Glenn Beck Leaving FOX News

Glenn Beck will leave his Fox News show in December.

Even Glenn Beck Thinks Donald Trump Is A Little Nuts

When Glenn Beck says that Donald Trump makes him uncomfortable, that’s saying something: Watch the latest video at

Why Does Anyone Take Glenn Beck Seriously?

Some conservatives are finally waking up and realizing what people like Glenn Beck are doing to the movement. It’s probably too late, though.

Glenn Beck Launches Blaze, HuffPo Style Magazine

Capitalizing on the buzz from his weekend rally, talk host Glenn Beck launched a new online magazine called The Blaze overnight.

The Politics of Crowd Estimates

Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Honor” rally raises, yet again, the tiresome fight over crowd estimates and their political significance.

Glenn Beck: Gay Marriage No Threat To Me, Or America

There’s not as much conservative unity on the gay marriage issue as there used to be.

Glenn Beck – Goldline Scam

If you’re buying your gold from Glenn Beck, you’re a fool.

Bill Press Bill Press

Shame On You, Bill Press

Press can assert all he wants that his call to suppress Beck’s rights “has nothing to do with freedom of speech,” but that’s transparent hokum.

Specter Loses, Paul Wins, Lincoln in Run-Off: What Does it Mean?

In yesterday’s much ballyhooed Super Duper Tuesday Primaries, we got the results most of us were expecting based on an analysis of the polls and the trendlines. Arlen Specter’s bid to save his career, which was going to end in the Republican primaries, by switching parties ended instead in the Democratic primaries, losing 47 to […]

Evening Funnies

Nazi Tourette’s: The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon – Thurs 11p / 10c Back in Black – Glenn Beck’s Nazi Tourette’s Daily Show Full Episodes Political Humor Tea Party

Libertarian Paternalism: Nudge vs. Push

Cass Sunstein, head of something called the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs at the White House, wants to improve America through subtle manipulation.  A recent NYT accounting: The office, known in Washington as OIRA, reviews major regulations written by federal agencies (on matters like the environment, the financial system, Medicare and Medicaid and public […]

Conservative Talking Points On The Kagan Nomination

As David Weigel notes, the directions from which activists and pundits on the will attack the nomination of Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court are already fairly clear. I. The Harvard Military Recruiters Controversy Already this morning, one conservative blogger has called Kagan an “anti-military loon” for her role in banning military recruiters from Harvard […]

Mirandize Shahzad? Of Course!

Two prominent Republican Congressmen have come out against reading Miranda rights to American citizens suspected of terrorism. Congressional Republicans want to know whether the Pakistani-born American arrested in the Times Square car bombing plot was read his Miranda rights, with Sen. John McCain saying it would be a “serious mistake” if the suspect was reminded […]

Liberal Rush Limbaugh?

In a rather weird exchange on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Salon editor Joan Walsh was stumped when asked to call out extremists on her side of the aisle: P.J. Gladnick has the transcript: JOE SCARBOROUGH: …I think it helps us all to say there are extreme voices on the left, there are extreme voices on the […]

Georgetown Cocktail Parties

In response to a posting from Tunku Varadarajan accusing him of being a “polite company conservative” who “yearns for the goodwill of the liberal elite in the media and in the Beltway—who wishes, always, to have their ear, to be at their dinner parties, to be comforted by a sense that liberal interlocutors believe that […]

Cable News in Perspective

CJR Fellow Terry McDermott argues that Fox has “simply (and shamelessly) mastered the confines of cable.”   He blathers on and on and on before finally coming to an actual point: Cable news is not literally a broadcast business, but a narrowcast. At any given moment, there are a relative handful of people (in peak hours […]

Comparative Fringes

Steve Benen is a bit disappointed that I didn’t “follow [Charles] Johnson’s lead and reject what’s become of the contemporary political right” in my post responding to his departure.  In particular, he thinks I’m too easy on the conservative fringe groups and understate their hold on the movement. I continue to think this is a […]

Charles Johnson ‘Breaks’ From the Right

In a move that has been coming for nearly two years, Charles Johnson has issued a manifesto explaining “Why I Parted Ways With The Right.”  For those who don’t know, Johnson is the founder and principal author of Little Green Footballs, one of the oldest and most popular blogs.  He was an elder statesman in […]

Palin – Beck 2012

“Former Alaska GOP Gov. Sarah Palin on Wednesday did not rule out running for president alongside Fox News host Glenn Beck in 2012,” Andy Barr reports for Politico. Palin was asked during an interview with Fox News’s “Fox & Friends” about the chances that she “would run on a ticket with Fox’s own Glenn Beck,” […]

Census Worker Hanging Suicide, Not Right Wing Murder

Remember the bizarre case of Bill Sparkman, the census worker found hanging from a tree in Kentucky with the letters FED scrawled on his chest?  Remember the media frenzy about crazy Southerners and their hatred of the federal government?  At the time, I cautioned against jumping to conclusions, saying there could be any number of […]

Glenn Beck, Community Organizer

Glenn Beck has a plan.  Actually, the Plan.  Which he reveals on his website. Today, I have stopped looking for a leader to show us the way out because I have come to realize that the only one who can truly save our country…is us. To change America’s course we need to change ourselves, our […]

Republicans Better Informed

A new Pew survey shows a rather steep “Partisan Knowledge Gap,” with Republicans and Independents generally better informed than Democrats. Mary Katharine Ham finds this quite amusing and also notes that, “if the polling had gone the other way, the NYT would shout it from the rooftops.”  She provides examples of the mainstream press doing […]

Roger Ailes for President?!

