Cash For Clunkers Was A Boondoggle From The Start

It was clear from the start that “Cash For Clunkers” was a bad idea.

What Caused the Financial Crisis?

Barry Ritholtz lists a dozen causes of the financial crisis.

Occupy Olympia camp attracting homeless Occupy Olympia camp attracting homeless

Occupy Being Occupied

The tents at Occupy Wall Street are increasingly housing the homeless.

Bloomberg: Don’t Blame Banks for Mortgage Crisis

Did Congress cause the mortgage crisis by mandating loans to poor people? No.

Social Security Isn’t ‘Cash Negative’ – We Are

Social Security outlays are exceeding its income. Is that really a problem?

Taxing The Rich Won’t Alleviate Income Inequality

Increasing taxes on the rich may be a fiscal policy worth talking about, but it won’t make the poor richer.

Banks Have Too Much Money!

Banks have more money than they can lend out profitably.

This Is Why It’s Good To Have A Written Bill Of Rights

A case from the U.K. demonstrates why it’s a good thing to have a strong, written, Bill Of Rights.

Clark Clifford Republicans

Have Republicans been co-opted by the Big Government they claim to hate?

Time To Manage America’s Decline?

Is it time to just admit that the good old days are over?

America’s Jobs Crisis

Everyone’s talking about jobs again. And it’s not a pretty picture.

Reassessing Occupy Wall Street And The 99%’ers

Some on the right are giving Occupy Wall Street and The 99%’ers a second look.

Bailing Out Underwater Mortgages

Ronald Reagan’s chief economist has a radical plan for solving the housing crisis.

What If The Economy Never Really Gets Better?

The prospects for real economic recovery are not good.

Economic Crisis: What Could Government Have Done Better?

With the advantage of hindsight, it’s clear that more creative strategies were needed. But they probably couldn’t have been passed.

Economy Adds Jobs, But Recovery Still Weak

September’s jobs report was better than expected, but still not very good.

The Apple Store is Cool, but is not a Model for Social Policy

A complexity of social policy is the need for universality. This is why pure market models are incompatible with government action.

#OccupyWallStreet: A Protest, Or A Temper Tantrum?

The Occupy Wall Street protests look more like a temper tantrum than a substantive protest movement.

Republican Congressman Takes on Grover Norquist

Congressman Frank Wolf (R-VA) took to the floor yesterday to lambaste Grover Norquist and his influence over the GOP.

The New Normal Sucks

Economists are beginning to wonder if this very slow economic recovery isn’t permanently altering the landscape.

Demand Crisis, Structural Crisis, or Both?

Paul Krugman seems to believe that something like the bubble economy we enjoyed until it burst in 2008 could be had again if only our leaders were sufficiently bold.

A Decade of Lost Freedom

Measuring our progress a decade after the 9/11 attacks

Obama Jobs Speech Tough On Rhetoric, Light On Substance

Not surprisingly, there was very little about the President’s jobs speech to write home about.

Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc

Did World War II teach us anything about spending-as-stimulus? Not really.

Do Conservatives Get a Pass?

How would a Democrat-equivalent of Rick Perry be received?

Affirmative Action For The Unattractive?

Do the less attractive deserve legal protection? One University Of Texas Profess thinks so.

Obama’s Jobs Plan: Deja Vu All Over Again?

Details of the President’s jobs plan are starting to leak out, and they’re not looking impressive.

Fears of Another Global Recession

The signs are not good.

Does Ron Paul’s Strong Showing In Ames Matter? No

Does Ron Paul’s second place showing at Ames mean the media should take him seriously as a contender? No, it doesn’t.

Texas and Employment

Taking an initial look into the Texas economy.

Why Businesses Aren’t Hiring, And Why The Government Can’t Do Anything About It

Any politician telling you that solving our problems will be easy is lying to you.

Fight Brewing Over Defense Cuts

The defense spending lobby is already engaging in fear-mongering over very modest defense cuts.

Yay! Debt Hits 100% of GDP and Other Good News!

Don’t worry be happy!

White House Pressuring Geithner To Stay At Treasury

Rumors of Timothy Geithner’s departure from the Treasury Department may have been exaggerated.

What Recovery?

Following on Doug’s cheery post about the weak state of the economy here are some more things to consider.

Obama And The Debt Deal: A Failure Of Leadership?

Once again, the debt ceiling deal is raising questions about the President’s leadership.

Second Quarter GDP Shows Economy Slowing To Near-Recession Status

And you thought the bad economic news was over.

Military Gay Ban Ending in September

The ban on gays openly serving in the military will end in September, nine months after President Obama signed the repeal into law.

A Home Is A Lousy Investment (Unless You Need A Place to Live)

Two economists look at a 30 year investment in a home versus putting the same money in the stock market.

Even If There’s No Default, There Will Still Be Pain

The idea that we can avoid the consequences of failing to raise the debt ceiling is patently absurd.