One Year Later, The Failure Of Occupy Wall Street Is Apparent

The Occupy movement began one year ago today. It’s no surprise that it ended up being a failure.

The Death Of Occupy Wall Street? It Sure Seems Like It

All the available evidence suggest that the Occupy movement has fizzled away into virtual nothingness.

A Lesson For Occupy Wall Street: Get Involved, Or Go Home

Not surprisingly, people who are politically involved tend to be the ones that politicians listen to.

Time’s 2011 Person Of The Year: “The Protester”

Time Magazine has chosen “The Protester” as its Person Of The Year. Let the outrage ensue.

Common Ground Between Occupy Wall Street And The Tea Party

More in common than they might think.

Occupy Wall Street After Zuccotti Eviction

Now that Occupy Wall Street is unable to occupy Wall Street, its leaders will have to come up with new ways to keep the pressure on. Some crazies are threatening to take the movement over in the meantime.

Occupy Wall Street Now Less Popular Than Tea Party Movement

Public opinion on the Occupy movement has turned increasingly sour.

New York Judge Rules For City In Clearing Of Zuccotti Park

For the time being, there will be no overnight camping at Zuccotti Park

America’s Hereditary Celebrity Class

Chelsea Clinton’s hiring as an NBC personality is another hit for the meritocracy myth.

NYPD Clears Occupy Wall Street Campers From Zucotti Park

New York Police dealt a major blow to Occupy Wall Street overnight.

Camping Out In A Park Is Not A First Amendment Right

The Occupy movement is starting to face the reality that they really aren’t engaging in protected speech.

Shooting Deaths at Occupy Oakland and Occupy Burlington

Details are still sketchy but two men are dead in separate shootings at Occupy Oakland (California) and Occupy Burlington (Vermont).

Occupy Nearly as Unpopular as Tea Party

A new poll shows a plurality of people now have an unfavorable view of the Occupy movement.

Second Veteran Police Brutality Victim in Occupy Oakland

If Occupy protestors getting hit by cars in two cities is the beginning of a trend, so is a second Iraq War veteran being seriously injured by police during the Occupy Oakland protestors.

Occupy DC Protestors Hit By Car; Car Wins

So, Occupy protestors in yet another city thought it would be a good idea to get in front of a car.

Occupy Olympia camp attracting homeless Occupy Olympia camp attracting homeless

Occupy Being Occupied

The tents at Occupy Wall Street are increasingly housing the homeless.

Occupy Oakland Protesters Hit By Mercedes

Two Occupy Oakland protestors were hit by a Mercedes-Benz as they were blocking the street.

Class War Within a Class War

It’s the 5% versus the 1% moreso than the 99% against the 1%.

OWS’ Seedy Underbelly

A righteous movement risks derailment by a handful of thugs and reprobates.

Occupy Wall Street: Something For Everyone

What do this people want? Can’t you read the signs?

Occupy Wall Street On The Verge Of Fizzling Out?

As the season changes, the Occupy Wall Street movement seems destined to peter out.

Occupy Wall Street Response to Cheating, Not Winning

Occupy Wall Street is not motivated by envy of the rich or even animus towards banks.

F*ck the military, f*ck your flag, f*ck the police

A video from Occupy Dayton in which a protestor is shouting “F*ck the military, f*ck your flag, f*ck the police!” is going viral.

Cantor’s Wharton Speech Derailed

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor abruptly canceled a long-scheduled speech to the Wharton Business School after school officials changed the guest list.

Occupy Wall Street: What It Isn’t

There’s no consensus for European-style social democracy or a Randian libertarian paradise.

Occupy Wall Street Outside The Mainstream?

Does “Occupy Wall Street” really represent the people they claim to be speaking for?

Signs Your Sign Will Go Viral

A cute protest sign based on a blog quip has created a minor internet sensation.

The Right to Protest is Not Limitless

Legal guidelines for protestors.

Reassessing Occupy Wall Street And The 99%’ers

Some on the right are giving Occupy Wall Street and The 99%’ers a second look.

Occupy DC: Get Off My Lawn!

The Examiner’s David Freddoso has a few words for the Occupy DC protesters: “Get off my lawn!”

Obama Embraces Occupy Wall Street

President Obama says he’ll fight for the 99 percent.

Occupy The World – OWS Goes Global

Protests at least loosely affiliated with the Occupy Wall Street movement were conducted around the globe yesterday.

Can Occupy Wall Street Win?

The Occupy Wall Street movement faces obstacles its Tea Party counterpart didn’t.

Zuccotti Park Cleanup Standoff

A plan to clean the park at the center of the Occupy Wall Street protests has been postponed.

What “Occupy Wall Street” Is Missing

By looking only in one direction, Occupy Wall Street is missing the big picture.

A (Partial) Solution To The Student Loan Problem?

A change to the Bankruptcy Code could go a long way toward alleviating the burden of student loan debt that seems to be motivating some in the “Occupy Wall Street” movement.

Wall Street Won’t Fix Our Problems

American has real economic and social problems. But the solution in on Capitol Hill, not Wall Street.

Occupy Wall Street Dirty Hippie Meme Won’t Go Away

Even those sympathetic to the causes are frustrated with the squalor and other negative externalities of the protests.

Occupy DC: A Loud and Clear Yawp

Protestors have converged on DC, rallying against Afghanistan, Wall Street, and stuff.

#OccupyWallStreet: A Protest, Or A Temper Tantrum?

The Occupy Wall Street protests look more like a temper tantrum than a substantive protest movement.

Occupy Wall Street Hurting the 99 Percent

The Occupy Wall Street protests are, ironically, hurting small business owners and others in the 99 percent.

The Incoherent Agenda Of Occupy Wall Street

Judging them by their own manifesto, the Occupy Wall Street protesters are pretty silly people.

Occupy Wall Street Not Our Arab Awakening

A meme is emerging that the Occupy Wall Street protests are America’s version of the Arab Awakening. That meme must die.