Federal Court Rules PPACA Contraceptive Coverage Mandate Unconstitutional

Another Federal Court has declared the PPACA’s contraceptive coverage mandate to be unconstitutional.


Diversity, Stupidity, and Willful Ignorance

Why won’t the “women don’t get pregnant from rape” meme die?

When Can Government Force You to Violate Religious Beliefs?

A federal judge poses an interesting question in a case over Obama’s contraceptive mandate.

Why Pope Benedict is Resigning

Pope Benedict XVI explains that he’s just too sick and tired to stay on as pontiff.

Losing Our Religion

America’s Protestants are dying off and being replaced by non-believers.

Freedom Of Speech, Blasphemy, And International Relations

Sacrificing our principles in the face of mob violence is never a good idea.

Obama’s Timidity In The Face Of Extremism

The Obama Administration’s response to the protests in the Muslim world has been entirely wrongheaded.

Glenn Reynolds Calls for Obama to Resign

Apparently, questioning someone who may have violated their probation on the way to contributing to a series of international incidences is a major civil liberties violation.

Obama Administration Abandons Freedom Of Speech In Wake Of Embassy Riots

Capitulating to a mob is never a good idea.

Protests At Western Embassies Spread Across Muslim World

For the fourth day, American and other embassies became the focus of mass protests in many Muslim nations.