Capitol Riots Hearings Start Today with Political Theater

Emotional testimony from police will kick off the event.

Is Ben Shapiro NPR in Reverse?

Oh, FFS.

Culture Wars the Liberals’ Fault?

Some people claim there’s a woman to blame.

SCOTUS Says Cheerleader’s Snapchat F-Bomb Protected by 1st Amendment

Another narrowly-crafted but overwhelming opinion from the Supreme Court.

Sinema’s Filibuster Defense

It’s no better than Joe Manchin’s.

The State of America’s Political Parties

One party is divided on how to govern and the other is united in not governing.

FBI Supplied Encrypted Comms to Criminal Networks

A massive sting operation has been revealed.

SCOTUS Declines Qualified Immunity Challenge

Federal police officers continue to be immune from lawsuits.

Police Perception and Race

A recent poll provides interesting insights.

Republicans and the COVID-19 Hate Crimes Act

A third of the party’s Members of Congress voted against a popular bill.

Israel’s Wanton Aggression

A reckless campaign of violence has now targeted American journalists.

Maxine Waters Under Fire

The latest variant of the “No Justice, No Peace” threat is unhelpful.

Everything That’s Wrong with Policing in America

Rogue cops, racial profiling, tainted cases, and the lack of consequences.

Maryland Removes Police Protections over Hogan’s Veto

The Free State may have gotten just a little freer.

Traffic Stops and Drawn Guns

We need to rethink traffic stops.

‘Justice’ Difficult in Chauvin Trial

A criminal trial is a poor venue for solving society’s problems.

Atlanta Shooting Not a Hate Crime?

The U.S. Senators and a U.S. Representative beg to differ.

Elite Private Schools, Race, and Fear of the Woke

Also some ironic positions on capitalism.

POTUS Should Be Just A Job

The distance in accountability between the highest and the lowest must be shortened.

Assessing the Party Fringes

AOC v. MTG: one of these things is not like the other.

American Grief And Denial

Fantasies of a Post-Trump Republican Party

The GOP will almost certainly survive. But in what form?

‘Stop the Steal’ Founder ‘in Hiding’

A one-time denizen of Blogger’s Row at CPAC has come a long way.

The Terrorist In The Mirror

There’s a word for people who use outrageous violence to terrorize.

Why Was Capitol Security Inadequate?

A large, well-trained police force was unprepared for a foreseeable crisis.

Trump Mob Storms Capitol

The predictable, indeed inevitable, has happened.

Police Warned About Nashville Bomber 16 Months Ago

In hindsight, there were more than a few clues.

Two More Officers from Breonna Taylor Raid Fired

The detective who shot her and another who prepared the warrant have been ousted nine months later.

Can Schools Punish Students for Off-Campus Speech?

Social media makes the line much harder to draw.

Violence after DC ‘Stop the Steal’ Rally

Peaceful protests were once again followed by nighttime clashes.

Two Parties, Not Two Countries

We’ve just had an election, not psychoanalysis.

Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Debate

A national nightmare that may not have changed many minds.

Thoughts on the Breonna Taylor Case and Beyond

Considering Breonna Taylor’s death, police shootings, and human rights.

Balko on Breonna Taylor Case

A nuanced take on a complicated set of facts distorted in the public debate.

Andrew Sullivan’s Complicated Legacy

The one-time wunderkind, blogging pioneer, and same-sex marriage champion is now on the outs.

Confessions of a Democratic Voting Fraudster!

Anonymous bullshit from the New York Post.

Post-Convention Reality Check

We’re winding down to Election Day. Where do we stand?

The Mundanity of Authoritarianism

Some recommended reading.

Should Noncompliance be a Capital Offense?

This really is the heart of the issue.

Pro Athletes Boycotting Games

The NBA playoffs have been hit with a work stoppage.

Deutschland siegt an allen fronten! Deutschland siegt an allen fronten!

The Abyss Stares Back

The Republican Party is now the mirror image of the totalitarian propagandists it used to hate.

10-Term Congressman William Lacy Clay Ousted

Yet another incumbent has lost his primary contest.

Reporting on Portland

Framing matters.

Richmond Police Claim White Supremacists Behind BLM Riots

The ‘outside agitators’ trope strikes again.

Cops Aren’t Soldiers

The similarities are obvious. The differences are more important.

A Simple Comparison

A thought experiment on what we have seen in Portland.

Police Shouldn’t Be Anonymous

Cops aren’t soldiers or spies but fellow citizens.

Portland Mayor Tear-Gassed

Federal agents deployed nonlethal force against peaceful demonstrators.

Non-Violent Protests

At what point does a demonstration become something else?