Should NeverTrumpers Become Democrats?

A considerable number of Republican have effectively left our party over Donald Trump. Should we go all the way?

Elizabeth Warren Formally Enters Presidential Race

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren is the latest entrant into an already crowded field for the Democratic nomination.

Why Class Warfare Succeeds

The “makers vs takers,” “the 99 percent vs. the 1 percent,” and “53 percent vs. 47 percent” memes are getting tiresome.

“Shocking” Obama Video Turns Out To Be Not So Shocking

A five year old “shocking” video of President Obama speaking to a group of African-American ministers proves to be not very shocking at all.

Obama’s Tax Plan Is About Politics & Class Warfare, Not Tax Policy

The President could describe his tax plan differently, but there’s a reason he isn’t.

Cory Booker’s Kinsley Gaffe And The Relevance Of The Bain Attacks

Yesterday, Cory Booker committed the rookie mistake of saying what was on his mind.

Obama Administration: Buffett Rule About Fairness, Not Budget

The Obama administration admits its push for the “Buffett Rule” is not about dealing with our budget woes.

A Conservative For Tax Increases

A crack in the orthodoxy?

How Do You Defeat An Incumbent President?

The odds are against anyone who challenges an incumbent President. So, how do you do it?

Santorum Surging Into The Lead Nationally

Once again, the face of the Republican race has changed.

The Truth About The So-Called “Buffett Rule”

On it’s own, the so-called “Buffett Rule” is unlikely to do much to reduce the deficit.

Mitt Romney’s Unforced Tax Return Error

Mitt Romney has a bit of a tax return dilemma.

Barack Obama Tries To Channel Teddy Roosevelt

Barack Obama now looks to the Rough Rider himself for inspiration. Can’t he find it himself?

Ohio Voters Overturn Public Union Restrictions

Ohio voters overwhelmingly rejected a Republican law restricting the collective bargaining rights of public employees–and also rebuked the health insurance mandate central to ObamaCare.

Taxing The Rich Won’t Alleviate Income Inequality

Increasing taxes on the rich may be a fiscal policy worth talking about, but it won’t make the poor richer.

Elizabeth Warren’s Flawed Social Contract

Elizabeth Warren has a deeply flawed view of our social contract.

Are Blacks Abandoning Obama?

Dick Morris has a penchant for counter-intuitive analysis. And for being wildly wrong.

OTB Caption Contest Winners

The This Time I Mean It Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

Polls Indicate Strong Public Support For President Obama’s Jobs And Tax Proposals

The public supports the Presidents tax plans, but will that matter on Election Day?

OTB on WPR: Class Warfare

History of American Income Tax Rates

The top marginal rate was radically higher in recent memory.

Obama Threatens Veto If Deficit Plan Doesn’t Include Tax Increases

The second half of the President’s political strategy is in place. Don’t mistake it for a serious legislative effort.

“Soaking the Rich” in Perspective

Some perspective on “soaking the rich.”

Obama’s Millionaire’s Tax

President Obama is proposing a special tax rate for millionaires.

The Triumph Of Clarence Thomas

A new look at Clarence Thomas’s 20 years on the Supreme Court, from a critic, is surprisingly positive.

The Misplaced Attack On Private Jets

In the 80’s it was yachts, today it’s private jets. The argument is the same, and it’s still without merit.

Fiscal Matters and the Need for Realistic Discourse

Our fundamental fiscal problem is an unwillingness to deal realistically with costs and benefits.

Ben Stein’s Odd Response To The Arrest Of Dominique Strauss-Kahn

Ben Stein seems to have been out to lunch when he wrote his column about Dominique Strauss-Kahn

Bush Tax Cut Extension Near

Republican maneuvering to extend the Bush tax cuts for all Americans appears about to pay off.

Democrats Losing = Racism?

Is the public anger at Obama really just papered over racism?

Taxing the Successful

High earners are going to have to pay more than our fair share of the costs of government to make things work. But how we frame the debate matters.

Conservative Class Warfare

Before we raise taxes on the rich, let’s first stop the flood of tax money that’s subsidizing their lifestyle.

Race, Class, and Prejudice