Jerry Lee Lewis, 1935-2022

A member of the inaugural Rock and Roll Hall of Fame class and the most recent Country Music Hall of Fame class is gone at 87.

Pamela Moses [Center] attending a May Day Gathering, May 1st 2019. Credit: Joe Rondone/The Commerical Appeal Pamela Moses [Center] attending a May Day Gathering, May 1st 2019. Credit: Joe Rondone/The Commerical Appeal

An Update On Pamela Moses, Plea Bargains, & The Trial Tax

A new trial that might not have happened with a plea

[Pamela Moses at sentencing] [Pamela Moses at sentencing]

An example of the “trial tax”

With choices like these it’s easy to understand why people take plea deals

The Abuse of Power in a Small Town Police Force

Not Mayberry. Not even close.

Racial Impacts of the Interstate in Montgomery, AL

Another example for the conversation.

Max Cleland, 1942-2021

The Vietnam War hero and one-term Georgia Senator has died at 79.

COVID Overwhelming ICU Beds

It’s happening again. This time, it was easily preventable.

Tom T. Hall, 1936-2021

The legendary country music singer-songwriter known as “The Storyteller” is gone at 85.

Gorsuch and Alito Want to Revisit Religious Accomodations

Is a de minimus standard too small?

Charley Pride Dead at 87

A country music legend is yet another victim of COVID.

Sponsors May Force Redskins to Change Name

Nike and FedEx may be able to do what Native American activists couldn’t.

Trump And The GOP Continuing To Implode Among Suburban Voters

Tuesday’s elections continued a trend in which Republicans have lost support among suburban voters, even in deeply red states. Guess who’s responsible for that.

Supreme Court Strikes Down Residency Requirement For Liquor Sales License

The Supreme Court issued a significant ruling on Monday that could make it easier to buy and sell alcoholic beverages across state lines.

Another Possible Supreme Court Retirement?

Supreme Court watcher Jeffrey Toobin speculates that Clarence Thomas could be the next Supreme Court Justice to step aside.

Justices Appear Skeptical Of Residency Requirements In Alcohol Sales Laws

On Wednesday, the Supreme Court heard oral argument in a case that could make it easier for consumers to buy and ship wine and other adult beverages across state lines.

SCOTUS To Hear Case That Could Make It Easier To Buy Wine From Out Of State

Tomorrow the Supreme Court will hear oral argument in a case that could make it easier to order and ship wine from out-of-state retailers.

Cindy Hyde-Smith Easily Defeats Mike Espy In Mississippi Senate Runoff

In the end, the race between Cindy Hyde-Smith and Mike Espy was not even close.

Tennessee Senate Race To Replace Bob Corker Looks Like A Toss-Up

The GOP’s hold on the Bob Corker’s Senate seat in Tennessee may be in jeopardy.

Aretha Franklin, The Queen Of Soul, Dies At 76

RIP. Queen Of Soul

Trump’s Supreme Court Short List

President Trump’s short list of potential Supreme Court nominees consists mostly of conventionally conservative, well-qualified, jurists.

Late Night OTB – Paul Thorn

More whimsical than most of my selections but we could use that right about now.

Dodge Super Bowl Ad Featuring Martin Luther King Jr. Causes Controversy

Dodge is facing controversy this morning for using the words of Martin Luther King Jr. in a Super Bowl commercial, but they’re not the only party who may have some questions to answer.

December Jobs Report Falls Short Of Expectations

Contrary to expectations, jobs growth in December was relatively modest.

Merle Haggard Dead at 79

A country music legend has passed.

Rams Returning to Los Angeles; Chargers May Join Them

St. Louis will lose its second NFL team in 28 years as the Rams go home to LA.

Fred Thompson, Watergate Lawyer, Senator, Actor, Dies At 73

A man with one of the more unique political and personal resumes in recent memory has passed away.

Site Proves Racism Isn’t Really the Problem; Commenters Prove Otherwise

A black leader is running a billboard campaign to improve his community. Racism ensues.

US Marine First Casualty in Fight Against ISIS

Corporal Jordan Spears died in a V-22 accident in operations against the Islamic State.

All Politics Is National?

Congressional elections have become “nationalized” to a far greater extent than they have ever been.

Rand Paul Warns Republicans That Voter ID Emphasis Is ‘Offending People’

Once again, Rand Paul is challenging conservative orthodoxy.

RNC Moves To Limit Presidential Primary Debates

The RNC wants to limit primary debates, but it’s not clear that’s a good idea.

Blaming Dallas For Kennedy’s Assassination

Don’t blame Dallas, or 60s era Texas conservatism, for what happened in Dallas 50 years ago,

100th Anniversary of the Blues

The Blues began a century ago yesterday, with the release of WC Handy’s “Memphis Blues.”

Coroner Rules Death Of Handcuffed Man Was A Suicide

A corner has ruled the death of a handcuffed man in the back of a Jonesboro, AR police cruiser was a suicide. Needless to say, questions remain.

More Troubling Economic News

Another round of economic statistics suggests that we’re unlikely to see any real improvement between now and Election Day.

Whites Now Minority of American Births: So What?

White babies now constitute slightly less than half of American births.

So Apparently Birtherism Is Still A Thing

Disturbingly large percentages of Republicans still don’t think the President was born here.

Student Evaluations and Teacher Performance

A new study seems to show that student evaluations of teachers are something other than a popularity contest.

The NFL Stadium Shakedown

The NFL’s “especially mercenary” push to extract new stadia from cities–even where the stadium’s practically brand-new.