Supreme Court Blocks North Carolina From Enforcing Restrictive Voting Law

In a ruling that could have a real impact on the 2016 election, the Supreme Court has declined to grant a stay to a lower court ruling striking down a North Carolina law that tightened Voter ID laws and restricted early voting.

Which Party Is Benefiting From Early Voting?

Early numbers seem to suggest that it depends on which state you’re looking at.

Is Early Voting A Bad Idea?

Early voting is a still new idea in the United States, but one that has quickly spread to a majority of states. But, is it a good idea?

Federal Judge Voids Changes In Ohio Early Voting Law In A Troubling Decision

A Federal Judge in Ohio has issued a very troubling ruling on that state’s early voting law.

Obama’s Early Voting Advantage

Once again, the Obama campaign appears to have an advantage among people who have voted already or will be voting before Election Day.

Appeals Court Upholds Ruling Restoring Early Voting For All Ohio Voters

Another legal victory for the Obama campaign in Ohio.

Is Early Voting A Good Idea?

Should people be able to vote six weeks before Election Day?

Obama Campaign Wins Lawsuit To Restore Early Voting For All Ohio Voters

A clear victory for the Obama campaign in an Ohio Court, but will it stand on appeal?

John Lewis’s Ridiculous Arguments Against Reasonable Voting Regulations

Ensuring the integrity of the voting process is a worthy goal, not evidence of discrimination.