Harassment Allegations Having Little Initial Impact On Herman Cain’s Poll Numbers

So far, Hermain Cain seems to be doing okay in the polls.

Does Herman Cain Also Have A Campaign Finance Problem?

Another potential problem for the Cain campaign.

OWS’ Seedy Underbelly

A righteous movement risks derailment by a handful of thugs and reprobates.

Occupy Wall Street Not Our Arab Awakening

A meme is emerging that the Occupy Wall Street protests are America’s version of the Arab Awakening. That meme must die.

OTB on WPR: Class Warfare

Pennsylvania Ponders Bold Democrat-Screwing Electoral Plan

Republicans have a plan to wrest half of the Keystone State’s electors from Obama.

Most Educated American Cities

College towns and lily white enclaves top the list of best educated cities.

Voter Suppression in Wisconsin?

A Wisconsin DOT official sent out a memo telling DMV staffers not to volunteer the availability of free voter identification cards.

Romney’s Plan Of Attack On Perry

The Romney campaign may be finally starting to pay attention to Rick Perry.

John Lewis’s Ridiculous Arguments Against Reasonable Voting Regulations

Ensuring the integrity of the voting process is a worthy goal, not evidence of discrimination.

Paul Ryan For President?

Some Republicans apparently still aren’t satisfied with the 2012 field.

Assessing Rick Perry’s Vulnerabilities

Rick Perry may be much less than meets the eye.

Wisconsin Recall: Republicans Hold 4 of 6, Senate

The second round of the rolling Wisconsin recall elections was held yesterday. The Republicans are still in charge.

Obama In Trouble In Battleground States

The electoral map should be making the Obama 2012 camp just a little bit nervous.

Republican Governors Remarkably Unpopular

Are the new crop of GOP governors too conservative?

Iowa Caucuses In December? Our Broken Primary Scheduling System

Once again, the primary scheduling race is getting ridiculous.

Is The House GOP’s “Cut Cap And Balance” Vote A Political Stunt? Probably

The House GOP has scheduled a vote next week on a debt ceiling package that is solely designed to mollify the base.

States Rigging 2012 Elections?

States are racing to put obstacles in front of voters in the name of fraud prevention.

Dutch to Outlaw Kosher and Halal Slaughter

The Netherlands is considering a new animal cruelty law that would effectively ban kosher and halal slaughter practices.

James Arness Dead at 88

James Arness, best known as the iconic Marshal Dillon on Gunsmoke, has died at 88.

Republicans Ready To Punt On Ryan Plan’s Medicare Changes?

Republicans seem to have realized that the Ryan Plan’s Medicare reforms aren’t going anywhere.

Are Republicans Facing A Backlash Over Ryan Plan And Medicare Changes?

There are signs that the Ryan Plan isn’t playing well with the public.

More Poll Numbers (None of Them Especially Happy)

The new CBS/NYT poll is out and the numbers are not exactly happy, no matter whom you support.