Campaign Spending, Free Speech, and Disclosure

The Koch brothers will spend more money in this election cycle than the entire McCain campaign did in 2008.

Whatever It Is, It’s Not Journalism

Reporters covering the 2012 election are letting the campaigns control what they report to a disturbing degree.

Governor Romney, Just Release The Tax Returns And Get It Over With

Mitt Romney’s intransigence over releasing more tax returns is politically stupid.

Bankers Still Unaccountable

Four years after the financial crisis tanked the global economy, bankers still put their interests above those of their customers, even to the extent of skirting the law.

Obama’s Assertion Of Executive Privilege And The Law

Is there any legal merit to the Administration’s invocation of Executive Privilege?

How Obama Became a Hawk

The president has come a long way from his days as a “liberal law professor who campaigned against the Iraq war.”

How SuperPACs Have Made Politics More Democratic

Far from being deterimental, there is a case to be made that SuperPACs have actually expended democracy during this election cycle.

Eric Holder: Yes, We Can Kill American Citizens Without Trial

Attorney General Eric Holder offered a somewhat alarming defense of the Administration’s policy on targeted killings.

New Twitter Policy Leads To Misguided Cries Of Censorship

Censorship or sound business practice?

Wukan Revolt Continues

Remember That Ban On Earmarks? Apparently, Some Congressmen Don’t.

The much celebrated ban on earmarks isn’t stopping Congressmen from trying to earmark.

OTB Caption Contest Winners

The Laws Against Stalking Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

Jon Corzine Reportedly Used Influence To Hold Off Investigation Of MF Global

When the CFTC wanted to change a rule, Jon Corzine used his influence to stop them.

Perry And Cain On The Spot In Tonight’s Debate

Two candidates face a test tonight.

There Really Is A Death Panel

We’re learning more about the Obama Administration’s decision to kill Anwar al-Awlaki

Buffett Rule Hard to Follow

Making sure millionaires pay more tax than their secretary isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Should Your Salary Be Public Knowledge?

Daniel Indiviglio makes “The Case for Making Wages Public: Better Pay, Better Workers.”

White House Salaries

The Obama administration has released its report to Congress on what the White House staff makes. How you interpret it depends on your own economic status and your views of government in general and this president in particular.

Sarah Palin’s Emails

A quick glance provides some insights into Palin’s thought processes and leadership style.

Economic Horror Show

And even more bad news.

Disclosure Doesn’t End Conflicts of Interest

Requiring people with ethical conflicts to disclose them leads to more bad behavior, not less, a new study finds.

Transparency and National Security

Should transparency stop at the water’s edge?

Barack Obama’s Imperial Presidency

Like all Presidents before him, Barack Obama is asserting the right to virtually unfettered discretion when it comes to military matters.

Return of the Class System – Concierge Everything

Cruise lines are the latest to create separate enclaves for customers willing to pay more to escape the riffraff.

You Can’t Make the Government Perfect, But You Can Make It Better

It’s institutions of government – not its size – that matter when it comes to how good a job the government does.

Obama’s Propaganda Machine

The White House Press Office produces a blog, YouTube channel, Flickr photo stream, Facebook and Twitter profiles, and daily video programming.

Filibuster Reform Appears To Be Dead

Once again, it looks like efforts to reform the Senate’s filibuster rules have fallen victim to that old devil politics.

Democrats Filibuster Reform Package: On The Whole, A Good Idea

The filibuster reform package that Senate Democrats unveiled yesterday has much to recommend to it. Unfortunately, it’s probably doomed.

Technology and Currency

Have credit cards and ATMs eliminated the value of large currency zones?

Transparency and College Choice

Bridget Terry Long, a professor of education and economics at Harvard, argues that we should give prospective college students and their families better information on such matters as loan burdens, graduation rates, average class size, average aid package, salaries earned and positions held by recent graduates, and alumni satisfaction.

Republicans Against The Military

Conservative Republicans who are typically deferential to the military are ignoring the advice of the military leadership on the new START Treaty.

Democracy At Its Best

A Chicago voter is less than thrilled with the political slate for which he’s voting today.

Death of the Middle Class?

Lots of jobs that existed in recent memory — secretaries, travel agents, gas station attendants, cashiers — have been replaced by technology. The middle class may be disappearing with them.

What Gets Naval Officers Fired?

The Navy has fired fourteen skippers this year. Eleven of those were for personal misconduct.

Get Ready For The Subpoenas If The GOP Wins In November

If Republicans regain control of Congress, you could be seeing a lot of scenes like this on your television for the next two years.

Obama’s Shadow War on Terror

Barack Obama has significantly widened his predecessor’s global war on terrorism, even if he’s no longer calling it that.

Wikileaks v. The Pentagon

There’s a war of words developing between the Pentagon and the information-sharing website Wikileaks.