Another Solyndra?

Social Security Isn’t ‘Cash Negative’ – We Are

Social Security outlays are exceeding its income. Is that really a problem?

Occupy Wall Street Outside The Mainstream?

Does “Occupy Wall Street” really represent the people they claim to be speaking for?

Occupy DC: Get Off My Lawn!

The Examiner’s David Freddoso has a few words for the Occupy DC protesters: “Get off my lawn!”

Jesse Jackson Jr: Congress is in Rebellion

Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. believes the Congress is “in rebellion” and therefore President Obama should exercise extraordinary constititutional means” to implement a massive jobs plan.

What If The Economy Never Really Gets Better?

The prospects for real economic recovery are not good.

Economic Crisis: What Could Government Have Done Better?

With the advantage of hindsight, it’s clear that more creative strategies were needed. But they probably couldn’t have been passed.

Reid Triggers Nuclear Option Lite

Harry Reid is playing hardball, invoking a tactic that he himself decried being threatened when Republicans were in charge.

Is A Politician Who “Flip-Flops” Really A Bad Thing?

Mitt Romney is still being dogged by charges of changed positions. Now, he’s trying to spin that as a good thing.

Obama’s Bridge Collapse

President Obama would like to sell you something.

Obama’s Wimpy Debt Reduction Plan

As more details roll in on President Obama’s millionaire tax hike, it’s looking like it was drawn up by J. Wellington Wimpy: “I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.”

Most Tax Breaks Go To Middle Class Households, Not “The Rich” Or Corporations

We won’t solve our fiscal problems by soaking “the rich.”

James Carville To Obama: Time To Get Tough And Fire Some People

James Carville has some advice for Barack Obama. It boils down to “be like Bill Clinton.”

Republicans Need To Tread Carefully In Response To Jobs Bill

With the economy at the forefront of the public’s mind, the GOP needs to be careful in its response to President Obama’s new jobs bill.

An Outside the Box Stimulus Package: Stop Collecting Federal Taxes For Awhile. Period.

Karl Smith does the math and doesn’t see why the Federal government should be collecting ANY taxes right now.

Obama Jobs Speech Tough On Rhetoric, Light On Substance

Not surprisingly, there was very little about the President’s jobs speech to write home about.

The “Green Jobs” Boondoggle

America is discovering that throwing money at an industry in the hope it will create jobs doesn’t work.

Mitt Romney Unveils Economic Plan To Mixed Reviews

Mitt Romney’s jobs plan is detailed, but it doesn’t seem to be impressing anyone.

Democrats Fear Obama’s Jobs Plan Will Be Too Little, Too Late

Democrats are fearing the President’s jobs plan will be underwhelming. Based on initial reports, it looks like their fears are well-placed.

Acting BATF Director Reassigned In Wake Of Gunrunning Scandal

Why was the ATF allowing thousands of weapons to be smuggled to Mexican drug gangs?

Political Fantasy World

It never ceases to amaze me how many smart people manage to believe, against all evidence to the contrary, that their political philosophy has massive support.

Can A President Become Irrelevant?

No matter how weak he becomes, no President will ever be completely irrelevant to the political process.

Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc

Did World War II teach us anything about spending-as-stimulus? Not really.

Solar Energy Firm’s Bankruptcy Calls Obama’s “Green Jobs” Program Into Question

The failure of a solar energy firm in California is raising questions about a centerpiece of the Administration’s economic policy.

Obama Re-Election Keys

A political scientist whose formula has correctly picked every presidential winner since 1984 says Barack Obama will be re-elected.

Obama’s Jobs Plan: Deja Vu All Over Again?

Details of the President’s jobs plan are starting to leak out, and they’re not looking impressive.

Hurricane Irene And The Broken Window Fallacy

Repeating the “destruction creates wealth” fallacy every time there’s a natural disaster doesn’t make it any less of a fallacy.

Would America Be Better Off With A Parliamentary Government?

Is America’s political system to blame for our current problems?

Is There Really Anything Ben Bernanke Can Do?

Ben Bernanke didn’t offer many clues in his speech today, but one wonders if he really has any tricks left up his sleeve.

Majority Still Hold Bush Responsible For Poor Economy

He’s been out of office for more than two years, but George W. Bush is still being blamed for the state of the economy.

Do Earthquakes Stimulate the Economy?

Either a bunch of bloggers or one of the world’s smartest economists doesn’t understand economics.

Our Present Crisis: Recession, Depression, Or Something More Fundamental?

The world is likely to get worse before it gets better.

Paul Krugman’s Cure For Economic Woe: An Alien Invasion

According to Paul Krugman, what the American economy needs is for a bunch of space aliens to invade us.

The Austerity Experiment

If we cannot adequately diagnose our problems it will be even harder to fix them.

S&P Debt Downgrade Leads To Same Old Washington Blame Game

The immediate reaction among the political class to the debt downgrade was the play the same old stupid games.

The Second Great Contraction

Harvard economist Kenneth Rogoff says we’re undergoing much more than a mere recession.

Debt Deal Winners and Losers

Now that America’s political leadership have probably averted a self-inflicted global economic calamity, it’s time to assess the winners and losers.

The Debt Ceiling and the Imperial Presidency

Congress failing to raise the debt ceiling would involve abrogating an enormous amount of power to the Executive.

The Tea Party’s Utopianism Is Making It Irrelevant

By insisting on perfection in the debt ceiling debate, the Tea Party has made itself irrelevant to the process.

The Debt Ceiling Debate: Social Democracy v. Limited Government?

Charles Krauthammer claims we are in the midst of a great debate. I am not so sure.

How did we get to Trillion Dollar Deficits?

It is always useful to go inside the numbers.

How Obama Lost Control Of The Debt Negotiations

Barack Obama’s biggest enemy in the debt negotiations has been himself.

The Misplaced Attack On Private Jets

In the 80’s it was yachts, today it’s private jets. The argument is the same, and it’s still without merit.

The Economy And The 2012 Elections

It isn’t just President Obama who should be worried about the economy next year.

Is Washington Fighting The Wrong Economic War?

While unemployment remains stubbornly high, Washington is spending its time fighting over the budget deficit