Majority Of Americans Oppose Trump’s Decision To Back Out Of Paris Climate Accord

Only 28% of Americans support President Trump’s decision to back out of the Paris Accord, but it’s not clear that this will harm him politically.

Withdrawal From The Paris Accords: Much Ado About Nothing?

President Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Accords was neither the big win his supporters claim nor the disaster his critics fear.

Trump Reportedly Ready To Withdraw U.S. From Paris Climate Accord

Reports indicate that President Trump is preparing to fulfill a campaign promise and withdraw the U.S. from the accord on climate change reached in Paris in 2015.

Global Temperatures Set Another Record In 2016

The reality of global climate change made itself evident again in 2016.

The Coal Industry Is Dying, And It Isn’t Coming Back

Canada is phasing out coal as a source of electricity production by 2030. The same thing will happen in the United States no matter how much politicians try to stop it.

Paris Climate Change Agreement Mostly Hype, With A Lot Of Hope

Representatives from 195 nations reached an agreement supposedly devoted to addressing global climate change, but it’s really more hype than anything else.

Pope Francis Writes On The Environment, And Many People Miss The Point

Pope Francis’s new encyclical isn’t exactly being received positively by American conservatives, because they seem to be missing the point.

Florida State Employees Ordered Not To Refer To “Climate Change” Or “Global Warming”

Don’t say “climate change” or “global warming” if you work for Florida’s Department of Environmental Protection.

Obama’s New Carbon Rules Pose Political And Economic Risks For Questionable Benefits

The EPA’s new carbon rules leave much to be desired.

Basic Math and Representative Blackburn

Lack of understanding or basic dishonesty?

U.S. Murder Rate On Track To Be Lowest In More Than 100 Years

Homicide rates are on pace to be lower than they were at the start of the 20th Century.

U.S. Carbon Emissions Down Thanks Largely To Natural Gas

Carbon emissions in the U.S. have declined just as use of natural gas in electricity production has increased. That’s no coincidence.

Paper or Plastic?

I remember the days when stores were making the transition from the old style brown paper bags to the newfangled plastic ones–in the name of the environment.

Santorum and Climate Change Theology

Rick Santorum sounds like someone applying for a job in a religious institution, not someone running to be the President of the United States.

Obama Administration Rejects Keystone XL Pipeline

The Obama Administration has halted, for the moment, a pipeline project that has become a political football.

Global Warming Holding Off The Next Ice Age?

Are carbon emissions saving us all from a cold, cold fate?

Despite Congressional Reprieve, The Old Incandescent Light Bulb Is Still Dead

Welcome technological change, or crony capitalism?

Republicans Save The Light Bulb

Congressional Republicans got a major concession as price for averting a government shutdown: saving the incandescent light bulb, at least now.

Perry and Galileo

Governor, that analogy does not mean what you think it means.

Obama Adminsitration Backtracking On Smog Rules Angers Environmentalists

Environmentalists are upset by President Obama’s decision to abandon stringent new smog regulations, but he made the right decision.

Report: Obama White House Intervened To Get Loan For Questionable Solar Energy Firm

The connections between the White House and failed solar energy company Solyndra deepen.

Chris Christie: Climate Change Is Real, Human Activity Contributes To It

The climate change deniers aren’t going to like what Chris Christie has to say.

Hybrid Cars, Rare Earth Elements, and Supply

President Obama wants a million hybrid cars on the road by 2015. That’s easier said than done.

Climate Change And Politics

As with most of the other issues facing us, our political conversation about climate change and what to do about it basically just involves yelling at each other.

Pesticide Exposure Leads to Lower IQs in Children

A survey of three studies demonstrates consistently that exposure to certain pesticides used in farming diminishes mental development.

The Fukushima Reactor Suffered a Partial Meltdown

The Japanese government has announced that the Fukushima Reactor suffered a partial meltdown.

Will Malthus Have the Last Laugh?

We’re heading towards a future of higher food prices and more hunger.

Helium Reserves, Cutting Spending, and Prudence

The privitization of Federal helium reserves is a textbook example of the damage to the nation that can be caused by imprudent budget cutting.

EPA Acts Unilaterally on Climate Change

Frustrated that it couldn’t achieve desired environmental legislation despite huge majorities in both Houses of Congress, the Obama administration has decided to govern by executive fiat.

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