Obama’s Top Economist Opposes Biden Debt Relief Plan

An unlikely source argues that it’s too big and poorly targeted.

A Modest Step on Voting Integrity

It’s Manchin-approved.

Stupid 2024 Fantasies

The silly season has commenced a mite early.

Judge Declares Waters’ Comments ‘Abhorrent’

They were “disrespectful to the rule of law.”

Andrew Yang, Mayor of New York City?

Would a woman with his credentials be taken seriously?

Performative Leadership

The downfall of Andrew Cuomo shines a light on toxic workplaces and governance styles.

Joe Biden’s Cabinet

The transition is on pace despite President Trump’s best efforts.

Hypocrisy on SCOTUS Confirmations?

An unconvincing attack on the Democratic position.

Kamala Harris or Susan Rice?

Joe Biden has either narrowed down his choice for running mate down to two women or he hasn’t.

Harris’ VP Chances Redux

She would hardly be the first running mate who criticized the nominee in a debate.

Is VP Debate Really About Warren?

The “Biden must pick a black woman” plea may be masking a different agenda.

Amy Klobuchar Withdraws from Race She Wasn’t In

The Senator from Minnesota is no longer a candidate for Vice President.

Klobuchar May Be Casualty of Minneapolis

Former prosecutors are suddenly “out.”

Biden’s Veep Search

Every Democratic woman seems to be under consideration.

Michelle Obama Shouldn’t Be Vice President

Especially for Joe Biden.

I Was Right All Along, Except When I Was Wrong

Looking back at my predictions about the 2020 Democratic race.

No, Biden Shouldn’t Name His Cabinet Now

There’s very little upside.

Biden’s Veep and Cabinet Choices

The former VP is focused on beating Bernie Sanders but his team is looking ahead.

Bernie Sanders is Toast

He’s repelling the people he needs to mount a comeback.

Joementum Kills Brokered Convention Dream

Nate Silver now gives Biden an 87% chance of winning the nomination outright.

Getting Over What Happened to Elizabeth Warren

Women didn’t vote for her either. But that doesn’t mean sexism didn’t play a role in her loss.

Women Are Not a Voting Bloc II

A quick follow-up.

Bloomberg Drops Out, Endorses Biden

The wagons have been circled.

Women are Not a Voting Bloc

Four highly-qualified (and two less-qualified) women ran and lost in 2020.

Bloomberg Spent Half a Billion for Little ROE

Not a great night for the former New York major. But he still has $54.5 billion to comfort him.

A Democratic Turnout Problem?

Evidence from the four early states is not looking promising.

Warren Can’t Win

96 percent of the delegates have yet to be awarded. How can the race be down to two?

The Most Important Rule Of Surviving A Political Campaign Is: Don’t Quit!

The final delegate count may well be skewed.

Klobuchar Out

The field winnows further.

The Down Side of Early Voting

Many people have voted for candidates who aren’t running anymore.

Pete Buttigieg Drops Out

The Iowa winner and New Hampshire runner-up has acknowledged the inevitable.

A White Guy in His 70s Will Be President in 2021

The women, minority, and non-geriatric candidates have been all but eliminated from the race.

Joe Biden Makes it a Two-Man Race

The 78-year-old is the Comeback Kid. And the only chance of preventing a Bernie Sanders nomination.

Sanders Trying to Beat Warren in Massachusetts Isn’t Disrespectful

He’s campaigning in her home state and Amy Klobuchar’s, too. And may win both.

Super Tuesday Forecast

If the current polls are right, the race will be all but over in five days.

Is Sanders Inevitable?

There’s no way to catch him in a six-candidate field.

Presidential Generations

We’re going to make history one way or another in November.

Money Could Decide Super Tuesday

Competing in fourteen states plus overseas territories in one day is expensive.

The Buttigieg-Klobuchar Dustup

It got somewhat ugly at the kids’ table.

Nevada Democratic Debate Roundup

Most national pundits saw it differently than I did.

Nevada Debate Reflections

The clear winner was Donald Trump.

Democracy is Hurting Democrats

The wrong people are choosing the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee.

Brokered Democratic Convention a Real Possibility

Could the fevered dream really come true?

Are Biden and Warren Toast?

Two early frontrunners are being written off.

Post-New Hampshire Polling

We now have five candidates in double-digits.

The Narrative Abides

Iowa and New Hampshire voters are changing the perception of the race.

Iowa Finally Releases Maybe-Final Results

The precise distribution of 41 measly delegates is now known. Unless there’s a recount.

Has the Democratic Race Changed?

Is there a new frontrunner?

Sanders Benefitting from Low Expectations

The Vermont Senator is a better politician than most give him credit for.

Iowa Shifting the Narrative?

The media coverage continues on script.