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Mike Huckabee: I’m Not Homophobic, I’m On The Side Of The Bible

Mike Huckabee

Former Arkansas Governor, and possible 2016 Presidential candidate, Mike Huckabee wants us to know that he’s not homophobic: (CNN) - Mike Huckabee told an Iowa crowd on Tuesday that he’s “not homophobic,” but believing marriage should be between one man and one woman is being “on the right side of the Bible.” Huckabee, who is also […]

Atlanta Archbishop To Sell Buckhead Mansion


The Catholic Archbishop of Atlanta is selling a $2 million mansion the diocese acquired after several weeks of bad press over the acquisition: Archbishop Wilton Gregory will vacate his $2.2-million Buckhead mansion in early May and move into another available archdiocese property. The decision followed a Saturday morning meeting at the Archdiocese of Atlanta with […]

Legal Headline Of The Day


Kosher hot dog case presents a real constitutional pickle The case deals with the interesting question of whether or not a Federal Court should be able to rule on the question of whether or not a claim that food is “kosher” is correct, or whether this is an issue that only religious authorities can decide.

USA Isn’t Religiously Diverse


Despite the mythos, 95% of Americans are either Christian or unaffiliated.

Contraceptives And Hobby Lobby At The Supreme Court


Hobby Lobby has a strong argument under RFRA but the precedent would be dangerous.

Explaining The Conservative Love Affair With Vladimir Putin: It’s All About Opposing Obama

Putin Smirk

The bizarre conservative love affair with Vladimir Putin continues.

400 Priests Defrocked in Two Years


Via the BBC:  Benedict XVI defrocked nearly 400 priests in two years. When I first saw this headline, I thought that it was positive evidence of the Vatican acting in regards the pedophilia scandal in the Church.  However, upon reading the story it shows a mixed outcome: Close to 400 priests were defrocked in only […]

Justice Sotomayor Temporarily Blocks PPACA Birth Control Mandate

Birth Control Mandate

Developments overnight in a small but controversial issue raised by the PPACA.

Just 60% Of Americans, 43% Of Republicans, Accept Theory Of Evolution

Darwin Fish

Once again, a poll shows that large numbers of Americans, and most Americans, reject Evolution via Natural Selection as the explanation for humanity’s origin. How do we explain that?

The Star Of Bethlehem And Science Fiction

Nativity Star

One of the iconic images of the religious side of the traditions surrounding Christmas is, of course, the Star Of Bethlehem which, according to what is really a quite limited mention in the Biblical accounts, guided “wise men from the East” to the location of the birth of Jesus Christ. It has become a central […]

The Cultural Conservative Love Affair With Vladimir Putin Is Quite Odd

Vladimir Putin Sunglasses

Vladimir Putin seems to be getting a lot of love from cultural conservatives in the United States.

GOP Congressional Candidate: Phil Robertson Just Like Rosa Parks


A Republican candidate for Congress in Illinois says that Duck Dynasty‘s Phil Robertson is another Rosa Parks: AURORA, Ill., Dec. 22 (UPI) – A Republican candidate for Congress in Illinois compared “Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson to civil rights leader Rosa Parks in a posting on his website. Ian Bayne, one of four Republicans seeking the nomination to […]

Duck Dynasty, “Free Speech,” And The Culture Of Perpetual Outrage

Duck Dynasty

“Reality” TV star says something dumb about gay people, gets suspended, usual pointless outrage ensues.

Pope Francis Reveals He Was Once A Bouncer

Pope Francis I

Pope Francis continues to surprise people, most recently in a talk with parishioners where he revealed a very interesting job he held before becoming a Catholic Priest: VATICAN CITY (CNS) — In addition to having worked sweeping floors and running tests in a chemical laboratory as a teenager, Pope Francis revealed he also used to […]

No, The U.S. Isn’t Closing Its Vatican Embassy

St Peters Basilica

A State Department announcement about consolidation of diplomatic posts in Rome has led to the latest round of Obama Derangement Syndrome.

Supreme Court Agrees To Hear Challenge To ObamaCare’s Contraceptive Coverage Mandate

Supreme Court Justices 2

The Supreme Court has agreed to hear a pair of cases that implicates both the First Amendment and two Federal Laws.

Sarah Palin Apparently Thinks She’s A Catholic Theologian


Who knew?

Another Federal Court Strikes Down PPACA Birth Control Mandate


A second Federal Court of Appeals in a week in two weeks has ruled the PPACA’s birth control mandate is unconstitutional.

Is Prayer At The Start Of A Legislative Session Constitutional?


Do prayers opening legislative sessions violate the First Amendment? The Supreme Court is set to decide that issue.

