses at sentencing]

An example of the “trial tax”

With choices like these it’s easy to understand why people take plea deals

Some Thoughts on the Pending One Person, One Vote Case

I am having a hard time seeing a system of districts based on eligible voters and not simply population.

Racial Tensions Getting Ugly at University of Missouri

Massive boycotts and protests likely spell the end of Tim Wolfe’s tenure as president.

Another Troubling Police Encounter with a Black Motorist

A few days late, but a story worth noting if it has escaped notice.

Have Republicans Given Up In The Fight Against Obamacare?

Five years after it became law, the Republican effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act appears to be over.

Scott Walker ‘Gutting’ Organized Labor?

Wisconsin has become the 25th “right to work” state.

John Hinckley Jr. Will Not Be Charged In Death Of James Brady

An entirely unsurprising decision from Federal Prosecutors in Washington, D.C.

James Brady’s Death Ruled A Homicide

Could John Hinckley, Jr. face murder charges 30 years after his attempted assassination of President Reagan?

Republicans Dismiss Impeachment As A Democratic Ploy, But May Still Face A Dilemma

Republicans are dismissing talk of impeachment as a Democratic fundraising ploy, but it may be they are protesting just a bit too much.

US No Safer Than on 9/11 Says DIA Chief

LTG Michael Flynn says the United States is no safer after 13 years of war

David Jones, Former Joint Chiefs Chairman, Dead at 92

David C. Jones, who served as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff under Presidents Carter and Reagan, has died.

Anthony Weiner: Yea, There Are Probably More Pictures Out There

Anthony Weiner’s campaign for Mayor Of New York isn’t exactly getting off on the right foot.

How Apple Avoids Paying Taxes

The US Senate wants to know why Apple and other big technology companies are paying so little into the US Treasury.

Al Neuharth, Founder of USA Today, Dies At 89

The man who changed the way Americans viewed newspapers, just before newspapers themselves began getting pushed aside by technology, has died at the age of 89.

24/7 News Even When There’s No News

A sensational story, little solid information, and instant analysis are a bad combination

Hostess CEO: We’re Already Hearing From People Who Might Buy Our Brands

Reports of the Twinkie’s death have been exaggerated.

Elmo Sex Scandal: Not A Crime, Just Creepy

Kevin Clash was falsely accused of having sex with an underage boy. He merely had sex with a boy who was too young.

Obama Leading Romney In New Polls, Extent Of Convention Bounce Is Unclear

A new round of polling has Obama in the lead and shows reasons why Romney’s supporters should be concerned, but it’s unclear how long any of this will last.

Three States Challenge DOMA on Estate Taxes

The Defense of Marriage Act is under challenge through a unique angle: estate taxes.

No Charges Against Goldman Sachs

After two-and-a-half years and who knows how many taxpayer dollars spent trying to prove criminal wrongdoing, the SEC fell short.

Trying to Sort out the “Fast and Furious” Situation

Fast and furious, or a lot of sound and fury signifying not too much?

Saudi Crown Prince Nayef Dies

Saudi Arabia’s monarchy has suffered the loss of Crown Prince Nayef, the successor 88-year-old King Abdullah.

Avoiding NATO Summit Disaster

My first piece for the Christian Science Monitor, co-authored with my Atlantic Council collegue Barry Pavel, has been posted.

World’s Top Universities

Seven of the top ten and fifteen of the top twenty universities on the planet are American.

Haley Barbour Pardons 14 Murderers; Judge Orders Halt

A Mississippi judge has stayed a slew of pardons issued by Haley Barbour on his way out the door.

Penn State Students Riot Over Joe Paterno Firing

The firing of legendary Penn State football coach Joe Paterno led to a full-blown riot by outraged students.

Brits End Gender Discrimination in Royal Succession

Commonwealth leaders agreed to drop rules that give sons precedence as heir to the throne and bar anyone in line for the crown from marrying a Roman Catholic.

What Explains The Rise In Public Distrust In Government Institutions?

Far from being an existential crisis, the recent rise in public distrust in government is easily explained.

A Stunning Statistic if True

The US ambassador to Afghanistan said so in a recent interview, and it’s a stunning statistic if true. But it’s probably not.

Mark Hatfield Dead at 89

Former Oregon governor and long-time US Senator Mark Hatfield has died.

What Did Pakistan’s Government Know?

And when did it know it?

When Authoritarians Strike Back, Part II

Like in Bahrain, the Libyan authorities are not tolerating protests.

Will Republicans Play Chicken With The Debt Ceiling Vote?

Within the first few months of 2011, Congress will be required to take another unpalatable vote to raise the debt ceiling. Already, some incoming Republicans are talking about waging an effort to block the vote. That would be politically, and financially, stupid.