The Daily News Crosses The Line From Journalism To Murder Porn

A front page cover on yesterday’s murders in Virginia crosses the line from reporting to exploitation.

Don’t Expect The Republican Field To Shrink Very Much Before Iowa

For a variety of reasons, it’s unlikely that the Republican field will shrink significantly before the Iowa Caucuses.

Donald Trump’s Immigration Plan As Bad As You’d Expect

Donald Trump’s immigration plan is would create a police state, violate people’s rights, and hurt America’s economy. And his supporters will most likely love it.

The Treasury Department Wants To Put A Woman On The $10 Bill

Surely it’s time to put a woman on American currency again, but why go after Alexander Hamilton?

Obama Secretly Backing Warren Over Clinton, Declares Lying Hack

Ed Klein says he has “Democrat sources” who Obama wants Warren to continue his mission to “transform America into a European-style democratic-socialist state.”

NYC School Labels 66-Pound Girl ‘Fat’

According to the New York City Public Schools, this girl is fat.

ObamaCare Will Push 2 Million Out of Work! And That’s a Good Thing!

A CBO report on the Affordable Care Act is getting a polarized reading.

Philip Seymour Hoffman Dead at 46

Oscar-winning actor Philip Seymour Hoffman is reportedly dead of a drug overdose at the age of 46.

The Coverage of “Bridgegate”

Let’s think about how the media operates.

Employment Numbers Rigged Prior To 2012 Election? The Evidence Doesn’t Show It

Was the Jobs Report released one month before Election Day 2012 rigged? Despite a new report, there’s no evidence to suggest that it was.

Yes, The Shutdown Is Hurting The Republican Party More Than Obama And The Democrats

There’s no denying it now. The GOP is being harmed by the events in Washington far more than the President and Democrats in general.

Clintons Resent Weiner Comparisons

Bill and Hillary are not cool with Anthony and Huma’s recollection of the 1990s.

Eliot Spitzer Plots Return To Politics With Run For NYC Comptroller

Is 2013 the year of second acts in American politics? Eliot Spitzer seems to be the latest disgraced politician to hope that it is.

The Day CNN Melted Down In Boston

Yesterday was not a good day for the Cable “News” Network.

A Word About Jumping To Conclusions, Boston Edition

There’s a lot we still don’t know about what happened in Boston, so maybe it’s time to stop speculating.

Matt Lauer to Replace Alex Trebek on Jeopardy?

The New York Post reports that Today host Matt Lauer is the leading contender to replace Alex Trebek on Jeopardy.

Bloomberg Big Soda Ban Dumber Than We Thought

The Big Gulp ban won’t ban Big Gulps. But it’ll ban 2-liter Cokes with your pizza and pitchers at Chuck E. Cheese.

Shots Fired At Connecticut Elementary School, Multiple Deaths Reported

Apparent tragedy at a Connecticut Elementary School.

New York Post Publishes Photo of Man Killed by Subway Train

The New York Post splashed the photo of a man pushed in front of a train on their cover.

New York Marathon Diverts Scarce Resources After Sandy

Mayor Bloomberg has decided to hold the New York Marathon Sunday even though millions are still without power and the city infrastructure is unable to cope with normal activity.

Mitt Romney To Announce Vice-Presidential Pick Saturday In Virginia, Signs Point To Paul Ryan

Is the the 2012 Republican Presidential ticket? We’ll find out Saturday morning.

Sage Stallone, Son of Sylvester, Dead at 36

Sage Stallone, who appeared with his father Sylevester is several films, has died aged 36 of an apparent prescription drug overdose.

Green Lantern is Gay (and Afraid of Wood)

Green Lantern is gay. The original Green Lantern. No, the other original Green Lantern.

Teacher Suspended After Screaming at Students for Criticizing Obama

A North Carolina teacher screamed and cursed at students for criticizing President Obama.

Jimmy Carter Least Popular Ex-President Among Ex-Presidents

Once upon a time, Jimmy Carter was everyone’s favorite former president. Not so much these days, especially among other former presidents.

Christiane Amanpour Out at ‘This Week’?

Christiane Amanpour, who’s losing audience share for ABC’s “This Week” Sunday show, may be on her way back to CNN.

Michael Bloomberg For President? Why?

Once again, pundits are suggesting that New York’s Michael Bloomberg might run for President. Though nobody seems to be able to explain why.

Occupy DC Protestors Hit By Car; Car Wins

So, Occupy protestors in yet another city thought it would be a good idea to get in front of a car.

ACORN Behind Occupy Movement, Right Wing Media Charges

Unnamed “sources” claim that ACORN is somehow behind Occupy Wall Street and its offshoots.