Pope Francis Is Very Good At Being Pope


Buzzfeed has the story of an incident that occurred at the close of Pope Francis’s regular Wednesday service in St. Peter’s Square that strikes me as being an example of the simple kind of humanity and compassion that seems to be lacking in our world today, which this Pope seems determined to demonstrate to the […]

Federal Court Rules PPACA Contraceptive Coverage Mandate Unconstitutional


Another Federal Court has declared the PPACA’s contraceptive coverage mandate to be unconstitutional.

Vatican Misspells “Jesus” On New Papal Coins

Vatican Coin

Someone at the Vatican is probably feeling a bit embarrassed by now: The Vatican has withdrawn from sale 6,000 copies of a new papal medal on which the name of Jesus was misspelt. In an inscription around the edge of the coin, Jesus was mistakenly spelt with an L. Keen-eyed experts snapped up a handful […]

GOP Nominee For Va. Lt. Governor: Non-Christians Engaged In “False Religion”


Republican nominee for Lt. Governor E.W. Jackson Jr. has opened his mouth again, and likely plunged the Republican ticket into another mess: At a morning sermon Sunday in Northern Virginia, Republican lieutenant governor candidate E.W. Jackson, a Chesapeake pastor, said people who don’t follow Jesus Christ “are engaged in some sort of false religion.” Jackson […]

Conservatives For Putin?

Vladimir Putin

Some conservatives don’t seem too troubled by Vladimir Putin’s repression.

Virginia GOP Lt. Gov. Candidate: You Can’t Be A Christian And A Democrat


E.W. Jackson, the Republican candidate for Lieutenant Governor whom I’ve written about in the past, said today that the Democratic Party is “anti-God”: In a local radio interview this morning, Virginia Republican lieutenant governor nominee E.W. Jackson said the Democratic Party is “anti-God” and that Christians should leave it. Jackson has said in the past that he thinks believing […]

Internet Threatens Mormons


Mormons have apparently just discovered the Internet, a decades-old platform containing information. NYT (“Some Mormons Search the Web and Find Doubt“): In the small but cohesive Mormon community where he grew up, Hans Mattsson was a solid believer and a pillar of the church. He followed his father and grandfather into church leadership and finally […]

Dubai Pardons Rape Victim


Yes, you read that headline right: A Norwegian woman at the centre of a Dubai rape case dispute has been pardoned and is free to leave Dubai, she has said. Interior designer Marte Deborah Dalelv, 24, was on a business trip in Dubai when she says she was raped in March. She reported the attack […]

Egyptian Christians Targeted By Muslims In Retribution For Morsi Ouster


The aftermath of the removal of Mohammed Morsi from power is taking ominous turns: CAIRO — The military’s ouster of President Mohamed Morsi has unleashed a new wave of violence by extremist Muslims against Christians whom they blame for having supported the calls to overthrow Mr. Morsi, Egypt’s first Islamist elected leader, according to rights […]

Vatican Announces Popes John Paul II, John XXIII To Be Canonized


To date 76 of the 265 men who have served as Pope of the Roman Catholic Church have been named Saints after their death Today, the Vatican cleared the way for two Popes to be canonized before the end of the year: Pope Francis has cleared John Paul II for sainthood, approving a miracle attributed […]

Obama’s Comments On Education In Northern Ireland Create Outrage On The Right

Obama Northern Ireland

Your latest Outrage Of The Day.

Pope Francis Blesses Harley-Davidsons

Pope Francis Harley Davidson

In what may have been one of the more unusual Papal audiences in some time, Pope Francis spent time with some men and their Harley’s today: VATICAN CITY (AP) — Biker culture came to the Vatican on Sunday as Pope Francis blessed thousands of Harley-Davidsons and their riders celebrating the manufacturer’s 110th anniversary with a […]



Via The Lookout:  Teacher fired over ex-husband’s ‘threatening and menacing’ behavior An elementary school teacher fired by a private San Diego-area school following a domestic violence incident involving her ex-husband is speaking out about her ordeal. Carie Charlesworth, who taught second grade at Holy Trinity School in El Cajon, Calif., told the San Diego NBC […]

Diversity, Stupidity, and Willful Ignorance


Why won’t the “women don’t get pregnant from rape” meme die?

