Americans Divided On Israel’s Actions In Gaza

A new poll shows that Americans are divided over Israel’s actions in Gaza, but this most likely will not impact relations between the two countries.

Voters Not Too Impressed With Hillary Clinton’s Time At Foggy Bottom

A new poll suggests that Hillary Clinton’s record as Secretary of State doesn’t impress voters as much as she might hope.

Russians Really, Really Like Vladimir Putin, And That Makes Ending The Ukraine Crisis Harder

Vladimir Putin has become immensely popular in Russia again, and its not hard to figure out why.

Hillary Clinton Remains The Overwhelming Choice Of Democrats For 2016

If Hillary Clinton is going to have a serious challenge in 2016, the person who will do that has yet to emerge.

Majority Of Republicans Support Obama’s Impeachment

A lot of Republicans dislike the President enough to think that he should be removed from office, but will that make impeachment more likely to happen?

Fewer Americans Are Without Health Insurance

The number of uninsured Americans has declined since the Obamacare mandate went into effect.

Could Republicans Taking Control Of The Senate Be Good For Obama?

Republican overreach could end up helping the President and his party.

Americans Have Almost Totally Lost Faith In Government

Public faith in government institutions is at all all time low.

Vast Majority Of Americans Support ‘Right To Die’

A new Gallup poll finds widespread support for individual choice when it comes to end of life decisions.

Who Are These ‘Average Americans,’ And How Are They Getting Nine Hours Of Sleep A Night?

According to some surveys, Americans are getting a lot more sleep than they think they are. Really?

Obama Hits New Job Approval Lows

Some bad news for the President.

It Doesn’t Matter When, Or Why, Hillary Clinton Changed Her Mind On Marriage Equality

Obsessing over what a politician believed in the past accomplishes nothing.

The Midterms And The Economy: Bad News For Democrats?

Republicans are winning with voters on the issues they say they care the most about.

Tea Party Support Hits All-Time Low

More bad news for the Tea Party.

Trust In State Government

A new poll finds that people in Illinois have an accurate assessment of politics in their state.

Americans Have Mostly Negative View Of Putin And Russia

The Cold War may be over, but the negative opinions in the U.S. regarding Russia and its leadership seem to have continued.

Obsessing Over Bill Clinton And Sex Would Be A Dumb 2016 Campaign Strategy For Republicans

Going after Hillary Clinton by attacking her husband won’t work.

The State Of The Union Is Pointless

Tonight, the American political system stops to engage in the biggest waste of time ever invented.

Self-Identified Independents Hit Record High, Self-Identified Republicans Hit Record Low

There are more self-identified Independents in the country than at any time in the past two decades, according to a new Gallup poll. And it’s mostly at the expense of the GOP.

Afghanistan Most Unpopular War Ever?

The “good war” no more.

One Year Later, Support For Gun Control Back To Pre-Newtown Levels

Gun control has faded as a political issue as the memory of Newtown has faded, and that was entirely predictable.

Tea Party Hits New Low In New Poll

The Tea Party hit another new polling low, but that really shouldn’t be much of a surprise.

Obama Continues Slipping In Public Opinion Polls

Time to start talking about lame ducks?

The Dumbest Argument for Restoring the Draft Yet

Dana Milbank offers a nonsensical reason for denying our youth the freedom to choose their own path.

Democrats On Capitol Hill Starting To Get Very Nervous About Obamacare

Congressional Democrats are not very pleased with the White House right now.

Congressional Job Approval Hits Record Low

Once again, pretty much everybody hates Congress. However, it’s unclear if that will matter come Election Day.

Despite Gridlock, Americans Prefer Divided Government To One-Party Rule

Divided government is the worst political system ever, except for all the others.

Another Poll Brings Bad News For The GOP, But Will It Matter Come Election Day?

The GOP’s approval numbers have fallen like a stone, but it’s unclear whether this will matter in 2014.

Yes, The Shutdown Is Hurting The Republican Party More Than Obama And The Democrats

There’s no denying it now. The GOP is being harmed by the events in Washington far more than the President and Democrats in general.

Dysfunctional Government Has A Real World Impact

The real world impact of what’s happening in Washington is becoming apparent.

Majority of Americans Blame Everybody for Shutdown

63% are angry at Republicans, 57% are angry at Democrats, and 53% are angry at President Obama.

Obama Facing Uphill Battle Over Syria Resolution

Heading into an intense week of Congressional lobbying, the odds still seem against the Administration on Syria.

Obama As Polarizing As Bush

The political polarization we saw during the Bush Presidency has continued throughout the Obama Presidency.

Supreme Court’s Public Approval Sinking

A new poll shows public approval for the Supreme Court nearing a all-time low.

Gun Control Has Faded From The Newscycle And The Political Conversation

Low voter priorities and the natural tendency of the media to move on to the next big story meant that gun control was not going to be a top political issue for long.

Most Americans Oppose Obama Administration’s Incoherent Syria Policy

Two polls indicate that most Americans oppose the President’s latest moves on Syria. This makes sense considering actual policy there seems to be entirely incoherent.

Americans Don’t Have Much Confidence In The News Media

Public trust in the news media, along with many other institutions, continues to fall. That’s troublesome for many reasons.

Poll: Gridlock Is The Biggest Problem With Congress

Congress gets bad grades in Gallup’s latest poll, and gridlock is the main reason