All Facts Are Not Created Equal

Our psychological and cultural biases make evaluating information and arguments rationally next to impossible.

Demand Crisis, Structural Crisis, or Both?

Paul Krugman seems to believe that something like the bubble economy we enjoyed until it burst in 2008 could be had again if only our leaders were sufficiently bold.

Paul Krugman: 9/11 Has Become “An Occasion For Shame”

Paul Krugman chose to mark the the 10th anniversary of September 11th with an odd blog post.

Which Conservatives Are Worth Reading?

Paul Krugman admits that he doesn’t bother to read conservative commentary. Should he?

Bush Tax Cut Extension Near

Republican maneuvering to extend the Bush tax cuts for all Americans appears about to pay off.

Structural Unemployment a Myth?

Paul Krugman says there’s zero evidence for structural causes for unemployment. It’s just a demand problem. How do we spark demand, then?

It’s Money That Matters

While political junkies dissect every vote and utterance, most Americans vote based on their gut sense of how the economy is doing.

Politics of Spite

Health Insurance Mandates

Professional Failure