June Jobs Report Positive, But Not Spectacular

June’s Jobs Report was healthy, but the economy still needs to do better.

A New Conspiracy Theory: IRS Tea Party Targeting Helped Win The Election For Obama

A new theory circulating on the right asserts that IRS targeting of Tea Party groups had an impact on the 2012 elections by diminish the Tea Party’s effectiveness. It’s mostly nonsense.

The May Jobs Report: Steady, But Nothing To Write Home About

The jobs news in May was good, but far from great.

April Jobs Report: Good, But Not Good Enough

The April Jobs Report was good, but not exactly anything to write home about.

Another Disappointing Jobs Report

March’s Jobs Report was nothing to write home about.

Unemployment Rate Drops As Labor Force Participation Rate Falls Once Again

The truth behind today’s unemployment numbers.

Conservative Media Bubble

If you’re a white Southerner who gets most of his information from Fox News and Rush Limbaugh, you probably don’t know a lot of people who voted for Barack Obama.

Modest Growth In Jobs Report Makes Its Election Impact Unclear

A mostly positive, but mixed, jobs report drops five days before Election Day

Tonight’s “Town Hall” Debate Unlikely To Be A Game Changer

For all the hype, it’s unlikely that tonight’s debate will have the same impact as the October 3rd Debate.

Release Of Jobs Report Gives Birth To The Unemployment Truthers

Within minutes after today’s Jobs Report was released, the conspiracy theorists began to come forward.

Unemployment Rate Drops Below 8% Amid Weak Jobs Growth

September’s BLS Report will likely be significant but, behind the numbers, things don’t look all that great.

"The Volt as a brand has become politicized"

Is it possible to have the Volt conversation without it being about politics?

August Jobs Report Shows Continued Weakening Of Labor Market

Another bad jobs report threatens to undermine whatever good will the President had coming off the Democratic National Convention.

Obama’s Solar Panel Tariffs Threaten To Destroy An American Business

Bill Keith built a successful business making solar-powered ceiling fans. The President’s trade policies are in the process of destroying it.

Is The Current Economy The “New Normal?”

What if things don’t ever get better?

Aurora Shootings Will Not Lead To Restrictions On Gun Ownership

Don’t look for an effort to enact new gun laws in the wake of the Aurora shootings.

Do High Taxes Chase Out The Rich?

A new study suggests that taxing millionaires sends millionaires to somewhere that doesn’t tax millionaires.

June Jobs Report Brings Another Round Of Disappointment

With four months to go until Election Day, the Obama Campaign was greeted with a very dismal jobs report this morning.

Bill Clinton’s Bizarre Walk Back On Tax Cut Extensions

Bill Clinton walks back his comments about extending the Bush Tax Cuts in the most unbelievable manner possible.

May Jobs Report: Dismal, Disappointing, See Also Disastrous

It’s another bad jobs report for May, and time once again to wonder how much slower this economy can get.

Romney Continues To Embrace Trump Despite Birtherism

Mitt Romney continues to keep Donald Trump close. It makes no sense, but it isn’t likely to matter in the end.

No, Ron Paul Won’t Endorse Romney. At Least Not Anytime Soon

Further thoughts on Ron Paul’s game plan, assuming he has one.

April Jobs Report Disappointing To Say The Least

Once again, the jobs market appears to be slowing.

Take This Job And Shove It

One Goldman Sachs employee decided to quit his job in a very public manner.

February Jobs Report: Slow But Steady Employment Growth

Another good monthly jobs report

Good News For The New Year? December Jobs Report Offers (Some) Hope

Some good news in the December jobs report.

Good News On The Jobs Front?

Some initial data released today points to the possibility of a very position jobs report tomorrow, but don’t hold your breath.

Republicans Turning On Their Own Amidst Payroll Tax Fiasco

Some Republicans are starting to realize just how badly the House GOP has messed up this time.

How Can Newt Gingrich Possibly Live Down His Past?

It’s hard to see how Newt Gingirch can remain a viable candidate given his past

Foreign Policy Mostly Missing From Republican Race

The Republican candidates for President have been mostly silent about foreign policy issues. That changes starting tonight.

Jack Abramoff: Members Of Congress Engaged In Insider Trading

Congressmen apparently regularly make investment moves based on the information they learn. Of course, for them it isn’t illegal.

Republican Candidates To Europe: Drop Dead

Last night, most of the leading Republican candidates for President acted as if Europe was on another planet.

CNBC Republican Debate Winners And, Well, Loser

Last night’s debate was about more than Rick Perry’s gaffe.

Rick Perry’s Not Really Flat Flat Tax Plan

Rick Perry’s tax plan isn’t very impressive.

Rick Perry: Talking About The President’s Birth Certificate Is “Fun”

On the day his campaign is set to make a major economic roll out, Rick Perry went the birther route again.

Calling Out Pundits And Politicians When They’re Wrong

Why do pundits who are consistently wrong keep getting invited to be on television?

Economic Crisis: What Could Government Have Done Better?

With the advantage of hindsight, it’s clear that more creative strategies were needed. But they probably couldn’t have been passed.

Democrats Fear Obama’s Jobs Plan Will Be Too Little, Too Late

Democrats are fearing the President’s jobs plan will be underwhelming. Based on initial reports, it looks like their fears are well-placed.

White House Officials Upset That Republicans Playing Politics Interfered With Their Attempt To Play Politics

The White House is still smarting over the fact that they got burned by John Boehner, again.

Voter Confidence Historically Low, Anger Historically High

The debt ceiling debate may turn out to be Obama’s Katrina.