Fixing the Schiff-Garvey Problem

The mess in California hides a more pressing issue.

Liberal Professors Fleeing Florida

The DeSantis crackdown on academic freedom is having its desired effect.

A Few Thoughts on the Election and Poll Interpretation

And, not surprisingly, about parties.

Democrats for Christie

A perennial fantasy has a new standard bearer.

Democrats Worried About Youngkin

Virginia’s governor has raised a ton of money.

Another Reason to Dislike the Electoral College

“Red States” and “Blue State”

National Divorce

The lunatic fringe idea is both appealing and unworkable.

Larry Hogan Not Running for President

The popular former Republican governor of Maryland has correctly assessed his chances.

Nobody goes there anymore. It’s too crowded

Michael Barone on out-migration from some Blue states.

Forecasting 2024 Way Too Early

There are at most eight toss-up states for the 2024 Presidential election.

The Emerging Democratic Majority at 20

How well has the famous thesis fared?

The USA at 246

The Nation is unusually divided and melancholy on its birthday.

Minority Rule in a Winner-Take-All System

How long can the unsustainable be sustained?

Two Republican Parties?

Some GOP governors are taking a stance against Trump.

Why Would Anyone Want to be a Senator?

Two popular Republican governors have declined a chance to join the World’s Greatest Deliberative Body.

Public Schools vs The Public

The pandemic seems to have broken the social contract.

Unilateral Disarmament on Gerrymandering

Democrats and Republicans are playing by different rules.

Youngkin, GOP Sweep Virginia

It’s usually more effective to run for something rather than against someone.

What’s Kyrsten Sinema’s Game?

The political calculus of Arizona’s senior Senator is unclear.

Timeline Ripped Out of Arkansas Yearbook

When “the news” isn’t just “the news.”

Joe Manchin’s Weird Filibuster Defense

It doesn’t work like the movies, Senator.

A Failure of Governance in Texas

And a discussion of markets (and a warning about partisanship).

AZ and PA

Trump needs them both.

A Weird Re-election Pitch

Usually candidates don’t talk about how bad things are across the country while appealing to be re-elected.

President Donald J. Trump boards Air Force One at Joint Base Andrews, Md. Friday, July 10, 2020, en route to Miami International Airport in Miami President Donald J. Trump boards Air Force One at Joint Base Andrews, Md. Friday, July 10, 2020, en route to Miami International Airport in Miami

More on Trump and the Fires

Trump appears to have been shamed into doing part of his job.

How the Electoral College Perverts Democratic Politics

Thinking about wildfires and electoral politics.

Covid-19 Deaths Rising

The trend line shifted this week.

Transparent Hypocrisy on Mail-in Voting

Hypocrisy, lies, and dangerous rhetoric from Trump and his allies on mail-in voting.

QAnon Conspiracist Republican Senate Nominee from Oregon

Jo Rae Perkins may be a nut, but she won a four-person primary.

Democrat Andy Beshear Leads In Tight Kentucky Governor’s Race

Republicans in general and Donald Trump in particular suffered a big loss in the Kentucky Governor’s race.

Democrats Open Fire On Warren’s ‘Medicare For All’ Plan

Elizabeth Warren’s fellow Democrats aren’t so thrilled with her ‘Medidare For All’ plan.

Republicans Learned Right Lesson from 2012, Went Wrong Direction

What happened to “building a lasting relationship within the African American community”?

Larry Hogan, Republican Iconoclast, Edges Closer To A Run Against Trump

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan continues to sound like someone seriously considering running against Donald Trump.

Third Party Fantasies

The latest entry in the unity third party presidential candidate genre is just as bad as they always are.

New Jersey Republicans Nearly Entirely Shut Out Of Congressional Delegation

Election Day 2018 saw Republican representation in the New Jersey Congressional Delegation nearly entirely decimated.

National Democrats Are Still Worried About New Jersey

While the numbers seem to show that scandal-plagued Senator Bob Menendez will win re-election on Tuesday, national Democrats aren’t taking any chances.

Could New Jersey Be A Stumbling Block For Democratic Hopes In The Senate?

In an ordinary year with an ordinary candidate New Jersey should be a slam dunk for Democrats. This, however, is not an ordinary year.

Andrew Cuomo Easily Fends Off Challenge From The Left

As expected, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo easily fended off a challenge from actress Cynthia Nixon. Let the Presidential speculation begin.

The Great Nixonian Bagel Scandal Of 2018

With the Democratic Primary just days away, Andrew Cuomo’s Democratic challenger in New York is making headlines thanks to a rather odd culinary choice.

Bob Menendez Facing Tougher Than Expected Re-Election Fight

New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez continues to lead in the polls, but his lead is far from secure.

A Senate Surprise In The Garden State? Probably Not

New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez is running for a third term under a dark ethical cloud. That probably won’t matter.

Four Democratic States File Legally Dubious Lawsuit Against New Tax Law

New York and several other states have filed an incredibly dubious lawsuit against the Republican’s new tax law.

Most Americans Oppose Abolishing ICE

A new poll lends credence to the suggestion that Democrats should be careful about rallying behind the call to “Abolish ICE.”

As Expected, Chelsea Manning Loses Senate Bid In Maryland

Convicted leaker Chelsea Manning lost a bid for the Democratic nomination for Senate in Maryland, to the surprise of nobody.

Andrew Cuomo’s Celebrity Challenger Clearly Going Nowhere

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s celebrity challenger doesn’t appear to be going anywhere.

Republicans Planning To Run Against Hillary Clinton Again in 2018

Hillary Clinton isn’t running for anything in 2018, but that isn’t stopping Republicans from running against her.

GOP Growing Increasingly Nervous About Governor’s Races

The GOP’s potential troubles in 2018 don’t just exist at the Congressional level.

Minnesota Governor Names Lt. Governor Tina Smith To Replace Al Franken.

As expected, Minnesota’s Governor has named his Lt. Governor to replace Al Franken in the Senate.

Al Franken Announces Resignation From The Senate Amid Sexual Harassment Allegations

Al Franken’s Senate career reaches its inevitable end.

Democratic Candidate Phil Murphy Easily Defeats Kim Guadagno In New Jersey

To nobody’s surprise, a blue state returns to its roots.