Topping Memeorandum is Mike Allen‘s wild speculation for Politico about a presidential run by Roger Ailes. Friends and associates are encouraging Fox News chief Roger Ailes to jump into the political arena for real by running for president in 2012, top sources tell POLITICO. “Ailes knows how to frame an issue better than anybody, and […]

Regulating Loud Commercials

Peter Suderman and Berin Szoka provide sane, libertarian arguments against the Nanny State regulating the volume of television commercials.  While they both find the longstanding practice where the ads are several decibels higher than the surrounding programming annoying, they nonetheless argue that it’s not a matter where government should intervene. Says Suderman, It’s easy enough […]

Did Jon Stewart Hurt America?

Dan Drezner notes that “We’re coming up on the five-year anniversary of Jon Stewart’s verbal skewering of Crossfire in particular and the whole genre of left-right cable gabfests in general.  Stewart said these kind of shows were ‘hurting America’ because of their general blather and failure to ask politicians good, sharp questions.” Dan poses the Reaganesque […]

Conservative Media Scoops Mainstream Media

A series of scandals uncovered by conservative outlets and ignored by the mainstream press are starting to raise some uncomfortable questions. The right-wing media’s single-minded focus on a handful of targets over the past months and its success in pushing those stories into the mainstream have underscored the sharp divide between traditional news organizations and […]

Olbermann vs. Beck

Keith Olbermann is going after Glenn Beck now, requesting Daily Kos readers and viewers of his own show to “Find everything you can about Glenn Beck,  Stu Burguiere [Beck’s radio producer], and Roger Ailes.”  Apparently, Olbermann found this “necessary after this in order to prove various cliches about goose and gander, and to remind everybody […]

Van Jones Resigns and Whines

One of the curious controversies I’ve been half-following on Twitter but haven’t been motivated to write about is the case of Van Jones, a leader of the 9/11 “Truther” movement who has served since March as President Obama’s Special Advisor for Green Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation at the White House Council on Environmental Quality, or […]

Glenn Beck: There’s a Coup Going On. A Stealing of America.

Glenn Beck continues to impress in his ability to top himself with zaniness.  Today, he explained how “they” have all manner of plans to destroy America and make it more like Cuba.  And “they” may be getting away with it because “they” are so far ahead of us. For those who can’t view the video […]

Republican Party Needs More Votes if it is to Win

Bruce Bartlett explains why he’s not a Republican anymore using a time-honored refrain:  He didn’t leave his party; his party left him.  While he now considers himself an “independent,” he’s more than non-partisan; he’s “anti-Republican.”  Why? I still consider myself to be a Reaganite. But I don’t see any others anywhere in the GOP these […]

Brooks-Broder Derangement Syndrome

Mike Rappaport “hates” David Brooks and finds him “a despicable character.”  Why?  He lets John Hinderaker explain: Brooks . . . knows where his bread is buttered. He makes his living as a “conservative” who can reliably be counted on to sell out conservatives and Republicans at every opportunity. In this instance, Hinderaker is reacting […]

Riots at Town Hall Meetings

The theme of Wednesday’s edition of OTB Radio was “Crazy Politics.” Spurred by the bitterness of recent discussion threads on seemingly innocuous topics, Dave Schuler and I wondered where it was all headed. Well, we got a pretty good clue last night. Six people were arrested last night in St. Louis  after one of the […]

Scheuer: Only Osama Can Save Us

Imperial Hubris and Through Our Enemies’ Eyes author Michael Scheuer, a former senior CIA official, tells Glenn Beck that the America’s only hope is for Osama bin Laden to detonate “a major weapon” here to get a “grass roots movement” going. Words fail me.

Shepard Smith: America Doesn’t Torture

I’m amused by Nico Pitney’s headline, “Shepard Smith Uncensored: “We Are America, We Do Not F**king Torture!” (VIDEO).”  Mostly because it censors Shepard Smith. But the Left’s sudden embrace of Smith is interesting, too. It may have begun with this recent Esquire profile. He has always managed to be a part of Fox and apart […]

Fox News Not Conservative

So says E.D. Kain: Fox News is simply not conservative.  The fact of the matter is, I find NPR and even News Hour more conservative than Fox – but in a different sense, I suppose, than the standard boiler plate conservatism that has so infested American politics.  What I mean to say is that the […]

Chuck Norris Calls for Revolution

Usually, when Chuck Norris speaks, the world listens.  But this apparently does not hold true for when he writes columns for WorldNetDaily and goes on the Glenn Beck show — in which it takes a couple days for anyone to notice. Ron Moore, for the DC Examiner: The call by some right wing leaders for […]

Glenn Beck F-Word Controversy

John Aravois is outraged that CNN is defending Glenn Beck’s use of the word “faggot” on its airwaves and urging a letter writing campaigns to the network’s major sponsors. I’d somehow missed the controversy. It turns out that Beck only used the word in the context of discussing the controversy over Grey’s Anatomy co-star Isaiah […]

Headline News Hires Glenn Beck

Conservative radio talk host Glenn Beck is joining CNN’s Headline News. CNN Headline News is continuing to bet its future success on opinionated chat shows, this time by hiring an up-and-coming conservative radio host for a new prime time program. The upcoming addition of Glenn Beck, who is heard on about 200 radio stations, is […]