Explaining What’s Wrong With The Paycheck Fairness Act

The arguments behind the Paycheck Fairness Act do not hold up to scrutiny.

Federal Appeals Court Rules DOMA Section 3 Unconstitutional

An unsurprising decision on the Defense of Marriage.

Common Cause Files Ridiculous Lawsuit Against The Filibuster

Common Cause has filed a specious lawsuit alleging that the filibuster is unconstitutional.

Ron Paul’s Delegate “Wins” Won’t Amount To Anything

Ron Paul’s supporters are racking up delegate wins at party conventions in caucus states, but it won’t matter in the end.

Simpsons Home Town: Springfield, Oregon

Shockingly, the “Springfield” in the long-running sittcom “The Simpsons” is Springfield, Oregon, near where creator Matt Groening grew up.

Romney Scores Triple Primary Win, Santorum Campaign Becomes Quixotic Crusade

The race is over, Rick Santorum just won’t admit it.

Bob Kerrey, DINO?

Our political scene has changed drastically since Bob Kerrey was last in the Senate.

Maine Senator Olympia Snowe To Retire, GOP Senate Hopes In Jeopardy

A Northeastern Republican announces retirement. And GOP hopes for control of the Senate in 2013 become more tenuous.

The GOP’s Increasingly Weird Delegate Math

It’s looking increasingly unlikely that anyone will have the race for the nomination wrapped up any time soon.

Time To Get Rid Of Caucuses

This is no way to pick a Presidential Nominee.

Maine’s Really, Really Screwed Up Caucus

So, you thought the people running the Iowa Caucuses, who had to count something like seven votes and yet declared the wrong winner, had egg on their face. Well, their buddies in Maine have upped the ante.

A Path To A Brokered Convention?

One analyst sees a way that the current GOP race could indeed lead to a brokered convention.

Santorum Wins Three Races Nobody Pays Attention To

Rick Santorum swept three states that are off the media radar screen. Will it revive his campaign?

Romney’s Inevitable And Gingrich Don’t Care

Romney continues to roll up decisive victories while Gingrich gets increasingly bitter and nasty.

The Paranoid Wing Of The Tea Party

The tinfoil hat crowd has made its way back into the mainstream.

Obama Crusin’ For A November Bruisin’?

Things aren’t all sunshine and roses for the Obama 2012 campaign.

Barney Frank Marrying Jim Ready

Barney Frank is marrying a dude, further proving just how gay he is.

Occupy Wall Street On The Verge Of Fizzling Out?

As the season changes, the Occupy Wall Street movement seems destined to peter out.

MAPLE Act Would Make Selling Fake Maple Syrup a Felony

Some Northeastern Senators want to make selling fake maple syrup a federal offense.

Three Arguments Contra the Electoral College

A book could be written on this subject, but let me suggest the following as a good place to start

Looking to the Design of the Electoral College

Of the institutions designed by the Framers, the electoral college is the one that deserves the least amount of defense if one’s defense is predicated on assumptions of the genius of said framers.

Pennsylvania’s Electoral College Reform Plan Is A Good Idea

Allocating Electoral Votes by Congressional District is an idea whose time has come.

Pennsylvania Ponders Bold Democrat-Screwing Electoral Plan

Republicans have a plan to wrest half of the Keystone State’s electors from Obama.

Most Educated American Cities

College towns and lily white enclaves top the list of best educated cities.

Obama at Majority Disapproval; Re-election Likely

51.5 percent of Americans disapprove of President Obama’s job performance. It’s still his race to lose.

Rick Perry Holds Commanding Lead In GOP Race, But Obama Still Competitive In General Election

Is the GOP race really down to just two men at this point?

If It’s August, It Must Be Time For Fake Outrage Over The President’s Vacation

President Obama is back on Martha’ Vineyard for a ten-day vacation. The usual suspects are upset.

The Misplaced Attack On Private Jets

In the 80’s it was yachts, today it’s private jets. The argument is the same, and it’s still without merit.

Republican Governors Remarkably Unpopular

Are the new crop of GOP governors too conservative?

States Rigging 2012 Elections?

States are racing to put obstacles in front of voters in the name of fraud prevention.

Doctors Becoming More Liberal?

America’s physicians are becoming more liberal in response to changing working conditions.

Gallup Poll Finds Majority Support For Same-Sex Marriage

We’ve reached a turning point in the debate over same-sex marriage.

Tea Party Politics At The State Level: Less Libertarian, More Authoritarian

If you look at the Tea Party’s impact on state politics, you see it really isn’t much different from the Religious Right.

Debtors Prison for Deadbeat Dads

The Supreme Court will decide whether states may jail parents who fail to make child support payments without providing them an attorney.