State of the Union Post Mortem

The speech did exactly what it was supposed to do: kick off Obama’s re-election campaign while disguised as a call for unity.

Common Ground Between Occupy Wall Street And The Tea Party

More in common than they might think.

How Can Newt Gingrich Possibly Live Down His Past?

It’s hard to see how Newt Gingirch can remain a viable candidate given his past

Republican Candidates To Europe: Drop Dead

Last night, most of the leading Republican candidates for President acted as if Europe was on another planet.

Cash For Clunkers Was A Boondoggle From The Start

It was clear from the start that “Cash For Clunkers” was a bad idea.

Class War Within a Class War

It’s the 5% versus the 1% moreso than the 99% against the 1%.

Jerome Harrison Brain Tumor Cancels Trade, Saves Life

Jerome Harrison learned that he has a brain tumor in time to save his life.

Occupy Wall Street: What It Isn’t

There’s no consensus for European-style social democracy or a Randian libertarian paradise.

Occupy Wall Street Outside The Mainstream?

Does “Occupy Wall Street” really represent the people they claim to be speaking for?

The Death Of Anwar Al-Awlaki And The Imperial Presidency

Giving the President the unchecked power to kill American citizens raises some serious red flags.

He was in the Race?

Psychic Benefits of Sports Team Ownership

Money isn’t the only benefit some receive for their work.

U.S. Government Sells Chrysler Stake, Losses Higher Than Reported

On paper, the U.S. lost $1.3 billion on the Chrysler bankruptcy, but the true cost is far higher than that.

Appeals Court Strikes Down Michigan Law Barring Use Of Race In College Admissions

A Federal Appeals Court struck down an Amendment to the Michigan Constitution today as unconstitutional.

Sixth Circuit Upholds Constitutionality Of Affordable Care Act

The first Appeals Court decision on the Affordable Care Act was a victory for the government.

Jack Kevorkian Dead at 83

Jack Kevorkian, the man who’s illegal assisted suicide rampage earned him the nickname “Dr. Death,” has died.

Florida Pastor Says He Will Protest Court Order, May Sue Dearborn For Violating His Rights

Terry Jones may sue the City of Dearborn for its prior restraint actions against him. And he should.

Applebee’s Serves Toddler Alcohol Instead of Juice

A 15-month-old was accidentally served a mixed drink instead of apple juice.

Warren Christopher Dead at 85

Warren Christopher, Bill Clinton’s first Secretary of State, has died at 85.

Daylight Saving Time History

Overnight, we celebrate the biannual ritual of resetting all our clocks so as to save daylight. Oddly, the amount of daylight continues to heed its own rhythms.

Dr. Dre Defends Right to Film Cops

Dr. Dre is arguing that police officers have no right to privacy.

King’s “I Have A Dream” Speech Years in Making

Martin Luther King’s historic “I Have a Dream” speech was, like a political stump speech, crafted and polished over months and years of delivery.

Sleeping in the Office (Congress Edition)

Some members of Congress sleep in their offices in lieu of renting residences in DC. Fiscally responsible or kinda odd?

Blizzard Postpones Sunday Night Football: Are We A Nation Of Wimps?

The National Football League’s decision to postpone last night’s Eagles-Vikings game due to weather is receiving a lot of criticism, but they made the right choice.

ROTC Returning to Ivies

The repeal of DADT may open the doors for ROTC to return to many elite institutions, if cost doesn’t get in the way.

ObamaCare’s Individual Mandate, And The Power Of Congress, Face A Test In Florida

The new health care law’s individual mandate was the subject of another bruising court battle yesterday, but the real question in the room was what, if any, are the limits on Congressional authority?

Federal Judge: Health Care Law Individual Mandate Unconstitutional

A Federal Judge in Virginia has handed the first legal defeat to the President’s health care reform package.

Technology and Currency

Have credit cards and ATMs eliminated the value of large currency zones?

University Cancels Spirit of Diversity Award Over Nonconformist Speech

Wayne State has canceled the Helen Thomas Spirit of Diversity in the Media Award, citing its namesake’s controversial remarks.

Federal Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Challenging Health Care Reform Law

Another Federal Judge dismisses a Constitutional challenge to the health care reform law, and demonstrates just how unlikely it is that any of the lawsuits against the law will be successful.

Obama Politically Tone Deaf On TSA Outrage

President Obama’s response to the outrage that has accompanied new TSA screening procedures at America’s airports is incredibly non-responsive.

TSA Pat-Down Leaves Cancer Survivor Covered in Urine

A retired special education teacher was left humiliated, crying and covered with his own urine after an enhanced pat-down by TSA officers.

TSA Body Image Scanners: Cui Bono

Is the TSA groping passengers to force them into using intrusive scanners for which they’ve committed $173 million?

Federal Court Upholds Constitutionality Of Health Insurance Mandates

The new health care law’s individual mandate has survived it’s first legal challenge, and that’s not really a surprise.

Death Of The Salesmen

Thanks to the Internet, there are a lot more Willy Lomans out there.

Geography and the American Military

The Army and its officer corps are becoming increasingly Southern and rural. Is this a bad thing? If so, what can we do about it?

Chevy Volt: Game Changer Or Electric Edsel ?

General Motors, and Barack Obama, are betting the future on a car that may be nothing more than an electric lemon.