Tea Party Speaker: Grover Norquist Is A Secret Muslim Because He Has A Beard


Ladies and gentleman, a little insanity to close out your week: Cathie Adams, president of the Texas Eagle Forum and former chairman of the Republican Party of Texas, made questionable remarks about anti-tax activist Grover Norquist during a recent speech on “Radical Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood.” In a video posted by the Far North Dallas Tea […]

IRS To Conservative Group: Please Tell Us About The Content Of Your Prayers


Among the more bizarre things to come out of today’s House Ways & Means Committee questioning of outgoing Acting IRS Commissioner Steven Miller and Treasury Department Inspector General J. Russell George, was the revelation that one Christian group that applied for 501(c)(4) status was asked to document the contents of its prayers: While applying with […]

Muslim D.C. Cabdriver Assaulted By Passenger Yelling About Boston Bombing Attack


So, this happened: An Army reservist and Iraq veteran who works as a cabdriver says a passenger he picked up early Friday at a Northern Virginia country club accused him of being a terrorist because he is Muslim, then fractured his jaw in an attack being described by Islamic activists as a hate crime. Mohamed […]

Boston Mosque Reportedly Refusing To Bury Tamerlan Tsarnaev


An Aunt of Tamerlan Tsarnaev, the Boston Marathon Bombing suspect killed amid a shootout nearly a week ago, says that a local mosque is refusing to conduct a Muslim funeral for the accused bomber: American authorities have told the family that they can have Tsarnaev’s body, and an uncle approached the mosque to request a […]

Tip From Imam Led To Break Up Of Canadian Terror Plot


The Canadian terror plot that Dave Schuler took note of yesterday was apparently broken up thanks largely to a tip to police from an Imam: A tip from a Toronto imam sparked an investigation that culminated in the arrests of two men who allegedly plotted to derail a Via passenger train. The imam alerted authorities […]

This Country Was Founded by Religious Nuts With Guns


Some of the discussion I’m seeing on Twitter about the alleged perpetrators of the Boston Marathon terrorist attack brought to mind this old P.J. O’Rourke bit from 20-odd years ago: The Clinton administration launched an attack on people in Texas because those people were religious nuts with guns. Hell, this country was founded by religious […]

Vatican: Pope Emeritus Benedict’s Health Has Deteriorated


The reasoning behind now-Pope Emeritus Benedict’s decision to step aside form the papacy is beginning to become clear:

Pope Francis Wants “Decisive Action” On Sex Abuse Cases


At least rhetorically, Pope Francis continues to send indications that he’s interested in flipping over a few tables in Rome: Pope Francis has called for “decisive action” in the fight against sex abuse of minors by priests. He told Bishop Gerhard Mueller, head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith – the Vatican watchdog […]

North Carolina Bill Would Declare Official State Religion


A group of North Carolina legislators is pushing a bill that would assert that the state is free to declare an official state religion despite what the Constitution says: Republican North Carolina state legislators have proposed allowing an official state religion in a measure that would declare the state exempt from the Constitution and court rulings. The […]

More Faux Google Doodle Outrage

FireShot Screen Capture #203 - 'Google' - www_google_com

Every time there’s some kind of major holiday, or the anniversary of some important event, there are always people at the ready to claim outrage over something they considered important not being appropriately marked with a doodle on Google’s home page. Typically, you see this happen over some event with American historical meaning such as […]

An Historic Moment For The Papal Installation Mass


For the first time since at least 1054, and probably earlier than that, the Patriarch of Constantinople will be attending Pope Francis’s Installation Mass tomorrow: ANKARA, Turkey (AP) – Bartholomew I, the spiritual leader of the world’s Orthodox Christians, left Monday for the Vatican to attend Pope Francis’ installation Mass – the first time a […]

Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio Is Pope Francis I

Pope Francis I

Habemus Papam

Papal Conclave Ends With A Puff Of White Smoke


After just one and a half days and five ballots, the Papal Conclave has ended: VATICAN CITY — With a puff of white smoke from the chimney of the Sistine Chapel and to the cheers of thousands of rain-soaked faithful, a gathering of Catholic cardinals picked a new pope from among their midst on Wednesday. […]

What If The Papal Election Were Like American Politics?


The Daily Show answers the question:

Papal Conclave To Begin March 12th


Vatican officials announced today that the Conclave to select a successor to Benedict XVI will being next Tuesday: The Vatican said Friday that cardinals gathered in Rome to elect a new pope would begin the actual election process, known as the papal conclave, Tuesday. It has been widely reported that divisions among the cardinals over […]

When Can Government Force You to Violate Religious Beliefs?


A federal judge poses an interesting question in a case over Obama’s contraceptive mandate.

In Case you were Wondering What to Call Benedict XVI


Via the BBC:  Benedict XVI to be known as ‘pope emeritus’ Benedict XVI will be known as "pope emeritus" and will retain the honorific "His Holiness" after he abdicates on Thursday, Vatican official say. He will also continue to be known by his papal title of Benedict XVI, rather than reverting to Josef Ratzinger. Other […]

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